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Project Management Online Training Courses

ITU Online provides courses in Project Management led by experts that can help you advance your career. Our training programs cover vital topics such as PMP, Agile, Scrum, and more. They equip you with the necessary skills to successfully manage projects in any industry. Our courses offer on-demand video lessons, interactive exercises, and practical case studies, providing a complete learning experience. We have a diverse range of project management courses to choose from, and enrolling with ITU online can assist you in unleashing your leadership capabilities.ITU Online can help you become a highly sought-after project manager by empowering you to take control of your professional growth.

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Looking to advance your project management skills? Enroll in ITU Online’s Ultimate Project Management Training Series and master the tools you need to succeed.

Our nine course Project Managers bundle offers a comprehensive collection of training sessions to help you not just master project management, but also stay ahead in the curve and learn all its new advancements such as Agile techniques, project documentation and planning. Plus, at ITU, we provide the best route for getting your project management certification, (PMP from Project Management Institute), which is recognized world-wide as the gold standard when it comes to elevating your project management skills!


Prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP Certification) exam with ITU’s online training

If you’re searching for a globally-recognized and respected PMP Certification to direct projects around the world, then look no further than the Project Management Professional (PMP®) program. This industry-approved training is the most sought after in its field and continues to remain a top priority for many businesses worldwide.


Become a certified Risk Management Professional with our expert-led online course. Learn the latest techniques and best practices!

If you’re looking to hone your project management skills, this course is the perfect preparation for achieving PMI’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) certification. This credential meets the growing demands of modern project management, including increased complexity and diversity: all while following the 6th Edition of the PMBOK guidebook.


Looking to master Agile Scrum principles? Take our online course and become a Scrum expert! Learn to manage projects with Agile Scrum methodologies.

Through this Agile Scrum course, students will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Agile Scrum and how to drive conversations between customers and team members. Additionally, they’ll explore ways to streamline design for improved group functionality. Get ready to maximize your efficiency!


XP Agile Training: Gain experience & knowledge of extreme programming (XP) and agile methodologies with our online course. Start learning today!

In this online course, we take Lean principles and merge them with the Agile methodology/XP framework. Originally used to heighten output in manufacturing processes, Lean is now instrumental in Adaptive Project Life Cycles as it enables more reliable delivery times (Test-Driven Developments) while ensuring efficiency and customer satisfaction and is used by agile teams.


Take the first step towards a successful project management career with our CAPM certified associate course. Learn from industry experts at ITU Online.

After successfully completing this training course, students will be able to: Gain an understanding of how project management affects business, create a charter, create a project management plan, create a budget, and other management plans.


Learn Scrum principles and practices with our Scrum Master online course. Enhance your career and improve team performance. Enroll now!

This online training course will provide you with the essentials needed to become a successful Scrum Master. Not only are you able to apply your knowledge of the values and practices, but go above and beyond that of typical project managers with complex projects. Rather than taking on an authoritative role in a team, Scrum Masters act as “servant leaders” – someone who guides their teams through all stages of understanding and how to use Scrum framework successfully, thus increasing chances for total success within any project they take part in.


Want to become a certified PMI Risk Management Professional? Our expert-led online course training has you covered. Enroll now at ITU Online.

This PMI Risk Management training course will provide you with the necessary foundation for success on PMI’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) exam. The PMI-RMP credential is an answer to the ever-evolving complexity and diversity of project management, so don’t miss this chance to arm yourself with essential knowledge.


Master the Six Sigma methodology and become a certified Six Sigma Black Belt with ITU’s online training

Join our Six Sigma Black Belt Training. Six Sigma is an analytical process that encourages organizations to take charge of their activities and use data-driven strategies to achieve significant progress. By controlling the inputs, companies can create reliable outputs and observe meaningful results from their processes.


Enhance your project management skills with our Green Six Sigma Belt online course. Gain the knowledge and expertise to succeed in any industry.

