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Computer Programming Online Courses

ITU Online offers Development & Programming courses to help you build a strong foundation for a successful career. Our courses cover essential topics like Python, JavaScript, C#, and web development, taught by expert instructors. You’ll enjoy on-demand video lessons, interactive exercises, and real-world examples to enrich your learning experience. Explore our diverse range of courses and enroll today to elevate your coding skills and secure your future in the ever-expanding world of technology.

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Are you ready to revolutionize the way you interact with AI-driven technologies? Look no further! This course will take you on an exciting journey towards mastering ChatGPT.


Master the art of data analysis with Microsoft SQL 2019. Start your training today and take your career to the next level.

Become a Microsoft SQL server expert today with this Microsoft SQL Data Analysis Training Series course that contains everything you need to know! It includes Databases, Administration and an introduction to Power BI which will all help set yourself up for success in the future. Having these skills under your belt will be highly beneficial when it comes to job opportunities and salary growth – so don’t wait any longer; get started now!


Gain expert-level knowledge in Microsoft SQL Server Database Design. Enroll now and get certified with ITU’s online training course.

This Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Database Design course emphasizes the skills needed to design high-functioning databases in SQL Server. Not only will you learn about the fundamentals and resources required for an efficient database, but also gain insight and skill into tables, data accuracy and indexes. Plus, we explore essential programming techniques, file storage solutions and full-text search capabilities.


Gain expertise in Querying SQL Server with our comprehensive Microsoft SQL Server training series. Start learning today!

Upgrade your skills or learn SQL server with this informative course! You will gain the necessary technical skills to craft basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server.


Looking to get started with data analysis? Take this online course and learn how to use Microsoft SQL Server for data analysis.

This data analysis course, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 – Introduction to Data Analysis will provide a comprehensive overview of the job duties and functions that data analysts need to be familiar with, such as techniques and approaches for creating models, displaying visualizations, and evaluating information through Power BI. Besides that, you’ll also get to learn how to access various types of data sources – both relational and non-relational – in order to process them properly.


Master Hyperledger blockchain development with our Certified Blockchain Developer course. Get certified as a blockchain expert today.

The Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger Course is perfect for technology-centered engineers, software engineers, application developers, or anyone wishing to be certified by the Blockchain Training Alliance.


Master Microsoft SQL Server with our comprehensive training series. Learn the latest techniques and skills to manage databases like a pro.

This SQL Server training series has it all. For years, Microsoft has been the go-to brand for database technology and it remains a top preference among many corporations and individual users alike. This comprehensive training series covers versions 2012 through 2019 of Microsoft SQL Server that are still extensively utilized at present. You will be given an in-depth look into SQL Server administration, database design, analysis services, reporting services, PowerBI and more during this learning program.


Master data visualization with Introduction to Microsoft Power BI. Learn to create powerful business intelligence dashboards and reports. Enroll now!

This online course training will teach you how to use Power Apps visualizations, which allow your Business Analysis users to get Business Analytics and take actions from their Power BI reports in real-time. Moreover, we’ll look into the ways that Power BI and SQL Server Analysis Services can be integrated for enterprise-level data models and analysis for business decisions. 


Take your data analysis skills to the next level with ITU Online’s Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) course.

With this course, you will be able to become an expert in employing both engines within a company’s infrastructure. Analysis Services is composed of two powerful applications – VertiPaq and Data Mining for multidimensional cubes, as well as xVelocity for Tabular Data Models. It provides enterprise-level semantic data modeling abilities to construct business intelligence systems such as Power BI, Excel Reporting Services and other information visualization tools that can make your organization even more successful!


Become a Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD). Enroll now and learn how to build, deploy, and manage Kubernetes applications.

If you’re looking to ace the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam, this is the  video IT  course for you! Through its comprehensive instruction materials, and lectures, it will teach you all that there is to know about Kubernetes – an open-source system designed by Google but now maintained by The Cloud Native Computing Foundation and pass the certification program. 


Learn how to handle Big Data with Microsoft SQL 2019. Master the art of data analysis & management with our online training course. Enroll now!

