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Cloud Computing Online Training

ITU Online offers high-quality courses in Cloud Computing Online Training, which is a rapidly-growing field. Our experienced instructors will explain complicated concepts to you and help you understand essential topics such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Our interactive e-learning platform includes on-demand video lessons and practical exercises, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Check out our extensive range of cloud computing courses and unleash your potential. Advance your career and keep up with the latest trends by enrolling in ITU Online’s cloud computing courses today!

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Our comprehensive AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification course will equip you with the skills needed to effectively manage Azure resources.

Looking to gain expertise in Microsoft Azure? Look no further! Our comprehensive AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification course will equip you with the skills needed to effectively manage Azure resources. With a focus on Azure’s robust features, this course covers everything you need to know, from Azure overview to advanced monitoring and backup techniques.


Get certified with CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 Training and gain skills for cloud deployment and maintenance. Enroll now with ITU Online.

This CompTIA Cloud+ training course will provide the student with a solid foundation in the skills and knowledge required to build and optimize cloud environments to support the high availability of cloud infrastructure used for today’s complex cloud computing environments and business systems. The course is also designed to comprehensively cover the objectives required by CompTIA in order to successfully pass the CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-003 certification exam.


Become a certified Google Cloud Digital Leader with our comprehensive online training cloud certification course. Learn the skills you need to succeed today!

The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification is one of Google’s newest certifications. I am really excited by this certification since the certification brings Google to the same table as AWS/Azure when it comes to entry level certifications.


Enhance your cloud computing skills with our 10-course series. Get certified and stay competitive in the tech industry. Enroll now!

Learn Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud environments with our 10 course cloud computing courses bundle. Accelerate your career in cloud computing.


Learn how to deploy and manage Azure services with our online Azure Training course. Get hands-on experience and become a certified Azure professional.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It provides a range of cloud services, including computing, storage, networking, analytics, machine learning, and internet of things (IoT), as well as many other services.


Learn AWS with our online course designed for beginners. Start your cloud journey and become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect!

More your career into the future with our AWS courses. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most widely used cloud platforms in today’s tech industry. Start learning today with this two course training series designed to get you up in running.


Learn Kubernetes and become an expert in container orchestration with ITU Online’s Kubernetes Training Series. Enroll now!

Enjoy this Kubernetes Training Series and you will learn Kubernetes is a revolutionary open-source system which automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications – initially designed by Google and now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This course bundle covers topics such as Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA), Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD), exposing applications, career opportunities and salaries that come with being an experienced engineer.


Cloud Training Courses: Enhance your cloud computing skills with our online Cloud Training Courses. Choose from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Our cloud training courses will provided you with video content covering cloud services and virtualization using Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.


Become a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD). Enroll now and learn how to build, deploy, and manage Kubernetes applications.

If you’re looking to ace the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam, this is the  video IT  course for you! Through its comprehensive instruction materials, and lectures, it will teach you all that there is to know about Kubernetes – an open-source system designed by Google but now maintained by The Cloud Native Computing Foundation and pass the certification program. 


Become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator with ITU Online’s CKA course. Get hands-on experience with Kubernetes and advance your career today.

This course covers crucial information for anyone taking the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam. You will be walked through the exam process, where to find updated information about changes to the exam, and given some general test-taking tips. Since learning Kubernetes is a key skill for DevOps professionals, this makes demand high for such engineers.


Master Google Cloud Platform with ITU Online’s GCP Certification Course. Enroll now to advance your career!

If you’re eager to go for your GCP Certification or simply want to gain practical knowledge about Google Cloud Platform DevOps services, our Google Cloud Platform Certification Training is right up your alley. Our course instructor Joe Holbrook recommends that students have some prior experience before joining the program, however it’s still novice-friendly and accessible. So don’t wait – join now and get certified as a top notch expert cloud engineer.


For Kubernetes online course: “Learn how to deploy and containerize applications in the next cloud environments with our Kubernetes Online Course. Start today!