In this Six Sigma Green Belt online program, Green Belt students will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to assess process components and analyze stakeholders in an organization. Furthermore, they’ll learn innovative concepts and tools for gathering customer information as well as their feedback. Ultimately, the primary goal is to equip learners with the skills needed to successfully identify and lead Lean Six Sigma projects using DMAIC problem-solving strategy.


Want to master Agile project management? Our online course has everything you need to succeed in this in-demand field. Enroll now at ITU Online.

In this online Training course you will learn how to use Agile as an iterative approach to delivering a project throughout its life cycle. This course is intended for project professionals who are either using Agile principles in their work or wish to include the principles, tools and techniques in the future.


Ready to become a certified Project Management Professional? Our expert-led PMP exam prep online course has everything you need to succeed. Enroll now!

Take the first step towards becoming a PMP (Project Management Professional) and join thousands of others on our comprehensive PMP Course. This program will prepare experienced project managers to take the Project Management Institute’s certification examination.

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Comments From Our Students

ITU Reviews

"I am Network + certified as of last Friday thanks to ITU Online Labs and lectures. The Course and Labs are so amazing and easy to understand.  I was able to lock in the information from the lectures and pass the certification exam and I felt extremely satisfied with my knowledge. Do the courses with the lab and repeat till you know it by heart and you should be more than well equipped to pass the Net+ exam!!!  Now on to Security +!!! 


"ITU Online was instrumental in helping me get certified! The content was fun and engaging and the end of one video made me eager to start the next! Their extensive library has everything from Excel to Ethical Hacking! No matter what you're trying to learn, ITU is the best resource I have found."

Will G

"I am Network + certified as of March 1st thanks to ITU's trainings courses and lectures. The labs are so amazing and easy to understand, and I passed my certification exam with a 98%."

Bradley Spicer

Network Engineer

"Itu significantly helped me increase my design/marketing experience. I've taken numerous marketing courses and never found material more useful than itu. Since then I started my marketing company and we now have over 25 clients."

Rachel Volkov

CEO of RSL Marketing

"I just passed my PMP exam this morning on the first try!! I really wanted to take a moment to thank ITU for playing a HUGE role in me passing the exam! You guys rock."

Jameson Blatton

Project Manager at Bleak

Ready to take the plunge into online project management course certificate program training. Look no further than our wide range of online project management course with Video training content to help you pass the project management institute certificate exam. Our extensive library of online content with introduction to project management instructional material videos provides students an opportunity to study all the latest skills and techniques in today’s booming project management industry. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional in the project management field, our individual course content offers something for everyone at every level – so take advantage to sharpen your knowledge with ITU’s online project management course!

Courses to prepare for the certification exam

Our comprehensive overview Project Management Professional online learning platform courses are crafted to help you become a master of managing initiatives by teaching all the practical skills such as planning, use of agile method, execution, project scope, monitoring and controlling, project lifecycle, and closing – everything you need to know to pass the certification exam. Our dedicated instructors will guide you through step-by-step exam tutorials that provide the practical skill and knowledge of project management tools needed for a successful career in this field of managing initiatives within existing business processes and successfully defining project scope in complex environments.

Our video courses contain hours of material covering the entire breadth of effective project managers techniques, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and PMP certification that are industry standards and offer learning materials, downloadable study tools, exam prepOnline, and practice exams. No matter your experience level (beginner or seasoned project managers) or desired mastery in initiative management or leadership skills, we have a Online Project Management course tailored just for you!

In addition, our video exam training encompasses a comprehensive overview of soft skills integral for Project Managers, such as leadership and management, communication, and problem-solving to help you grow your career in project management and excel in complex environments. We offer a wide range of advanced courses on project management principles, helping you to develop the skills required for a successful career in project management.

Why obtain your project management certificate offered by the Project Management Institute?

