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If you want to be successful in the business world, it is essential that you possess a comprehensive set of skills and disciplines related to the running of a business from human resources, accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, statistical analysis, Digital Marketing, and so much more. This could involve a variety of industry such as administering either commercial organizations, charities or government entities – all require similar principles for efficient management. For instance, planning operations, organizing resources and assessing performance; each has their place whether managing small businesses or large companies alike.

Who is a business Manager in the field of business

As Business leaders in management positions, you are tasked with the critical responsibility of leading and inspiring your employees while simultaneously managing an array of tasks in business environments. You must be able to handle facilities operations management and agreements with vendors in your business markets, as well as utilize your analytical skills reviewing financial statements and to prepare for future events or scenarios and make sound business decisions. It is essential that you have all these qualities in order to ensure successful management within any organization and meet your career in business, and more importantly, attain your career goal and hone your leadership skills.

Who is a project Manager 

If you're looking for someone to make your project a success, look no further: the project manager is the person for that job. They are responsible for planning and executing projects within budget constraints and timelines, leading teams, establishing objectives of the undertaking, interacting with stakeholders throughout its duration, and offering closure when everything has been completed. Whether it's managing a marketing campaign or constructing an edifice – regardless if it’s developing tech systems or launching products – these professionals guarantee favorable outcomes!

The profession of project management is experiencing an immense level of demand in nearly every sector. Let's take a closer examination at the responsibilities associated with this role, why you ought to contemplate beginning a career as a project manager, and how you can do so superlatively.

Our online courses will help you learn

With ITU's online courses, learning how to run it successfully can be done on your own terms. You have the option to begin with foundational classes that will lay out the fundamentals for you or choose more specific matters such as managing Quickbooks, or data security compliance, or Harassment in the Workplace – Compliance Training, or even six sigma techniques to drive efficiency. Empower yourself and take control of your dreams; sign up now and get started! By taking advantage of these special opportunities, you can gain the essential skills and strategies necessary for successful negotiation, effectively manage your brand, comprehend financials with ease, and apply concepts of leadership.

 Enhance your expertise and develop new proficiencies to carry out successful projects, boost the performance of your organization, and take strides towards professional advancement. Accrue the assurance you need for these ventures today!


FAQ for Business and Management online programs

What incredible opportunities can you unlock with a business management course?

Business management offers individuals a variety of career opportunities, from becoming an organizational leader to serving as an invaluable individual contributor. If you have knowledge in the field, some potential jobs include marketing manager, business analyst or financial analyst.

Is business management online course from ITU right for me?

If you're searching to acquire essential knowledge that will help propel your chosen career forward, an online business management course could be the perfect decision for you. Such a program can not only provide insight into the basics of business, but also improve your aptitude in managing teams, conflict management, sharpen communication techniques and equip you with leading-edge strategies used by successful organizations and exceed the business goal. With ITU's Business Management Course at hand, all these possibilities are yours for the taking!

What key element in business and management courses does ITU offer to help you develop professionally?

At ITU, we strive to provide our students with a wide variety of learning materials that cover a broad spectrum of topics. From principles of management, digital marketing and project management courses to more specialized subjects such as data analytics and finance & accounting, there is something for everyone here to enhance your fundamental skills! Invest in yourself today at ITU by taking advantage of the knowledge available.

Whether you want to take a few weeks of online management courses or an extensive business course lasting months, there is a wide range of topics available for professionals looking to develop new skills. Popular topics include social media and entrepreneurship, so finding the ideal course for your needs should be easy!

What makes ITU's online business course stand out from the rest and give me the competitive edge?

Are you considering taking a business or management course? Whether it's to progress your career, explore a new position, or even if you just want to brush up on business skill sets in the realm of HR and marketing – an online class could be immensely beneficial for professionals from all areas of business. It's never too late to pick up skills that can enhance your career!

Unlock the potential in your career by taking courses online and from home! Whether you're diving into fundamental business concepts, grasping supply chain management theories, or investigating leadership approaches – do it on your own terms. With complete control over when, where and how to learn, the possibilities are truly endless.

With a business management career, what level of annual salary income can you reach?

