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CBDH : Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger

The Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger Course is perfect for technology-centered engineers, software engineers, application developers, or anyone wishing to be certified by the Blockchain Training Alliance.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
3 Training Hours
CBDH : Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger
51 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
8  Topics
Prep Questions
20 Prep Questions
CBDH : Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

The Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger, CBDH course is perfect for technology-centered engineers, software engineers, application developers, or anyone wishing to be certified by the Blockchain Training Alliance. This CBDH course aims to equip you with the skills needed to excel in the blockchain domain.

Included In This CBDH Course

  • 3 Training Hours
  • 51 On-demand Videos
  • Closed Captions
  • 8 Topics
  • 20 Prep Questions
  • Certificate of Completion

Why Choose CBDH?

Blockchain technologies have evolved from a hypothetical concept to being carried out in production. Our CBDH course is the right time for you to jump into the world of blockchain technology. If you’re looking to become Blockchain Training Alliance Certified in the field of Blockchain Development, then our CBDH course is perfect for you!

What is CBDH?

A person who holds the CBDH certification demonstrates their ability to:

  • Plan and prepare production-ready applications for the Hyperledger blockchain
  • Write, test, and deploy secure chain code
  • Use Hyperledger Composer to rapidly build Hyperledger applications
  • Write chain code using either Go or NodeJS

CBDH Exam Objectives

The main objectives for the Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH) Exam are as follows:

  1. Create a Hyperledger Model: The exam tests your ability to create a comprehensive model within the Hyperledger platform, which serves as the foundation for developing blockchain applications.
  2. Build Proper Access Controls: You’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of how to establish proper access controls for blockchain assets using .acl files. This ensures that only authorized individuals can interact with the blockchain.
  3. Implement a Hyperledger “.bna” Banana: The exam requires you to implement a Hyperledger “.bna” (Business Network Archive) banana file, which is essential for deploying a business network on Hyperledger Fabric.
  4. Write and Compile Smart Contracts as Chain Code: One of the key objectives is to assess your skills in writing and compiling smart contracts into chain code. This is crucial for creating decentralized applications on the Hyperledger blockchain.
  5. Deploy Smart Contracts on Channels in the Private Network: Finally, you’ll need to show your capability to deploy these smart contracts onto multiple channels within a private network, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

These objectives aim to evaluate your comprehensive understanding of Hyperledger blockchain development, from modeling and access control to smart contract deployment.

CBDH Certification Benefits

Gaining the CBDH certification illustrates your capacity to strategize and build production-ready applications for Hyperledger blockchain. You’ll also learn how to compose, test, and deploy secure chain code, and use Hyperledger Composer swiftly to construct Hyperledger programs.

Salary Opportunities For Someone With A CBDH Certificaiton

Below is a table that outlines the salary ranges for professionals with Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH) certification. Please note that these figures are for illustrative purposes and may not reflect the most current or accurate data.

Major CityLow Salary Range (USD)Median Salary Range (USD)High Salary Range (USD)
New York City120,000150,000190,000
San Francisco130,000160,000210,000
Los Angeles115,000140,000175,000
Washington D.C.115,000140,000175,000

These salary ranges can vary based on factors such as experience, company size, and additional skills. It’s also worth noting that the cost of living in each location can significantly impact how far your salary goes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH)

What can I expect to learn from the Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger (CBDH) course?

In this course, you’ll learn to plan and prepare production-ready applications for the Hyperledger blockchain, write, test, and deploy secure chain code, and use Hyperledger Composer to rapidly build Hyperledger applications. You’ll also have the chance to write chain code using either Go or NodeJS.

Who is this course suitable for?

This course is perfect for technology-focused engineers, software engineers, application developers, or anyone wishing to be certified by the Blockchain Training Alliance.

What is the course structure?

The course includes 3 hours of content, 51 videos, 8 topics, and 20 questions to help you get a solid grasp of the concepts​.

How do I access the course?

You can gain access to this course through ITU Online’s All Access Monthly Subscription. Plus, you get a 7-day free trial period with no obligation, and you can cancel anytime.

Why should I choose ITU Online for my learning?

ITU Online is a leader in providing high-quality, affordable IT training in the eLearning industry. We offer a variety of courses and resources to help you succeed in your IT career.

What’s the potential benefit of completing this course?

Given that blockchain technologies are no longer just theoretical and are being implemented in production, understanding how to develop blockchain applications is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill. By completing this course, you can gain a competitive edge in the field of blockchain development​.

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Course Outline

Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger (CBDH) Course Content

Module 1: Certified Blockchain Developer Hyperledger Overview

  •    1.1 Course Introduction

  •    1.2 Module 1 Introduction

  •    1.3 Audience for the Certification

  •    1.4 What is a CBDH

  •    1.5 Exam Objectives

  •    1.6 Exam Overview

Module 2: Hyperledger Framework

  •    2.1 Module 2 Introduction

  •    2.2 Hyperledger Project Overview

  •    2.3 Hyperledger Frameworks

  •    2.4 Hyperledger Fabric

  •    2.5 Hyperledger Fabric Use Cases

Module 3: Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

  •    3.1 Module 3 Introduction

  •    3.2 Hyperledger Fabric Design Overview

  •    3.3 Hyperledger Fabric Whiteboard 

  •    3.4 Hyperledger Fabric Consensus

  •    3.5 Hyperledger Fabric Transactions

  •    3.6 Transactions Whiteboard

  •    3.7 Hyperledger Fabric Ledger

  •    3.8 Ledger Whiteboard

  •    3.9 Hyperledger Fabric Versions

  •    3.10 Hyperledger Fabric Membership Services

  •    3.11 Node Types and Roles

  •    3.12 Nodes and Peers Whiteboard

  •    3.13 Channels

  •    3.14 Channels Whiteboard

Module 4: Access Controls and Secure Chaincode

  •    4.1 Module 4 Introduction

  •    4.2 Access Controls Lists (.acl)

  •    4.3 Certificates and Certificate Authority

  •    4.4 Organizations and Participants

  •    4.5 Endorsement Policies

  •    4.6 Rest APIs

Module 5: Plan and Prepare Apps for Deployment

  •    5.1 Module 5 Introduction

  •    5.2 Development Whiteboard

  •    5.3 Installation Considerations

  •    5.4 Composer

  •    5.5 Composer Demo

Module 6: Hyperledger Fabric Explorer

  •    6.1 Module 6 Introduction

  •    6.2 Hyperledger Fabric Explorer Basics

  •    6.3 Installation Requirements of Hyperledger Explorer

Module 7: Chaincode and Development

  •    7.1 Module 7 Introduction

  •    7.2 What is Chaincode

  •    7.3 Writing Chaincode Considerations

  •    7.4 Development Language

  •    7.5 Client App Considerations

  •    7.6 BNA Files

  •    7.7 Service Discovery

Module 8: Course Wrap Up

  •    8.1 Module 8 Introduction

  •    8.2 Course Review

  •    8.3 Top 10 Things to know for the exam

  •    8.4 Taking the Exam

  •    8.5 Course Closeout

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Currently he works as a Subject Matter Expert specializing in Enterprise Cloud and Blockchain Technologies. He is the CLO of Techcommanders.com Elearning and consulting, He holds numerous IT certifications from AWS, GCP, HDS and other organizations.

He is an avid speaker and well-known course author residing in Jacksonville, Florida.

CBDH : Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger



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CBDH : Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger

blockchain hyperledger course
CBDH : Certified Blockchain Developer – Hyperledger
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