Dive into the depths of SQL Server with this Microsoft SQL – SQL Big Data course and discover one of its most invaluable tools, SQL Big Data Clusters. Here, you will fully explore data virtualization and lakes in order to build a complete artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform directly within the SQL Server database engine.


Enhance your career as a SQL Server administrator with our Microsoft SQL Server Administration training series. Enroll today and become an expert!

This sql server administration course offers students a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain and optimize a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 database. It is specifically tailored towards individuals who want to gain knowledge on the newest features in SQL server 2016, 2017, and 2019 as well as learn about essential capabilities throughout the entire data platform. Students will emerge from this training with an extensive set of skills for managing their own MS SQL Server environment along with its databases!


Take Your Web Development Skills to the Next Level with Our Comprehensive Training Series. Learn the Latest Technologies and Techniques!

Web development comes in many flavors.  And we have a bundle that covers many of them.  Get this hot deal that includes 13 courses and over 100 hours of training


Learn Python programming with ITU Online. Get hands-on experience with real-world projects and become proficient in Python. Enroll now!

Python, which has been around for nearly three decades, is one of the most widely used programming languages in existence. This Python programming course is particularly helpful to data scientists and machine learning professionals, Python stands out due to its ease-of-use – it’s no wonder that universities now make it their go-to language when teaching coding.


Take the Microsoft 70-480: Programming in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 course and become a skilled web developer. Enroll now!

In this Microsoft 70-480 course you will learn how to implement and manipulate document structures and objects, implement program flow, access and secure data, and use CSS3 in applications. This course will teach you HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery.


Master the skills to effectively manage SQL Server with our Microsoft 70-764 training course. Get started today!

The Microsoft 70-764 SQL Server 2016 Administration course is designed to equip students with all the skills and knowledge necessary for them to confidently pass the Microsoft Certification Exam 70-764. By mastering this program, learners will be fully capable of administering a complete Microsoft SQL 2016 server solution – from installation through maintenance tasks.


Take your SQL Server skills to the next level with ITU Online’s Microsoft 70-466 course on implementing data models and reports. Enroll now!

In this course you will learn how to create managed enterprise BI solutions. You will learn how to implement multidimensional and tabular data models, deliver reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, create dashboards with Microsoft SharePoint Server PerformancePoint Services, and discover business insights by using data mining. This course will also teach you how to create BI solutions that require implementing multi-dimensional data models, implementing and maintaining OLAP cubes, and creating information displays used in business decision making.


Become a Microsoft Certified Database Designer! Learn Microsoft 70-465: Designing Database Solutions for SQL Server with ITU’s comprehensive online course.

In this course you will learn how to plan and implement enterprise database infrastructure solutions by using SQL Server 2012 and other Microsoft technologies. This course will teach you how to consolidate SQL Server workloads, work with both on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions, and how to plan and implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions. You will learn how to create plans and designs for database structure, storage, objects, and servers.


Take your SQL Server skills to the next level with ITU Online’s Microsoft 70-464: Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases course. Enroll today!

In this course you will learn logical table design, indexing and query plans. This course focuses on the creation of database objects including views, stored procedures, parameters and functions. Common aspects of procedure coding such as indexes, concurrency, error handling, and triggers are also covered in this course. This course will also teach you how to optimize indexes, ensure data integrity, implement views, stored procedures and functions as well as manage transactions and locks.


Get certified in Microsoft 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server with ITU Online. Get expert-led training and start your career today!

In this course you will learn how to create Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. This course will teach you how to implement a data warehouse platform to support a BI solution. You will learn how to create a data warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012, implement ETL with SQL Server Integration Services, and validate and cleanse data with SQL Server Data Quality Services and SQL Server Master Data Services.


Master the skills to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate with our 70-462 Administering SQL Server course. Enroll now and start your journey!

In this Microsoft 70-462: Administering SQL Server Databases course you will learn how to perform installation, maintenance, and configuration tasks. This course will also teach you other responsibilities including setting up database systems, making sure those systems operate efficiently, and regularly storing, backing up, and securing data from unauthorized access. This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to maintain a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database and focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server 2012 product features and tools related to maintaining a database.


