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Online Adobe Classes

ITU Online offers Adobe courses that can help you unleash your creativity and improve your design skills. These online courses cover various tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro that are widely used by design professionals worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, our training programs can benefit you and help you express your ideas more effectively. We have a wide range of Adobe courses that you can browse and explore. Enroll with ITU Online now to transform your passion into a lucrative career!

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Master Adobe Creative Cloud with our Mega Training Series – Get 60+ hours of in-depth training on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. Enroll now!

Take your creative skills to the max level with our Mega Adobe Creative Cloud Training Bundle.  This Adobe Training bundle provides students with the knowledge to fully utilize the most comprehensive suite of products offered in the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Want to master Adobe InDesign? Join our training course and gain the skills needed to design stunning layouts, brochures, and magazines. Start today!

Adobe InDesign is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to create cohesive layouts that combine text and visuals. In our Adobe InDesign training course, you will learn it can be used to create dynamic materials such as books, magazines, brochures or portfolios; with InDesign ou can also craft eye-catching business cards, advertisements, posters and flyers that are sure to make a lasting impression!


Unlock the full potential of Adobe Photoshop with our comprehensive online training course. Learn from expert instructors and create stunning visuals!

This Adobe Photoshop Training course is designed to equip you with the essential basics of Photoshop so that you can maximize its potential. Upon finishing, it is expected that you will be familiar enough with the program to open and import files, take advantage of navigational tools adeptly, understand fundamental imaging concepts without difficulty , perform simple editing tasks efficiently, as well as generate images appropriate for print or web-based presentations.


Transform your creative ideas into beautiful designs with Adobe Illustrator. Enroll in ITU Online’s Adobe Illustrator training course today.

In this Adobe Illustrator Training Course, we’ll talk about the differences between vectors and pixel graphics as well as different color modes and when to use them. We will also explore Illustrator’s expansive toolset and apply them to real world applications such as logos, custom illustrations and vectorizing photographs.


Transform your photography skills with our Adobe Lightroom course. Get expert tips and techniques for photo editing and management.

In this Adobe Lightroom Course, you will learn the basic tools and editing fundamentals in order to take your photography work to the next level via professional post-production.


Learn to create stunning visual effects and motion graphics with Adobe After Effects Training. Enroll now!

This Adobe After Effects CC tutorials course is designed to provide an accessible introduction to Adobe After Effects for both novices and experienced users. You’ll start with the fundamentals, learning how to navigate the Effects interface so you can begin creating projects right away! As your skills grow, we’ll delve into more sophisticated features such as mastering workflow techniques, applying effects and presets animating text, constructing shape layers animations and showing off a multimedia presentation.


Master the art of audio production and editing with our Adobe Audition Training course. Learn to create, edit and enhance audio with ease. Enroll now!

In this Adobe Audition training course you will learn to record, edit, and mix audio just like the pros. Adobe Audition is one of the best audio mixing software suites you can use. Musicians, podcasters and video producers alike prefer it, as It works seamlessly with other Adobe applications like Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Learn how to create stunning videos with Adobe Premiere Pro Training course. Enroll now and master video editing techniques!

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-standard tool for timeline-based editing, which makes Premier Pro expertise a valuable commodity in the workplace. The purpose of this course is to introduce basic Premiere Pro training features and concepts so that you can use the program effectively. 


Unleash your creative potential with our Adobe Behance Course. Learn how to showcase your work and gain exposure as a designer. Enroll now!

Through this online Adobe Behance Course, you will uncover the power of Adobe Behance—a service included in Adobe Creative Cloud. Not only will you learn to display and promote your creative work, but also discover other inspiring artists’ projects!. Creative professionals will be able to build profiles consisting of projects and others can comment, work, etc. on those projects within this creative community destination.


Want to learn how to use Adobe Fonts to take your designs to the next level? Our online training will teach you everything you need to know. Enroll today!

