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The Marketing & Social Media sector is one of the fastest-growing career opportunities available now. With countless businesses attempting to expand their internet visibility, there’s an enormous requirement for individuals with this knowledge. Not only does it provide a great chance to make money but it also comes along with increased accountability.

Through our courses, you will learn the foundations of Social Media and Marketing and gain valuable hands-on experience with SEO, Email Marketing, Content Writing, and Social Media strategies. When you graduate from this course, your confidence in your abilities will have grown significantly as well as having all the skills necessary to advance in your career!

Social media marketing courses

If you’re looking to make your mark in the world of social media marketing, our courses can provide a great foundation. Our social branding course places its emphasis on crafting an online identity that will attract potential customers and partners. Additionally, if it’s an entire business venture you seek to build from the ground up, then we have just the course for you!

We at ITU provide you with an extensive range of Online Course Training. Our self-paced learning platform and our adept instructors will guide you through the entire program’s modules. We also offer a robust online presence, with technical support available round the clock to ensure all queries are answered in a timely manner.

Marketing and Social Media courses for beginners

For those first taking their steps into the world of social media marketing, ITU’s offers an extensive beginner-level training. Moreover, our courses provides an you with the overview on how to design and to captivate customers and deliver substantial ROI. Jumpstart successful social media campaigns and brush up on your skills with our online courses. Learn how to grow audience engagement to an Instagram Business Profile. For those looking for a comprehensive understanding of effective strategies, delve into the many courses that ITU has to offer and discover best practices you can use to optimize campaign performance.

Who is most suitable for a role in Marketing and social media marketing?

If you have a knack for crafting captivating and insightful materials, social media marketing may be the ideal career path for you. You can showcase your creative talents in various formats such as written material, photographs, and videos. Additionally, if you’re an extroverted people-person who loves to share their perspective with others then this could become a very comfortable fit for your personality type! On the other hand, those of us that are more analytical or organized often do well when managing campaigns related to social media marketing.

Grow your Career

If you’re aspiring to become a part of the social media marketing industry, consider becoming an influencer, content writer or vlogger. Not only are these positions incredibly rewarding but they also provide hands-on experience and give you direct interaction with your audience. These base-level roles serve as essential stepping stones that can help propel your career in this rapidly growing field! Those in the social media marketing field may be able to ascend to higher-level jobs like a social media manager, coordinator of marketing plans, or even an analyst. Plus, those with public relations and online community management skills can sometimes find employment here as well!

Fastest-growing career opportunities

If you have a background in social media marketing, your skills are highly sought after by many different types of businesses! This can include retail stores, manufacturing companies, and marketing agencies. But don’t forget about educational facilities, publishing houses or even entertainment venues – anywhere that interacts with the public is likely to be interested in hiring people who specialize in this area of the marketing field.


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The Google Cloud Digital Leader Certification is one of Google’s newest certifications. I am really excited by this certification since the certification brings Google to the same table as AWS/Azure when it comes to entry level certifications.


In this GA4 training course, learn how to setup Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and get the most out of it right away. Google Analytics has been around since the introduction in 2005, and in that time it’s helped small businesses and enterprises alike derive value from data that’s generated with web traffic. But with the release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), the way of analyzing your data has changed significantly, with updates to everything from the user interface, reports, data models, custom metrics, custom events, to capabilities and implementation.


In this Social Media Marketing online training course, you will learn how to take advantage of social media platforms for marketing objectives. From creating a customer report and building an objective market profile to executing a competitive analysis and forming user personas, we will cover it all! Use cases are prime examples of the different ways that your newly acquired skills can be used in real-world scenarios.


Students will master the art of generating ideas for online marketing through social media posts and lead capture methods with this Social Media & Digital Marketing 101 online course. Students are encouraged to look at their generated content from a diverse perspective and create reusable materials that can be applied across multiple platforms such as emails, blogging, videos and more! By delving deep into these strategies with us, you’ll soon have an arsenal of fresh strategies designed to grow your business exponentially.


earners explore various techniques of how to create and share content through digital marketing platforms such as social media, live streaming, purposeful posts on social networks, and lead capture methods via the Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101 online course. These ideas will be used to develop reusable multimedia content that can be adapted across multiple outlets including emails, blogs, videos and more — all while forming a cohesive unit that works together in harmony.


Our ITU course bundle is comprised of 11 comprehensive courses that cover a wide range of platforms such as Facebook, Google Analytics and Marketing with Google. our Marketing, Google Analytics and Social Media Training Bundle – after taking these courses, participants will be well-versed in how to leverage the taught skills for marketing and sales objectives – ultimately positioning them to excel in their careers.


Introduce you to social media, how businesses use Facebook, and the benefits of having a business page with our Basics of Marketing with Social Media training course. By tying it all together, this course provides valuable information on growing your business through Meta.


This Course will teach students how to master Google Analytics; from the basics all the way through the most advanced features. Once complete, students will be masters at reporting, behavioral data, audience conversion and will have an extremely well-rounded knowledge base with this software.


This Marketing Tools and Tips for Success online course is devoted to preparing students with the necessary knowledge and tools used in marketing, such as Bitly, Woobox, HootSuite, Storify and Social Media. It also provides tips on how they can be used effectively for success.


Social media and video marketing has completely transformed the way we communicate to one another, rendering ancient forms of communication extinct. In this Marketing with Google and YouTube online course, students will be enlightened on Google and YouTube Marketing strategies.


Our comprehensive 10-hour Social Media 101 online course offers students 145 videos, allowing them to be well-versed in several social media topics. This includes setting up Google accounts, navigating through Twitter and learning the significance of using Facebook for business purposes.

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Comments From Our Students

"I am Network + certified as of last Friday thanks to ITU Online Labs and lectures. The Course and Labs are so amazing and easy to understand.  I was able to lock in the information from the lectures and pass the certification exam and I felt extremely satisfied with my knowledge. Do the courses with the lab and repeat till you know it by heart and you should be more than well equipped to pass the Net+ exam!!!  Now on to Security +!!! 


"ITU Online was instrumental in helping me get certified! The content was fun and engaging and the end of one video made me eager to start the next! Their extensive library has everything from Excel to Ethical Hacking! No matter what you're trying to learn, ITU is the best resource I have found."

Will G

"I am Network + certified as of March 1st thanks to ITU's trainings courses and lectures. The labs are so amazing and easy to understand, and I passed my certification exam with a 98%."

Bradley Spicer

Network Engineer

"Itu significantly helped me increase my design/marketing experience. I've taken numerous marketing courses and never found material more useful than itu. Since then I started my marketing company and we now have over 25 clients."

Rachel Volkov

CEO of RSL Marketing

"I just passed my PMP exam this morning on the first try!! I really wanted to take a moment to thank ITU for playing a HUGE role in me passing the exam! You guys rock."

Jameson Blatton

Project Manager at Bleak


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