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Microsoft Sql Trio


This trio series will give you everything you need for Microsoft SQL server. It contains SQL server Date Base, Administration, and introduction to Microsoft Power BI. SQL server will be around for years to come and becoming an expert will really help improve your employment opportunity and salary!

Course Outline

Module 1: Installation
  •  SQL Admin Intro
  •  Installation
Module 2: Data Storage
  •  Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server
  •  Managing Storage for System Databases
  •  Managing Storage for User Databases
  •  Moving Database Files
Module 3: Data Recover
  •  Intro to Data Recovery
  •  Understanding SQL Server Recovery Models
  •  Planning a Backup Strategy
  •  Backing up Databases and Transaction Logs
  •  Using SSMS For Backup
  •  Understanding the Restore Process
  •  How to Restore a Database
  •  Using SSMS For Restore
  •  T-SQL Backup and Restore
  •  Advanced Restore Scenarios
  •  Introduction to Transferring Data
  •  Importing and Exporting Table Data
  •  Copying or Moving a Database
Module 4: Monitoring
  •  Introduction to Monitoring SQL Server
  •  Dynamic Management Views and Functions
  •  Server Reports
  •  System Performance Monitor
  •  Tracing SQL Server Workload Activity
  •  Extended Events
  •  Database Tuning Advisor
Module 5: Security
  •  Introduction to SQL Server Security
  •  Managing Server-Level Security
  •  Managing Database-Level Security
  •  Row Level Security (RLS) Using Policies
  •  Database Security Tools
  •  Contained Database
  •  Auditing Data Access in SQL Server
  •  Implementing Transparent Data Encryption
Module 6: Maintenance
  •  Introduction to Maintenance
  •  Ensuring Database Integrity
  •  Maintaining Indexes
  •  Automating Routine Database Maintenance
  •  Automating SQL Server Management
  •  Monitoring SQL Server Errors
  •  Configuring Database Mai
Microsoft Sql Trio

The perfect trio for Microsoft SQL server training