Become a Microsoft SQL Server expert with our Microsoft 70-461: Querying SQL Server online training. Enroll now and advance your SQL skills today!

In this Microsoft 70-461: Querying SQL Server course you will learn the technical skills required to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 which is the foundation for all SQL Server-related disciplines; namely, Database Administration, Database Development and Business Intelligence.


Learn how to develop scalable and secure web applications with Microsoft ASP .NET MVC in our comprehensive online course.

In this Microsoft ASP .NET MVC online training course you will learn a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that gives you full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. You will learn ASP.NET MVC and its many features that enable fast, TDD-friendly development for creating sophisticated applications that use the latest web standards.


Learn how to develop cutting-edge web applications with Microsoft .NET 4.5 Programming and HTML5. Enroll now and get certified!

In this online IT learning course you will learn the .NET open source developer platform. This platform provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building web applications that have visually stunning user experiences and seamless and secure communication. HTML 5, Javascript and CSS3 can integrate with this platform.


Gain expertise in designing BI solutions with SQL Server with our Microsoft 70-467 training course. Become an expert in BI solutions design today!

In this online training course you will learn how to plan and design a business intelligence (BI) infrastructure by designing a reporting solution, designing BI data models and designing an ETL solution. This course will teach business intelligence (BI) architects the overall design of a BI infrastructure and how it relates to other data systems in use.


Master SQL fundamentals with our Oracle 12c OCP 1Z0-061 course. Learn SQL queries, data manipulation, and database objects. Enroll now!

Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals provides a multitude of advantages from the re-engineered Oracle Database for Cloud computing. The architecture ensures hardware and software efficiency, superior performance, manageability benefits that lead to quick and effortless cloud provisioning.


Get certified as a Microsoft MCSA: SQL Server Solutions Associate with our comprehensive training program. Implement SQL Server solutions with ease.

Showcase your indispensable abilities and ingenious insights in creating and managing the upcoming generation of mission-critical environments with our Microsoft MCSA: SQL Server Solutions Associate online course.


Master JavaScript Fundamentals and build powerful web applications with our comprehensive online training. Start now!

If you’re ready to dive into Java Programming, this JavaScript Fundamentals online training course is for you! You’ll start with the basics and work your way up to advanced levels. Not only will you get a comprehensive introduction to object-oriented programming, but also learn many other core Java features in detail. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – sign up now and make strides in mastering Java today!


Enhance your web dev skills with our CSS online course. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, everything you need to know to create stunning websites.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) provides the ability to create visually pleasing and sophisticated websites. In this CSS3 Training course, users at all levels will be instructed on how to use it effectively with ease.


Master HTML5 with our comprehensive online course! Get hands-on training and learn the latest web development techniques.

This Learn HTML course is designed for beginner level individuals who are interested in learning how to build a page for a website. Our comprehensive training course dives into all areas of HTML writing & editing so that by the end, you will be an expert in coding with HTML!


Boost your career with our comprehensive Microsoft 70-487 online course on developing Azure and web services.

In this Microsoft 70-487 course you will learn how to access data, query and manipulate data by using the entity framework, create and consume web API-based services, design and implement web services, and deploy in Microsoft Azure and Web Services.


Learn Java programming language with our online course and gain skills to build robust applications. Join now and get certified!

You should Learn Java as it is a must-have technology for a range of applications and websites, including business solutions, data centers, game consoles, utilities, desktop computers (as well as laptops and smartphones). That’s why this online training course explores the whole spectrum of Java Programming from beginner to advanced. With it you can confidently tackle any challenge that comes your way!


Boost your web development skills with ITU’s HTML5 CSS3 online course and stay ahead of the curve

Elevate your web development programming skills in this HTML5 and CSS3 training course. HTML5 and CSS3 are key web technologies that allow you to build up content for the internet. This training program showcases how to use innovative HTML5 multimedia features such as video, audio, and animation. With this course, you can unlock more creative possibilities with your digital media!

Computer Programming Online Courses

ITU’s Development & Programming Online Courses are designed to equip students with the knowledge and coding skills they need to create, design, deploy and support powerful applications. From HTML5, JavaScript, and SQL servers through to Power BI – you’ll be exposed to a comprehensive range of innovative programming / coding languages essential for creating bespoke solutions that meet your company or organization’s specific requirements. In addition, our courses aim to deepen your understanding of the entire software development process, app development and app design cycle – from concept formulation to deployment testing – guaranteeing success in all future endeavors!