  • Business analyst can make around $84,000
  • Account manager can make around $62,000
  • Project manager can make around $75,000
  • Sales manager can make around $99,000
  • Operations manager can make around $75,000
  • Financial advisor can make around $59,000
  • Director can make around $110,000
  • C-level executive can make around $278,000


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This company compliance training course series is intended for any student or employer that requires annual required training to meet federal guidelines as well as students who wish to enter any workplace such as offices, warehouses, etc.


In this Harassment In The Workplace, you will gain an understanding of your legal obligations and the vital role that each individual plays in maintaining a workplace free from harassment. We’ll cover relevant laws related to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


Our HIPAA Training Course – Fraud and Abuse offers a comprehensive overview of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (PL 104-191), Private Rule, Security Rule, Enforcement Rule, and Omnibus rule. This training provides critical information about General Administrative Requirements as well as administrative requirements regarding security and privacy regulations. Improve your knowledge in this area with our program!


Do you or someone in your team need OSHA training? If so, this Outreach Training Program is the perfect course for employees and groups looking to gain an understanding of California’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) General Industry Standards.


If you’re looking to hone your project management skills, this course is the perfect preparation for achieving PMI’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) certification. This credential meets the growing demands of modern project management, including increased complexity and diversity: all while following the 6th Edition of the PMBOK guidebook.


PC Magazine has named QuickBooks accounting software as the Editors’ Choice for Best Accounting Software. Because of its growing popularity, this Quickbooks Online Training is being adopted by businesses in droves, leading to a rising demand for competent users and creating career-making openings with lucrative pay scales. Whether you want to be an accountant, bookkeeper or CPA – there’s no shortage of opportunities! Besides that, entrepreneurs have plenty room to take advantage from this trend too.


This comprehensive Teaching Online Learning course is specifically tailored to explore the full scope of teaching in an online setting. Distance learning is integrated into most school systems and this course is to help educators become effective remote learning facilitators. Now more than ever, instructors from all levels are required to instruct content virtually, while even traditional learning scenarios demand vital digital integration.


This course covers medical terminology, knowledge of body systems, and how to select the correct diagnosis and procedure codes. This course will also teach you how to complete billing guidelines needed to submit claims to insurance companies and receive payment. This course covers the objectives needed to pass the ICD 10/11 certification exam.


Through this Agile Scrum course, students will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Agile Scrum and how to drive conversations between customers and team members. Additionally, they’ll explore ways to streamline design for improved group functionality. Get ready to maximize your efficiency!


Our Agile Project Management & Mastering Scrum Bundle course provides an introductory look into the Professional Scrum style of management while also delivering a comprehensive understanding on how to use Agile approaches and agile techniques and principles in your work. This Agile Scrum bundle has been designed with project professionals in mind, who either currently utilize Agile training and conduct daily scrum meetings or are interested in gaining their Agile & Scrum Certification or incorporate into work moving forward.


For Accounting professionals, the two most utilized programs are Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) and QuickBooks Pro. Our online training for Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle will get any business owner,  Accounting professional, or bookkeeping up to speed and understand both of these applications inside-out.


ICD-10-CM is an advanced version of the diagnostic system developed by the World Health Organization, ICD-10. It has been modified to better suit U.S. healthcare standards with meticulous detail for morbidity classification and diagnostics specificity.

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Comments From Our Students

"I am Network + certified as of last Friday thanks to ITU Online Labs and lectures. The Course and Labs are so amazing and easy to understand.  I was able to lock in the information from the lectures and pass the certification exam and I felt extremely satisfied with my knowledge. Do the courses with the lab and repeat till you know it by heart and you should be more than well equipped to pass the Net+ exam!!!  Now on to Security +!!! 


"ITU Online was instrumental in helping me get certified! The content was fun and engaging and the end of one video made me eager to start the next! Their extensive library has everything from Excel to Ethical Hacking! No matter what you're trying to learn, ITU is the best resource I have found."

Will G

"I am Network + certified as of March 1st thanks to ITU's trainings courses and lectures. The labs are so amazing and easy to understand, and I passed my certification exam with a 98%."

Bradley Spicer

Network Engineer

"Itu significantly helped me increase my design/marketing experience. I've taken numerous marketing courses and never found material more useful than itu. Since then I started my marketing company and we now have over 25 clients."

Rachel Volkov

CEO of RSL Marketing

"I just passed my PMP exam this morning on the first try!! I really wanted to take a moment to thank ITU for playing a HUGE role in me passing the exam! You guys rock."

Jameson Blatton

Project Manager at Bleak


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