Project management roles with professional certification offer annual and median salary options – PMPs are in high demand, as employer seek out professionals with the wide range of necessary skills to effectively manage programs. To advance your career in project management and potentially increase your median salary earnings, it is essential to obtain the required certifications and comprehensive overview training to have a positive impact to your salary earnings.

As a Project Management Professional, you can significantly boost your median salary with your employer as your expertise grows. The median salary for project managers is an impressive $100,000+, beginning at approximately $83K per annum with <1 year of experience and increasing to over $116K+ after 10 years annual salary in the field.

One of the best ways to quickly and cost-effectively gain these qualifications is through online courses in project management offered by ITU and boos your annual salary.

People Skill – Strengthen relationships with stakeholders.

Are you a people person and have Leadership skills? If so, project management may be the perfect career path for you. As a project manager, your job will involve working closely with stakeholders from all walks of life and creating meaningful relationships each day with leadership and management skills. To excel in this field, it’s important to hone both your interpersonal skills as well as emotional intelligence – not only helping you develop professionally but also transferring these learned abilities into other aspects of your life!

Make a space for your OCD and leadership skill with aspects of project management method and process.

Precision and focus are essential when it comes to project management method. A missed task, critical processes, missed procurement, or a lag in production can cost businesses thousands of dollars, so what better way is there for the OCD perfectionist to seize control than through managing a wide range of initiatives? Not only will you have countless chances to refine your skill set – from rearranging workflows to scrutinizing quality standards and creating pre-designed tasks, you will deploy your wide range of topics and skill sets ranging form people skills, Leadership and Management, Agile methods and so much more to ensure the success of your initiative and meet the business goals!

Unlock your agility by learning the range of project management skills and how to respond and adapt quickly in dynamic situations.

Project managers that use the agile methodology to execute quickly and effectively, while creating a team dynamic focused on accountability and quality work. Becoming a SCRUM project manager will make you an even more attractive candidate for a new employer, job promotion from an existing employer, or new positions in your field.

FAQs – Project Management Online Courses

I am new to new to project management, do you have courses for me?

Are you a beginner looking to get started in project management or project coordinator? Look no further than the diverse project management program course catalog offered by ITU! From Project Management Foundations, which covers fundamental aspects like initiation and closure, to Agile Project Management that delves into Agile methodology, there’s something for everyone.

What advanced courses in Project Management Online Courses does ITU have?

Are you ready to take your project management skillset to the next level? Uncover a comprehensive selection of advanced project management courses that will help propel your career forward.
You can sharpen your project management acumen and know-how by taking some of the most sophisticated courses available, such as Project Management Professional – PMP Exam Prep, Agile Project Management Training, Scrum Master Course, Agile Software Development, Six Sigma Black Belt Training, or XP Agile Training Course – Master Extreme Programming. These classes offer an extensive education on the topic of project management from beginning to end that includes all aspects–from elementary ideas to more complex approaches.

Overview of project management, and why should I care? ‎

In order to understand the overview of project management, we must first comprehend the meaning of a “project.” As stated by the Project Management Institute , it is “a short-term effort aimed at creating a unique product, service or result.” The terms ‘short-term’ and ‘unique’ are critical components in this definition; they indicate that the process will be brief yet intentional – its purpose directed towards achieving one particular end goal rather than any routine operational activities.

Overview of Project management requires a distinct set of skills in order to guarantee that all programs are completed on time and within the allocated budgetary limits, as well as any other applicable restrictions. With proper project management techniques, you can be sure that your initiatives will reach their intended results swiftly and economically. Proactively managing a successful development process involves designing an organized plan, recognizing critical milestones and their deadlines, estimating costs to ensure efficient use of resources and completing risk analysis to mitigate any potential obstacles with complex projects. By proactively identifying necessary steps for success you can confidently oversee your progress with the assurance that risks are managed efficiently along the way.

Do ITU’s online courses allow me to acquire project management skills?