About our Online coding courses to enhance students technical skill

Our IT Online Course Training program offers self-paced learning for students coding journey, enabling you to master the fundamentals of a wide variety of programming languages at your own pace and convenience. This flexible structure allows students to work on their understanding of specific coding concepts while simultaneously building both practical and theoretical knowledge. With our interactive course materials, advanced video tutorials, and full technical support from dedicated mentors, ITU ensures a comprehensive learning experience for all covering a handful of programming language to meet a variety of industry and needs.

Career in demand programming language jobs

Are you ready to jump into the world of tech and explore your programming career options? No matter if you’d prefer immerse yourself in coding, or combine it with business decision-making, there are a plethora of possibilities open to you to build your professional portfolio. Here are just a few:

  • Software application developer and Web developer
  • Computer systems engineer, Database administrator, or Computer systems analyst
  • Software quality assurance (QA) engineer
  • Computer programmer or Network system administrator
  • Full stack developer
  • Professional web developer or professional developer
  • Entry level developer

FAQ for Development & Programming Online Courses

Have you ever wondered what software development actually involves?

Software is the blueprint that tells a computer what to accomplish. Software development involves all of the steps associated with software conception, deployment, upkeep, and assistance. Every gaming application you’ve ever encountered on your phone or laptop was created through this process – from online video games to work-related programs! To craft top-notch software, development teams start by collaborating with users and other stakeholders in order to understand their requirements. After the perfect architecture has been chosen to ensure the program is properly structured, it’s time for designers to build a solution that meets those needs. After thorough review and testing for quality assurance, the coding process then commences. Once deployed, developers remain responsible for keeping up with maintenance tasks such as bug fixing or user support.

What critical skill sets does a person need to become a software developer?

If you’re interested in software development, the first step is to create a coding foundation by learning one or more programming languages. Whether your focus is on front-end development and thus require knowledge of JavaScript or HTML for an effortless UX, or back-end development necessitating SQL or Node.js for databases and APIs, there’s an abundance of certifications available through online courses that will attest to your qualifications in these language areas. Developing software necessitates more than merely coding. Understanding popular methodologies such as DevOps or Agile is imperative in order to organize your program build process. Additionally, discipline and documentation capabilities are needed for a meticulous QA test that guarantees the merchandise you distribute is free of glitches. Lastly, it’s critical to possess a problem solving mentality which fuses curiosity with rational thinking; this enables you to view problems from an end-user’s standpoint and create innovative answers.

How can ITU’s educational journey via online courses provide me with the necessary tools to become a skilled software developer?

If you’re looking to get your feet wet in software engineering, online courses are the way to go. Python programming, JavaScript and object-oriented coding with Java, C++ , Ruby on Rails, Scala – whatever tickles your fancy – can all be learned at home through interactive classes. What’s more? You’ll have the support of experienced instructors 24/7! Once you’ve grasped the foundational concepts of software development, you can dive deeper into courses on back-end and front-end full stack app development to fully comprehend how they work. Moreover, if you have a specific career goal in mind, these classes will also teach you more theory-based courses that show how software engineering applies in the grand scheme of things. Whether you strive to work in database management, AI, or any other sort of software development, there are plenty of opportunities for you to gain the necessary skills. For instance, if your goal is to become a professional database manager then take courses on data structures and science. However, if your dream career lies within artificial intelligence (AI), opt for taking classes about machine learning and algorithms instead. With all these options available at our disposal–from short-term courses up until degree programs–you can easily find something that fits best with what it is that you’re trying to achieve!

Which type of individuals possess the skills and qualities necessary to succeed in software development positions?

If you want to achieve success in software development, then the combination of technical and people skills is essential. To excel on a technical level, basic knowledge of computer science must be present along with exemplary coding abilities and an inclination for creating exceptional software. Additionally, there are other attributes that make individuals best suited for these roles such as excellent self-organization skills, focus and concentration aptitudes to meet project deadlines effectively, potent oral/written communication capabilities ,and a congenial personality conducive towards successful teamwork endeavors.