In this online Adobe Fonts Training course you will learn how to access a library of high-quality fonts to use in your designs. These fonts can be used in numerous projects, such as ads, websites, and various graphic design projects. This fundamental training course is great for anyone working in the creative field and uses graphic design for any portion of their job responsibilities.


Showcase your work in style with Adobe Portfolio. Learn how to create a stunning portfolio website with our Adobe Portfolio Training course.

This Adobe Portfolio Training course will teach you how to use this online, social-media based website editor. You will learn how to create, manage, and personalize your work in order to showcase it to others. This course is great for anyone in the graphic design field, as well as all those involved in a creative profession.


Get certified in Adobe Stock with our online Adobe Stock Training Course. Learn how to create stunning visual designs using Adobe Stock assets.

In this Adobe Stock Training course you will learn how to access millions of high-quality, curated, and royalty-free photos. Adobe Stock also includes illustrations, vector graphics, and many more creative tools. You can use these assets with any and all of your creative work.


Learn Adobe Dreamweaver and create stunning websites with our online training. Enroll now and gain the skills to design and code websites.

This Adobe Dreamweaver Training course will teach you how to gain an understanding of web concepts, coding languages, resolutions practices, as well as basic code, and design process on how to build your website with Adobe Dreamweaver CC. 


Master video editing on-the-go with Adobe Premiere Rush Course. Learn to edit videos, add music, titles, and more. Join now for instant access!

This Adobe Premiere Rush Course will teach you how to use this video editing software that is meant to create videos quickly and easily. Although it is more simplified than the related Adobe Premiere Pro, it is a very robust program that can do powerful high-quality editing.


Learn to create amazing graphics, web pages, and videos with Adobe Spark training course. Master Adobe Spark tools and techniques. Enroll now!

This course is comprised of three different programs geared towards creating social media and web-based content, Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Page, and Adobe Spark Video. The course is intended for people who are content creators for the internet and who need fast editing capabilities to create professional-looking media content.


Take your design skills to the next level with Adobe XD training. Master the software and create stunning designs for web and mobile applications.

Adobe XD is the ideal Vector based software for UI and UX Designers to create remarkable prototypes, wireframes, and designs for interactive screen-based applications such as websites or mobile apps. This program offers a great opportunity to quickly learn to craft design models that are compatible with screens or mobiles in no time at all!

Welcome to our Adobe Creative Cloud Online Video Courses page!

Here you will discover a broad selection of video courses that can help elevate your skills in different products. Whether you are just starting out using Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro, or if you’re an experienced pro striving for higher expertise skill levels, we have something for everyone here. Our instructional video courses on Adobe Creative Cloud provide valuable insight and knowledge so that no matter where your skill level is at now – it’s sure to go up with our incredible collection of Adobe Creative Cloud courses!

About our online classes

Our online courses are taught by highly experienced professionals who have mastered their subject area and design experiences. With step-by-step tutorial videos and detailed curriculum, our award-winning graphic designers will provide you with the proficiency and understanding needed to handle design tools products like a pro and create amazing visual effects and give you the essential skills needed to succeed!

The flexible format of our tutorial lessons allows for complete management of your learning experience at your own speed from any place – whether at home or on the move! You can conveniently pause, rewind, or skip over sections for further review and better comprehension of the materials or design process within each virtual session with our online courses.

ITU detailed curriculum and learning paths with our online courses will help you unlock your creative potential with each session course, no matter your skill set level. From exciting graphics and designs with Photoshop to advanced video editing techniques in Premiere Pro or After Effects, our team of experts have developed a comprehensive library of step-by-step visual design tutorials will surely empower beginners and experts throughout the lessons! Our videos provide the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to enhance their digital design abilities, whether aiming towards a career change in Visual Design or just brushing up on old skills.

If you’re a novice or an experienced professional, our Adobe CC curriculum of online Video Adobe Courses will help elevate your skills. Sign up now and join our online sessions and start unlocking the advanced web design skills today!

Our Most Popular Adobe Training Online Courses

Broaden your perspective and sharpen your skill set with ITU’s content tutorials delivered by our expert instructors and unlocking the potential of Adobe Creative Cloud today with our online video courses! We have courses for beginner (foundation skill and practical skill) to the experienced user, ITU has you covered.