If you enroll in ITU’s online courses, you’ll not only learn the principles of project management and It’s fundamentals but also gain “soft” skills that are essential to successfully delivering initiatives . On top of this, you can specialize your project management knowledge with specializations like Construction Management, Engineering Project Management Professional, project engineers, IT & Software Project Management Professional!

With the convenience of remote learning and cost-effectiveness, these courses and Specializations make it possible for you to gain project management skills without compromising on quality. You can take lessons at your own pace, making sure that you are able to learn all the material in an effective way. Plus, your studies come with significantly lower price tags than their on-campus counterparts!

What project management certificate and credentials are required to be a project manager?

In order to become a successful project manager, having credentials like Project Management Professional (PMP certification from Project Management Institute) or Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) are essential materials. That being said, you must also prove your content experience in that specific field and acquire more certifications if needed for the particular industry. With these qualifications under your belt, you will be on track to secure an outstanding job as a well-rounded project manager from a perspective employer!

Is project management role a rewarding profession with a promising annual salary?

Unquestionably! Not only are project managers in enormous employer demand, but the field is continuously growing. But why? The answer: They get things done and deliver projects on time. Project managers aid businesses from a wide range of sectors to establish business processes, order, and routine while still allowing for some level of flexibility in complex environments. With a Project Management Professional help, companies can easily meet both immediate and long-term earnings targets and stay agile in a rapidly changing world and deliver critical projects on time. In short, they act as linchpins that keep any operation running smoothly, deliver projects on time anddriving critical processes, no matter the industry or size of organization—and this makes them an invaluable asset everywhere you look!

The Project management role is an incredibly versatile career path that will prepare you for a wide array of scenarios across all industries. In addition to this, the invaluable skill set it offers goes beyond work-related tasks and can be translated into your daily life—whether its planning large social events or running a household understanding and executing on critical processes is invaluable skillset. Gaining comprehensive overview and certification program will help you to improve your skills and expand your perspectives.

The field is quickly evolving and growing.

A recent report by the Project Management Institute has found that we will need an additional 25 million professionals in this sector by 2030! We are seeing a proliferation in organizations who have begun with one team, to having multiple teams just after a few years due to their reliance on Project Management Professional for large-scale initiatives over months or even years. It is evident that project management plays an essential role within companies from all industries worldwide.

Are you wondering if project management is right for you? Here’s how to find out!

Are you a natural leader who is eager to take the reins, organize a team, and oversee crucial initiatives for an organization? If so, then project management might be right up your alley! It’s certainly no small feat being in a leadership and management role for initiatives that could make or break annual revenues in large technology companies. But by demonstrating strong leadership and management skills, communications skills, and being able to think on your feet while leading with confidence, you can rise above these expectations and become a successful project manager. A successful project manager is often someone with a clear and level-headed mindset, as well as exceptional leadership traits. This FAQ content has been provided only to be used for informational purposes. To guarantee that the courses they pursue fit their own objectives – professionally, financially, and personally – learners are encouraged to carry out more research.

What abilities are necessary for a successful IT project manager?

IT project managers usually have exemplary skills in the realm of project management, among them being budgeting, risk assessment and planning. Although having a tech savvy background doesn’t always prove to be essential, it can certainly add extra value when managing initiatives. Below is a list of Critical Project Management Skills:

Optimizing the effectiveness through the project management method.

Project management methodologies provide the essential frameworks to organize and manage a specific initiatives. Various approaches are available, tailored for different situations – so make sure you understand their fundamental distinctions in order to select the most suitable one. When it comes to carrying out a task, or business process management, understanding other methods can be beneficial as well; rather than simply following protocol, learning additional practices will give you greater insight into what needs to get done and why. Even if your company requires that you stick with a certain methodology, having knowledge of others is still advantageous.

When it comes to project management, there are two commonly used approaches: the traditional Waterfall approach which follows a sequential order and Agile that prioritizes versatility. Within this range of methods is Scrum, the most sought-after Agile methodology; as well as others like Lean, Kanban and XP (Extreme Programming).