What prerequisite knowledge or background is necessary prior to students embarking on your online coding courses?

Before you start your software development journey, it’s essential to have a range of pertinent skills and experience that potential employers will evaluate during the hiring process. This includes having an in-depth understanding of computer systems and software programs, fluency with programming languages like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, TypeScript and their application when creating different types of software solutions. Additionally possessing collaborative traits favored in Agile environments is also beneficial for any kind of role within this field.

Discover How online coding courses is right for you.

If you’re just starting out in computer programming and have minimal programming experience, the best way to begin is by getting a firm foundation of basics of coding skills. Math and science are also essential components of any successful coder’s repertoire. For those who prefer hands-on learning, there are plenty of ways to get started online. But if you want to take your knowledge even further, an online coding boot camp can help advance your understanding and really hone your skillset!

Are you curious to know the contrasts between working for a large video game developer and an independent studio in the gaming market?

Working for a large video game company and its smaller independent alternative employer can be worlds apart. AAA video game publishers are often much larger than the indie ones, with the employer hiring hundreds of professionals dedicated to their own specialized gaming development area. However, each environment is unique in itself – so make sure you do your research before taking on any role! These companies are typically equipped with hefty budgets to produce the major “blockbuster” titles for market, which tend to cost millions. Aside from paying employees, most of these funds go towards marketing and research efforts in order to guarantee that their investments prove profitable. Although they may not have the same funding as major publisher companies, indie game employers more than make up for it with their sense of community and creative ability to go to market. These small teams – usually consisting of 30 people or less hired by employers – must be extraordinarily resourceful to get their projects out to the market. With a collective effort and enthusiasm among team members, these tight-knit groups are able to create amazing games that would otherwise never see the light of day in the gaming market! With a limited budget, indie employers have less opportunity to take large financial risks. On the flip side, however, smaller companies may possess the creative liberty that could never be achieved if backed by a larger gaming studio or publisher.

What programming language will be the most beneficial for my skill set?

With a vast array of coding languages, frameworks and tools available to learn from, it may be difficult to figure out where you should start if you are just beginning your journey in learning how to code and developing your programming skills. Fortunately, many online coding schools have focused on frontend development as an effortless way for users into the world of web programming – this is due to its familiarity within people’s everyday lives with their everyday interactions with websites made visible by frontend development. Though many sectors seek programmers who have the programming skills that can skillfully handle both front and backend development, a full-stack development program is your best bet for landing multiple employment opportunities. While this comprehensive learning experience may take longer to finish, you will benefit immensely by leaving with key skills to set you apart hi this high demand programming languages and market demand that we are in today. When deciding which language to learn through the best online coding courses, it depends on the field you wish to pursue. Python is currently one of the most sought-after programming languages and accounts for around 80% of developers’ preferences. Its versatile capabilities paired with its abundance of APIs and libraries make this language stand out from others. If mobile apps are your ultimate goal, then Java, Kotlin or Swift could be a great place to start; if gaming beckons, consider C++ or Unreal Engine as well as C# in conjunction with Unity Engine . If you’re interested in developing operative systems, C language is the way to go. Additionally, JavaScript and TypeScript are optimal for website front-end development while Python or Ruby should be utilized for back-end coding. To learn more about this topic, take a look at the end of the FAQ on the four most sought after programming languages!

On your inaugural day as a Web Developer, what will you encounter?

As a junior web developer, the first few days (and sometimes weeks) of your employment will predominantly be devoted to education. You’ll likely need to take some time and go through the process of downloading and set up all relevant codebase and databases for the company on your own. This onboarding process typically requires multiple days before it’s properly completed. On agile software development teams, you’re going to begin each day with standing meetings that aim at providing an overview of what needs to get done by everyone in that particular team throughout that workday. As new members join the team, they are typically invited to attend stand-up meetings for a complete understanding of how things work and any projects that involve them. The Coding Boot Camp at UT Austin offers students numerous possibilities to collaborate with other learners on tasks inspired by real-world scenarios, providing an in-depth learning experience as well as insights into what it’s like to be a professional developer.