Photoshop Adobe Courses

Photoshop is an indisputable leader in the world of digital design that continues to dominate and revolutionize this powerful art form. Our Photoshop tutorials cover content topics like layers, masks, color correction, photo retouching, and so much more. Learn to bring your projects to life with these easy-to-follow immersive program lessons.

Adobe Illustrator Class

Learn how to create vector art with our Illustrator tutorials. Explore content topics like logo creation, typography and branding , and more. Our expert instructors will guide you through the essentials of Illustrator and take full advantage of the opportunities for designers that this program has to offer to help you create stunning vector illustrations.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Dive into the world of video editing with our aAdobe Premiere Pro tutorials. Learn everything from basic video editing techniques to advanced color correction and motion graphics. Our curriculum of courses are perfect for beginners or experienced videographers looking to brush up on their skills.

After Effects

Unleash the potential of After Effects with our selection of online training tutorials. Construct spectacular motion graphics and titles, add effects to videos, and so much more! Let our professional designer instructors help you take your projects up a notch by showing you how to use After Effects effectively. With their guidance, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!

Adobe Illustrator

Unleash your creative potential with our Illustrator tutorials! Take the first step to mastering logo design, typography and branding projects. Our detailed lessons will give you the confidence to successfully create amazing vector illustrations. With help from our skilled instructors, you’ll learn all of the basics of Adobe Illustrator in no time at all!


Unlock the power of web design with our Dreamweaver tutorials. Learn how to build engaging websites will maintaining the user experience design for optimal ease of use. Create engaging Interaction Design Foundation for websites that meet a verity of purposes, from small business sites to ecommerce stores. Our courses will help you master Dreamweaver and bring your ideas to life!

Premiere Pro

Learn how to create stunning videos with our Premiere Pro tutorials. Discover everything from basic video editing techniques to advanced color correction and motion graphics. Our courses are perfect for beginners or experienced videographers looking to brush up on their skills.

Expand your knowledge on the Creative Cloud by discovering Adobe’s countless photography, design, video, and web development applications! Unlock access to unprecedented creative opportunities now available with a few clicks of your mouse.

Adobe Courses FAQ

Why take Adobe Courses Online?

When you acquire design skills, not only will your creative abilities be sharpened, but additionally it provides a distinct advantage in the online market. With advanced design knowledge and the effective use of elements such as color, form, typeface size and space – projects with greater visual aesthetics can now be completed faster! Your new skillset is sure to make an impression when being considered for assignments or job offers.

How long will it take to learn Adobe Software?

It depends on the software and your level of experience. If you are a beginner, it will take some time to learn how to use the tools and features properly. It’s important to remember that learning the software is an ongoing process, so it’s important to keep practicing even after you have finished your first course. With more practice, you will become more proficient

Is it possible to obtain knowledge on Adobe Photoshop through online learning?

Yes, you can learn Photoshop online with a variety of courses available ITU. Our courses provide step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and other resources to help you quickly master the software.

How long does it take to learn Adobe Photoshop?

It takes patience and time to learn Adobe Photoshop as the software is vast and complex. Depending on your experience level, it may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to get comfortable using the various tools and features. The more you practice and explore the software, the faster you will become proficient with it!

Do you have Adobe Flash Courses?

As of 2021, Adobe Systems has discontinued support for Flash content and all web browsers have eliminated any software applications related to the outdated platform. Therefore, no Flash-powered websites or applications will be available in future iterations of web browsers.

What is Adobe Connect?

This suite of software features a range of presentation, desktop sharing, and other capabilities designed to make collaboration simple. All meeting rooms are organized into ‘pods’ that each have their own unique purpose – from recording sessions in real-time for later playback purposes, to hosting virtual events or conferences. Previously associated with Adobe Acrobat products, this powerful tool has undergone several name changes over its lifetime but continues to be an industry-leader in connecting people virtually across any distance around the world.

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