Implementing Online Learning


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Course overview


This course will cover all aspects of teaching in an online environment. Online teaching has existed for a long time but has only recently become integrated into most school curriculums with many teachers being pushed into online classes before they feel ready or prepared. Teachers at all levels are teaching their content in online environments, and even in-person teaching is now requiring more online integration. In this course, you will learn methods for how to convert your current courses into an online format, but you will also learn how you can create content that would not be possible in your in-person environments.

Different tools will be covered, such as apps like Kahoots, Flipgrid, and others that allow easy integration into your courses. We will discuss different formats schools have switched to such as Canvas, Brightspace, blackboard, and Moodle. We will continue to cover outside tools available to you such as Google Classroom, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and others. We will discuss classroom pedagogy in an online environment and go over reasons why online classes can fail, and how to make them a success for both students and teachers. Methods for giving feedback and encouraging discussion will be covered as well.

Finding ways to keep students engaged will be discussed, as well as how to notice when students are falling behind or not understanding the materials. Ways of keeping your content fresh and changing will also be discussed. Ways to turn courses that are normally lab-based or hands-on into successful online courses will be discussed as well.

This course is for teachers looking to teach online for the first time, or teachers who want to learn new methods for engaging in an online learning environment. Schools looking to train teachers on online methods and anyone else wanting to learn about Online Education.

Implementing Online Learning Course Outline

Module 1: Online Learning
  •    Module 1 Notes
  •    Course Introduction
  •    History of Online Learning
  •    What is Online Learning and Different Types
  •    Introduction to Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning
  •    Introduction to Bringing Your Class Online
  •    Synchronous and Asynchronous Formats
  •    Hybrid and Enhanced Formats
  •    Tips for Any Format Part 1
  •    Tips for Any Format Part 2
  •    Community of Inquiry Learning Model
  •    Popular Learning Management Systems
  •    LMS Discussion Forums
  •    LMS Announcements
  •    LMS Content Management and Uploading
  •    LMS Grading and Feedback
  •    LMS Integration with Outside Applications
  •    Moving to Online Teaching
  •    Segmentation within Online Courses
  •    Time Limitations in Traditional Teaching vs Online
  •    Discussions and Engagement In-person vs Online
  •    Changes and Variances in Online Teaching vs Traditional Teaching
  •    Attendance in Online Courses
  •    Deadlines in Online Courses
  •    Feedback Online
  •    Tips and Best Practices for Online Teaching
Module 2: Online Learning
  •    Module 2 Notes
  •    Creating Structure with Modules
  •    Example of Module Course Structure within Canvas
  •    Types of Resources
  •    Zoom
  •    Flipgrid
  •    Slack
  •    Ziteboard
  •    Screencastify
  •    Microsoft Teams
  •    Google Classroom
  •    Otter
  •    edpuzzle
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Lecturing Online Pt 1
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Lecturing Online Pt 2
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Grading Online Pt 1
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Grading Online Pt 2
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Online Office Hours and Feedback
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Online Testing and Study Guides Pt 1
  •    Best Tips and Practices for Online Testing and Study Guides Pt 2
  •    Course Outro
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