Which Qualities Do Companies Seek in Junior Web Developers?

Aspiring junior web developers must ensure that their toolkits contain the widely sought-after programming language, JavaScript. HTML and CSS are also highly recommended by employers, while a foundational understanding of SQL & NoSQL is an excellent way to make your job application stand out above the rest. Although specific technologies may vary per company or role, these core languages are essential for launching any successful career in web development. At ITU, courses are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of coding languages, beginning with the core principles of web development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our program is crafted to equip learners with both front-end and back end programming skills as well as all other technical competencies necessary for success in server management, databases administration and additional backend technologies – enabling our graduates to pursue various career paths.

Is online coding courses in learning software development the right choice for me?

If you are passionate about computers, technology, and software-as-a-service as well as the details of video games, apps, and other software programs – then perhaps learning software development is something to consider. Moreover, if working on teams with others while adhering to deadlines in your career sparks joy within you – developing this skill should be a top priority!

What topics are relevant to software development?

Studying data analysis, object-oriented programming, and full-stack development are all essential elements to become a software developer. Additionally, exploring new tools such as automated tests and learning how software development is applied in artificial intelligence, machine learning or Internet of Things applications can make your job more efficient. By understanding the basics of operating systems too you will be able to properly use those tools for maximum results. Programming languages have become increasingly important in today’s technological landscape, with new programming languages emerging every year. However, there are a few that remain the most sought-after languages for developers and companies worldwide. Take a look at the top four most sought-after programming languages today. Python is the most sought-after programming language of this era, in part due to its simplicity and usability. It provides a high degree of abstraction and has an expansive portfolio for web development, data science, machine learning, AI implementation – you name it! What’s more exciting is that there exists a vast community of developers who continuously develop the language by adding new features. So if you are looking for something which can make your coding life simpler without compromising on power – Python should be at the top of your list! Python has quickly become a must-have language for developers around the world, due to its extensive collection of libraries and frameworks that make it a breeze to develop sophisticated applications in minimal time. This powerful programming language is used not only in web development but also big data analytics and scientific computing. There’s no denying why developers are flocking toward Python! Java For over two decades, Java has been a major player in the programming language game and continues to be one of the most sought-after languages today. It’s utilized for web development tasks, mobile applications, enterprise software projects, as well as Android app creation – making it an invaluable ability that any aspiring mobile developer should have under their belt! Java stands out due to its portability, security and scalability, making it the best programming language for large-scale enterprise applications. What’s more; developers have access to a vast network of help and resources in their quest to master this amazing language. JavaScript JavaScript is a scripting language used to develop captivating web applications that are easily accessible by users. By being supported across all major browsers, it has emerged as the premier choice for designing front-end websites and apps tailored to deliver an enhanced user experience. With its ability to create interactive features with minimal effort, JS sets the standard in modern web development. Over the last decade, JavaScript has achieved a monumental surge in popularity due to frameworks like AngularJS, ReactJS and VueJS. These platforms have simplified web application production with JavaScript. Consequently, this language is now essential for web developers all around the world.C++ is a versatile, object-oriented programming language with remarkable efficiency and speed. Its low-level control capabilities make it ideal for developing intensive applications such as gaming software, system software, and embedded systems. As evidenced by its widespread use among developers – from amateurs to experts – who want to develop high performance apps quickly and efficiently; C++ remains the go-to choice for any ambitious project. For the past 30+ years, C++ has been a trusted platform for developers across the globe. Its wide-ranging applications include operating systems, game development and scientific computing— showcasing its incredible breadth of capabilities. All in all, the four most popular programming languages of today are Python, Java, JavaScript and C++. By developing proficiency in any of these coding dialects you will obtain a wide array of abilities that will open up many work opportunities within the tech business. It doesn’t matter which language you decide to learn – what’s consequential is ongoing self-improvement and academic advancement as those are essential components for success within this sphere.

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"ITU Online was instrumental in helping me get certified! The content was fun and engaging and the end of one video made me eager to start the next! Their extensive library has everything from Excel to Ethical Hacking! No matter what you're trying to learn, ITU is the best resource I have found."

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