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Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101

earners explore various techniques of how to create and share content through digital marketing platforms such as social media, live streaming, purposeful posts on social networks, and lead capture methods via the Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101 online course. These ideas will be used to develop reusable multimedia content that can be adapted across multiple outlets including emails, blogs, videos and more — all while forming a cohesive unit that works together in harmony.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
4  Training Hours
Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101
18 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
1  Topics
Prep Questions
1 Prep Questions
Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

About our online training course

Embark on a Digital Journey with ‘Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101’ Discover the secrets of digital marketing and content creation with our expertly designed course. Whether you’re a business owner or an aspiring YouTuber, this course is your gateway to mastering the YouTube platform. You’ll learn how to set up your channel, create engaging video content, and harness the power of viral marketing. Our comprehensive approach integrates social media strategies and digital tools, ensuring your online presence stands out in the crowded digital landscape.

Course Benefits

Transform Your Online Presence into a Digital Powerhouse Our ‘Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101’ course is more than just a learning experience; it’s an investment in your digital future. With over 6 hours of detailed instruction and access to more than 40 insightful videos, this course is packed with practical knowledge. You’ll master the art of creating a business-focused Facebook page, dive into strategies for effective lead generation, and learn the ins and outs of live video broadcasting. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to attract and engage your ideal customer base, turning online interactions into tangible business results.

Who Is The Course For

A Perfect Fit for Aspiring Digital Marketers and Content Creators This course is tailored for those eager to carve out a unique space in the digital world. Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to elevate your existing online presence, our course offers the tools and insights you need. Ideal for business owners, entrepreneurs, and creative minds, this course empowers you to create compelling content across multiple platforms. If you’re passionate about making an impact online and ready to transform your digital marketing skills, ‘Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101’ is the course for you.

What you will learn:

With this comprehensive course, learners will gain 6 hours of instruction and over 40 videos. They’ll develop the skills to configure a business Facebook page complete with groups for lead generation, topics for live video broadcasting, and more! Our expert instructors provide an in-depth look at how you can leverage these tools to attract your ideal customer/client base—from initial contact through getting them vested enough to make purchases from your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101

What’s the main goal of this online course?

The aim of this online course is to help you explore various techniques for creating and sharing content through digital marketing platforms like YouTube. The course provides valuable insights into creating engaging content, live streaming, and using social media strategically.

What specific skills can I expect to learn from this course?

This comprehensive course offers instruction on how to set up a YouTube channel, create video content that resonates with viewers, use viral content effectively, and leverage tools like a business Facebook page for lead generation. You’ll also learn about live video broadcasting and how to attract your ideal customer base.

How is the course content delivered?

The course is structured with over 40 videos and 6 hours of instruction, providing an in-depth look at various topics. While I wasn’t able to gather specifics about all the modules, the course aims to give you a well-rounded understanding of how to start and grow your own YouTube channel.

Who is this course designed for?

This IT training course is designed to help business owners create a powerful online presence. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to boost your existing online presence, this course offers the tools and techniques you need to reach your audience effectively​.

What kind of content can I expect to produce after completing this course?

After completing this online course, you should be able to create reusable multimedia content that can be adapted across multiple outlets including emails, blogs, videos, and more. This course aims to help you form a cohesive unit that works together in harmony​.

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Course Outline

Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101 Course Content

Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

  •    Welcome to the course

  •    What Will Your Channel Be About?

  •    Recording Device

  •    Your Competition

  •    Your Normal Video Formula

  •    Your Apprearance

  •    Your Personality On Camera

  •    Beware of Copy-written Content

  •    Elements To Make Your Channel and Videos Better Part 1

  •    Elements To Make Your Channel and Videos Better Part 2

  •    Sound Quality

  •    Post Schedule

  •    Doing Too Much

  •    Community Interaction

  •    Trolls and Negative Comments

  •    Fancy Equipment Or Not

  •    Patience

  •    Conclusion

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Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101



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Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101

Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101
Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101
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