This Kubernetes course course is designed for novices who want a foundational knowledge of the open-source software specifically used in DevOps roles. You’ll gain knowledge on automating deployment, scaling operations, and tools managing containerized applications – all needed capabilities as this IT skill continues to be highly sought after!


Learn the DevOps Fundamentals with ITU Online. Enhance your skillset and gain hands-on experience in DevOps. Enroll now!

In this course you get a condensed introduction to DevOps fundamentals, DevOps implementation, implementation of infrastructure, and best practices. This IT course will give you practical guidance on Continuous Integration, Deployment, Release Management, Infrastructure as Code, and Key Performance Indicators (or KPI’s).


Start your journey into the cloud with our AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals online course and become a certified Azure professional.

Our AZ-900 Azure fundamentals certification course will teach you how to use Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud solution. This introductory-level course prepares students for the AZ-900 certification exam and will go over exam objectives such as Cloud computing fundamentals, threats, compute, networking, Databases, Azure solutions, Administration, pricing and service level agreements, Azure Active Directory and more.


Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing with our AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course. Start your cloud career today!

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is designed for anyone in AWS Solutions Architects, Developers, Cloud Engineer, Admins, Networking, Cloud Practitioners or Big Data Experts roles as well as anyone who wants to enhance their cloud fluency learn more about the AWS Cloud Platform.


Become a cloud computing expert with our CompTIA training for Cloud+ CVO-002 online certification course. Enroll now to enhance your cloud computing skills and the knowledge needed to advance your career.

In this course you will learn to manage the cost, deploy, adhere to compliance, and secure a Cloud-based network. This course is ideal for IT personnel who focus on infrastructure, those who are interested in becoming Cloud practitioners, IT project managers who manage migrations, and IT managers who need a further understanding of Cloud technologies.


Become an expert in developing cloud solutions with Microsoft AZ-203 training. Enroll now and master the art of building scalable Azure apps.

In this Microsoft AZ-203 course you will learn how to develop Azure IaaS computer solutions, develop Azure PaaS computer solutions, develop for Azure storage, implement Azure security, Monitor, troubleshoot and optimize solutions, as well as connect consumer Azure and third-party services. You will become proficient in developing apps and services, using Azure tools and technologies. This course covers the objectives needed in order to pass the Microsoft Certification Exam AZ-203.


Boost your career with our comprehensive Microsoft 70-487 online course on developing Azure and web services.

In this Microsoft 70-487 course you will learn how to access data, query and manipulate data by using the entity framework, create and consume web API-based services, design and implement web services, and deploy in Microsoft Azure and Web Services.

Cloud Computing Online Training

The cloud computing industry is experiencing a surge in popularity, and businesses across all industries are capitalizing on its use. Gartner’s report indicates that the adoption rate for cloud solutions far exceeds expectations as more organizations tap into its capabilities.

But what is cloud computing, and how can it assist you with your business requirements? Put plainly; cloud computing provides a range of services such as servers, storage systems, databases, network architectures, and software through the internet to provide faster development cycles, adjustable resources, and cost savings.

Job Opportunity with Applications of Cloud Computing

The skyrocketing demand for cloud computing professionals has led to exciting job opportunities, with attractive average salaries being offered to those who possess in-depth knowledge of cloud computing skills and capability to manage intricate networks. There is a huge demand and career growth opportunities for IT professionals who are subject matter experts in professional network, Virtual Network, private cloud and have th essential skills to manage cloud operations.

Cloud Certifications

All companies, regardless of size, are embracing the opportunity to shift their traditional IT services into the Cloud. The market for Cloud Computing is continually increasing at a dramatic rate and so too is the need for developers with specialized knowledge in this area. At ITU, our Cloud Computing course is designed to help you comprehend and leverage the incredible power of this cutting-edge technology. Our industry leaders instructors are experts in their field and will provide a unique insight into the fundamental disparities between traditional information technology infrastructure and cloud computing. Gain mastery of these concepts with us today!

