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Microsoft SQL Server Administration – 2019

This sql server administration course offers students a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain and optimize a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database. It is specifically tailored towards individuals who want to gain knowledge on the newest features in SQL server 2016, 2017, and 2019 as well as learn about essential capabilities throughout the entire data platform. Students will emerge from this training with an extensive set of skills for managing their own MS SQL Server environment along with its databases!

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
6  Training Hours
Microsoft SQL Server Administration – 2019
41 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
6  Topics
Prep Questions
75 Prep Questions
Microsoft SQL Server Administration – 2019

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Self-paced training online training program

Taking our SQL server administration course course, students can learn about SQL Server installation, data storage, data recovery, monitoring, security, and maintenance. Instructor James Ring-Howell brings with him over 40 years of applicable IT experience and has taught technical courses for over two decades.

This Microsoft SQL Server Administration course is specifically for obtaining working IT skills and is not certification-specific training.

The primary audience for this course is individuals who administer and maintain SQL Server databases. These individuals perform database administration and maintenance as their primary area of responsibility or work in environments where databases play a key role in their primary job. The secondary audience for this course is individuals who develop applications that deliver content from SQL Server databases.

  • Install and Configure SQL Server 2019
  • Work with Databases and Storage
  • Plan and Implement a Backup Strategy
  • Restore SQL Server 2019 Databases
  • Import and Export Data
  • Monitor SQL Server 2019
  • Manage SQL Server Security
  • Audit Data Access and Encrypt Data
  • Perform Ongoing Database Maintenance
  • Automate SQL Server 2019 Management
  • Monitor SQL Server 2019 by Using Alerts and Notifications

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that supports a wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence, and analytics applications in corporate IT environments. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the three market-leading database technologies, along with Oracle Database and IBM’s DB2.

Like other RDBMS software, Microsoft SQL Server is built on top of SQL, a standardized programming language that database administrators (DBAs) and other IT professionals use to manage databases and query the data they contain. SQL Server is tied to Transact-SQL (T-SQL), an implementation of SQL from Microsoft that adds a set of proprietary programming extensions to the standard language.

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database. The training focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server 2019 product features and tools related to maintaining the server environment and the databases it contains and is designed for customers who are interested in learning SQL Server 2016, SQL 2017, or SQL Server 2019. It covers the new features in SQL Server 2019, but also the important capabilities across the SQL Server data platform.

Topics include Installation, Data Storage, Data Maintenance and Recovery, Monitoring, Security, and Server Maintenance. This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites: Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality. Working knowledge of Transact-SQL. Working knowledge of relational databases. Some experience with database design is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft SQL Server Administration

What will I learn in this course?

Our online course will give you a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain and optimize a Microsoft SQL Server database. It’s perfect for those who want to gain knowledge on the newest features in SQL server 2016, 2017, and 2019 and by the end, you’ll have a solid set of skills for managing your own SQL Server environment and its databases

Who is this course intended for?

The primary audience for this online training course are individuals who administer and maintain SQL Server databases. This might be their primary responsibility or a key part of their job. However, anyone interested in gaining practical IT skills related to SQL Server 2019 can benefit from the training course​.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! You can start today with a 7-day free trial of the All Access Monthly Subscription. This will give you access to the SQL Server Administration course, along with over 2,500 hours of on-demand content. If it’s not for you, no sweat, you can cancel anytime within those 7 days.

How long will this online training course take?

The training course is designed to be completed in about 6 hours. But remember, it’s a self-paced training, so you can take your time and learn at a rate that’s comfortable for you​.

Who is the instructor for this course?

The course is led by James Ring-Howell. He brings over 40 years of applicable IT experience to the table and has been teaching technical courses for over two decades. So you’re in good hands!

What are some of the specific topics covered in this training course?

The training course covers a wide range of topics including: how to install and configure SQL Server 2019, working with databases and storage, planning and implementing a backup strategy, restoring SQL Server 2019 databases, importing and exporting data, monitoring SQL Server 2019, managing SQL Server security, and auditing data access

Proudly Display
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Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion to help validate to others your new skills.
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Course Outline

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Administration Course Content

Module 1: Installation

  •    SQL Admin Intro

  •    Installation

Module 2: Data Storage

  •    Introduction to Data Storage with SQL Server

  •    Managing Storage for System Databases

  •    Managing Storage for User Databases

  •    Moving Database Files

Module 3: Data Recover

  •    Intro to Data Recovery

  •    Understanding SQL Server Recovery Models

  •    Planning a Backup Strategy

  •    Backing up Databases and Transaction Logs

  •    Using SSMS For Backup

  •    Understanding the Restore Process

  •    How to Restore a Database

  •    Using SSMS For Restore

  •    T-SQL Backup and Restore

  •    Advanced Restore Scenarios

  •    Introduction to Transferring Data

  •    Importing and Exporting Table Data

  •    Copying or Moving a Database

Module 4: Monitoring

  •    Introduction to Monitoring SQL Server

  •    Dynamic Management Views and Functions

  •    Server Reports

  •    System Performance Monitor

  •    Tracing SQL Server Workload Activity

  •    Extended Events

  •    Database Tuning Advisor

Module 5: Security

  •    Introduction to SQL Server Security

  •    Managing Server-Level Security

  •    Managing Database-Level Security

  •    Row Level Security (RLS) Using Policies

  •    Database Security Tools

  •    Contained Database

  •    Auditing Data Access in SQL Server

  •    Implementing Transparent Data Encryption

Module 6: Maintenance

  •    Introduction to Maintenance

  •    Ensuring Database Integrity

  •    Maintaining Indexes

  •    Automating Routine Database Maintenance

  •    Automating SQL Server Management

  •    Monitoring SQL Server Errors

  •    Configuring Database Mai

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Microsoft SQL Server Administration - 2019 Microsoft SQL Server Administration - 2019
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  3. The CompTIA PenTest was an excellent course and the instructor, Chrys, explained the material in a clear and easy way for me to understand and comprehend essential techniques. Highly recommend!

  4. This course is super detailed but not boring, and they give you cool projects to actually practice what you’re learning.

Your Training Instructor

James Ring-Howell

James Ring-Howell

Microsoft Certified Trainer | Microsoft Certified Developer | Database Expert

James is a full-stack developer with over 40 years of experience. He has developed applications across all major industries and for Fortune 100 companies as well as local small businesses. James has also been teaching technology courses for over 20 years. In addition to his extensive background in technology, he has also worked as a professional opera singer.

Microsoft SQL Server Administration - 2019



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Microsoft SQL Server Administration – 2019

Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration
Microsoft SQL Server Administration – 2019
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