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We are dedicated to helping our students overcome challenges and achieve exceptional results.

Our Story

Since 2012, ITU Online has been a leader in delivering top-notch online Information Technology (IT) training courses. Our goal is to meet and exceed all learning needs of both students and corporate teams by offering an unbeatable online experience that is available for everyone. By using proven educational concepts, implementing sound instructional design principles, and employing the best leaders in the IT field to develop and teach, ITU creates exceptional courses that provide the best benefits for those in the IT training field.

Our self-paced online IT courses are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience without the hassle of attending a physical classroom. Our courses offer industry-recognized certifications and training that is tailored to meet your needs and goals, allowing you to learn at your own pace in order to become an IT expert. With our unique approach, we will help you achieve your IT career ambitions, no matter where in the world you are.

Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience in the IT field, ITU’s online courses offer something for everyone – from entry-level classes to advanced certifications and everything in between. We provide clear learning paths that enable students to map out their own journey, giving them the opportunity to acquire the skills they need in order to reach their career goals.

ITU is a four-time Best in Biz Award winner–taking home the prestigious titles of Company of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, Creative Department of the Year and Most Innovative Company of the Year. The accolades are well deserved as ITU continues to push boundaries with its progressive innovations that have revolutionized entire industries!

ITU is the premier content creator and developer in education, with a staggering 650,000 students already benefited by its services. ITU understands what it takes to develop stimulating and interactive virtual courses that provide optimal value for learners. The effectiveness of these courses have been proven time and again – giving you peace of mind when selecting training solutions from ITU!

With ITU Online, you can take control of your future by choosing the right course and advancing your IT career path! We provide the resources and guidance you need to succeed, so take the first step towards success today.

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All Access Library

Unlock the power of information technology with our vast IT training courses! This comprehensive collection grants you access to topics such as Project Management, Networking, CompTIA, and Cisco. With an All-Access pass at your fingertips, you can discover new skill sets, increase opportunities for IT professional career advancement, and make significant strides toward fulfilling any professional objectives in the field of Information Technology.


Our courses are extensive and cover an array of CompTIA certifications, such as A+, Network+, and Security+. Our IT training videos provide you with the knowledge to pass your IT certification and succeed in the Information Technology field. CompTIA is renowned for delivering vendor-neutral IT qualifications and ensures you have received a solid groundwork related to various technology topics.


Our online cybersecurity training courses offer the know-how and expertise to guard your company’s computer systems, networks, and data from potential cyberattacks. Our extensive training program delves into topics like encrypted networking security, threat management strategies, incident response methods, and regulatory compliance essential to protecting your business from these damaging breaches.

Project Management

Our online IT training courses can help you tackle project management’s complexities, such as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and PMP certification. Moreover, our training is designed to build upon hard and soft skills (like leadership qualities) that make for successful product managers.


As a Network Administrator, you are tasked with ensuring that all computer networks within an organization run smoothly – and ITU has the perfect resources to help! Our CompTIA and Cisco courses will give you the skills necessary to handle any problems that might come up. So don’t let anything get in your way – become a master of network administration today.


Cisco training is necessary for your career if you’re a network administrator. At ITU, we provide CCNA online training to prepare you for the more sought-after Cisco certifications. You will get the knowledge needed to handle fundamental networking problems and learn about advanced topics such as security and virtual private networks.