Cloud Computing Training Courses

By enrolling in IT courses from this category, you can take advantage of a plethora of incredible learners opportunities to develop your technical skills. Our curriculum within each course (ranging from basic to advanced level) will give you the technical knowledge you need to know to become an expert on the core concepts, plans, and service models related to Cloud Computing. You’ll also be able to develop a deep understanding of how some of today’s most popular cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google and IBM Bluemix operate and develop core solutions to solve complex challenges. All these tools are widely used within the industry for various business applications. With our IT course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Virtualization, Cloud Storage, Networking, Security, and Privacy within the scope of Cloud Computing. Our objective is to empower you with an informed decision regarding this technology by giving you valuable insights into its mechanisms and drive your cloud computing career to new heights!

FAQ Cloud Computing Online Training

Given your background in cloud computing, what career paths could be open to you?

Investing in cloud computing capabilities will set you up for success on a prospering career path. As businesses and organizations move increasingly to the cloud, there is an amazing opportunity to find employment as a Cloud Architect, Database Specialist or Multi-Cloud Technologist within these companies. With this knowledge under your belt, it’s undoubtedly an attractive resume addition that can open new doors of possibility! To obtain a job in the cloud computing industry, vendor-specific certifications are often essential. Whether you prefer online or classroom learning, acquiring one of these certs will provide you with unforgettable knowledge and open many doors! For instance, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Google Certified Professional Architect, VMware Certified Professional (VCP), and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) all require certification to work within their respective areas.‎

What expertise and skills do I need to master cloud computing?

To stand out in the IT industry, expanding your cloud computing skills is a surefire way to succeed. Cloud computing may be relatively new, but because of its growth and development over time, it’s essential for professionals aiming to pursue careers within this area of computer science to continually upgrade their knowledge base. Doing so will provide you with amazing opportunities! To begin, it is essential to have a solid understanding of computer networking and operating systems, information technology (IT) as well as DevOps software development. A background in these fields will help you stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving aspects of controlling virtual machines in the cloud and constructing ‘cloud native’ applications‎.

What is cloud computing?

From software applications to business solutions, cloud computing offers an on-demand delivery of computing services over the internet. No matter your needs, this includes Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service for servers and Platform as a Service too! Businesses of all sizes have been drawn to the cloud applications due to its affordability and versatility when compared with investing in expensive hardware and software. Companies have a variety of options when it comes to cloud computing, which includes selecting cost-effective public clouds, secure private clouds, or a hybrid mixture of both. Popular providers include AWS (Amazon Web Services) , Google Cloud Platforms, and Microsoft Azure.

Can you suggest additional subjects that are relevant to cloud computing?

Professionals in the cloud computing field can benefit from exploring related topics such as big data, cryptography, load balancing, cloud security, secure architecture and segregation/recovery. These are all current hot topics that will help advance Cloud Engineer with concepts of cloud computing knowledge of the industry and make them more valuable to employers.

What makes ITU’s cloud computing courses stand out?

Our comprehensive curriculum and courses give you the tools to become a cloud computing expert on some of the top platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platforms, and DevOps. With ITU’s self-paced learning, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice at your own pace. In addition, certified ITU instructors are available throughout each course to provide guidance and support when needed. This makes ITU an ideal choice for those looking to advance their knowledge of cloud computing. Moreover, our courses are regularly updated with new content.

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"I am Network + certified as of last Friday thanks to ITU Online Labs and lectures. The Course and Labs are so amazing and easy to understand.  I was able to lock in the information from the lectures and pass the certification exam and I felt extremely satisfied with my knowledge. Do the courses with the lab and repeat till you know it by heart and you should be more than well equipped to pass the Net+ exam!!!  Now on to Security +!!! 


"ITU Online was instrumental in helping me get certified! The content was fun and engaging and the end of one video made me eager to start the next! Their extensive library has everything from Excel to Ethical Hacking! No matter what you're trying to learn, ITU is the best resource I have found."

Will G

"I am Network + certified as of March 1st thanks to ITU's trainings courses and lectures. The labs are so amazing and easy to understand, and I passed my certification exam with a 98%."

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