Embarking on a new initiative – breakdown structures

A initiatives success is frequently rooted in its onset, where most of the planning takes place. Although it might seem straightforward, there are numerous details to consider during a initiatives initial stage. Everything from setting achievable and precise objectives, recruiting team members, allocating resources, and hosting a kickoff meeting must be put into motion for an effective start-up process.

Whether it’s for a project or personal work, breaking down tasks into smaller chunks is a tried-and-true productivity method to make the job more approachable and doable. For initiatives in particular, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) plays an integral role as it helps integrate cost baselines with scope and timeline goals – making certain that everyone involved stays on track.


Budget limits are an innate part of any initiatives. It’s essential to recognize where expenses might accumulate and how useful prioritizing tasks and allocating resources can be in ensuring that your budget isn’t exceeded.

Although you might not be the main figure to manage a budget for an extensive initiatives or company, it is still key that you are knowledgeable about what factors can add up costs, how to trim expenses, and when more money needs to be allocated.

Risk mitigation and management

As a project manager, it is vital to be able to accurately anticipate potential risks that may occur and impede progress. How much extra time should you allocate for unpredictable initiatives or tasks? What measures can you take ahead of time in order to prevent any hindrances from occurring? In the event something does go wrong, how would your adjust scope or resources accordingly? Being cognizant of anticipated risks and formulating solutions before hand will guarantee smoother initiatives delivery.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is a core competency that project managers must possess in order to be successful and foster a common goal with team. Poor communication can lead to missed deadlines, overspending, and other costly consequences – making it essential for those tasked with managing initiatives to have the skills needed to communicate effectively.

Seasoned project managers understand that excellent communication isn’t merely about speaking confidently in public, but also knowing precisely who to contact, when, and how to articulate the common goal of the venture. A successful communicator will craft a plan at the commencement of every new venture which outlines how often they should stay in touch with each collaborator. This level of organization ensures that everyone is on the same page throughout the whole process.

Highly Organized – organizational projects

Project managers must possess an effective organizational projects and system in order to properly coordinate timelines, meetings and efforts among different teams, contractors or other companies. Maintaining discipline over communications and tasks is vital for successful project management.

Flexibility – Adaptive Project

Adaptive project management is a far better option than the traditional approach which tends to rely heavily on inflexible governance, rigid waterfall outcome delivery and annual planning/funding. It focuses more on leveraging past decisions and results in order to optimize future practices for maximum efficiency.

Adaptive Project Framework (APF) or Adaptive Project Management (APM) equips teams to face unknown aspects that may arise during a initiatives and learn from the results. This method encourages flexibility to continuously re-evaluate decisions throughout an undertaking with its main idea of “learning by doing.” Adaptive Project provides organizations with the tools necessary for them to be prepared for anything, remain agile in their approaches, and eventually succeed in any venture.

As a project manager who may use the Agile methods, it’s essential to be equipped to handle any surprise changes that may arise. Regardless of how well you plan beforehand, unexpected things can still happen- deadlines might be missed due to bad weather or personnel leaving their posts unexpectedly. If you are able to adapt quickly and make the necessary adjustments even in these situations then your job as a project manager will run much more smoothly.

Leadership and Management

Leadership is the key to success when it comes to unifying a project team and getting tasks completed. This involves making a wide range of decisions in an effective yet non-authoritative manner, inspiring members of the group, and finding harmony between their own needs with those of the mission at hand.

Soft Skills – Common goal

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the successful completion of initiatives. Of course, this requires common goal within the organization and communication with the right people and reinforcing the common goal; however, you must also motivate your team members, develop an environment that fosters collaboration and transparency, and promptly address any question like procurement process and any potential disputes. Knowing how to adjust according to individual work styles and unique motivators will help you create more effective teams while improving your success rates and hitting the common goal of the business.