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Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle

For Accounting professionals, the two most utilized programs are Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) and QuickBooks Pro. Our online training for Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle will get any business owner,  Accounting professional, or bookkeeping up to speed and understand both of these applications inside-out.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
25  Training Hours
Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle
374 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
79  Topics
Prep Questions
379 Prep Questions
Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Bookkeeping profession online course

In the Accounting profession, the two most popular programs out there are Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) and QuickBooks Pro. Each program has its strengths and it is definitely a benefit for the any business owner or Accounting professional to know the ins and outs of both programs.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Courses

The ITU Online Accounting bundle gives you the best, in-depth learning available. This bundle is perfect for the Accountant, Accountant-in-training, bookkeeping professional, and the small business owner. No matter if you are just starting, in need of a refresher on accounting principles, want to make yourself more marketable to more clients, are looking for work in the field, or need to gain more knowledge business accounting or business finances in order to run your business better – The ITU Online Accounting Bundle will ensure that you are completely up-to-speed with the latest capabilities. Plus, each course teaches you everything you need to know so you can run an entire business within either program. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to dive into each program and decide which one is right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle

What software does the Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle cover?

The training bundle covers Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) and QuickBooks Pro. These are two of the most commonly used programs in the accounting profession, and the course aims to get you up to speed on both of these applications.

How is the course content delivered?

The course is online and comprises of 374 videos over 25 training hours. There are 79 topics covered and 379 practice questions to test your understanding and application of the course material​.

Who is this course suitable for?

The ITU Online Accounting bundle is perfect for accountants, accountants-in-training, bookkeeping professionals, and small business owners. Whether you’re just starting out, in need of a refresher on accounting principles, looking to make yourself more marketable to more clients, looking for work in the field, or needing to gain more knowledge about business accounting or finances to better run your business, this course is designed to bring you up to speed with the latest capabilities​.

Who is the instructor for this course?

The course is taught by Mary Rutan. She has been an Adjunct Instructor at Florida State College at Jacksonville and has developed content for the mortuary science program online curriculum. She is known for her clear directions and is regarded as a fantastic professor by her students.

How can I access this course?

You can access the course with an All Access Monthly Subscription, which not only gives you access to this course but also over 2,500 hours of on-demand content. You can start today with a 7-day free trial, and there’s no obligation to continue after this period. You can cancel anytime​.

What benefits will I get from this course?

The course will ensure that you are completely up-to-date with the latest capabilities of Sage 50 and QuickBooks Pro. It provides in-depth learning and is an affordable way to understand each program thoroughly. By the end of the course, you should be able to decide which program is right for you and run an entire business within either program.

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Course Outline

Quickbooks Online Course Content

Module 1: Setup and Maintenance

  •    Module 1 Notes

  •    Course Introduction

  •    Knowing Which Account is Right for You

  •    Getting Started

  •    User Setup

  •    Access Rights

  •    User Setup Completion

  •    Adding Employees to Payroll

  •    Inviting Your Accountant

  •    Dashboard and 3 Ways to Navigate QBO

  •    Commonly Used Forms

  •    Module 1 Summary

Module 2: List Management

  •    Module 2 Notes

  •    Defining Lists

  •    Importing Lists

  •    Employees vs 1099

  •    Adding and Removing Entries

  •    Updating Entries

  •    Editing and Managing List Elements Demo

  •    Merging Items (entries)

  •    Form Requirements

  •    Module 2 Summary

Module 3: Sales (Money-In)

  •    Module 3 Notes

  •    Product and Service Setup

  •    Customer Setup Demo

  •    Invoicing Workflows

  •    Recording Sales

  •    Customer Statements

  •    Tracking Audit History Demo

  •    Sales Reciept Workflow

  •    Undeposited Funds Account

  •    Accounts Receivable Impact

  •    Impact of Connecting Your Bank Account to QBO

  •    Billable Expense Invoicing

  •    Recording a Customer Credit

  •    Delayed Charges

  •    Estimates

  •    Module 3 Summary

Module 4: Purchased (Money-Out)

  •    Module 4 Notes

  •    Product and Service Setup on Purchase Forms

  •    Vendor Setup

  •    Purchase Order Transactions

  •    Entering and Paying Bills

  •    Recording Checks

  •    Recording Credit and Debit Card Transactions

  •    Recording EFTs, Online Payments, and Wire Transfers

  •    Recording Vendor Credits

  •    Voiding vs Deleting Checks

  •    Vendor Page and Report Insights

  •    Module 4 Summary

Module 5: Accounting

  •    Module 5 Notes

  •    Basic financial statements (Balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows)

  •    Financial Statements Expanded

  •    Cash and Accrual Accounting Differences

  •    Difference Between Cash and Accrual Reporting

  •    Setting a Closing Date

  •    Balancing Your Books aka Reconciling Demo

  •    Journal Entries

  •    Audit Log Insights

  •    Project Profitability Demo

  •    Module 5 Summary

Module 6: Reports

  •    Module 6 Notes

  •    Customized Reports

  •    Commonly Used Reports Demo

  •    Setup Automatic Report Emails

  •    Collapse and Expand Report Function

  •    Exporting and Importing Reports

  •    Module 6 Summary

Module 7: Customizations and Time Savers

  •    Module 7 Notes

  •    Tracking Income and Expenses for Multiple Locations

  •    Organizing your Chart of Accounts

  •    Custom Fields on Invoices

  •    Recurring Transactions

  •    Customizing a Sales Form

  •    Keyboard Shortcuts

  •    QBO Mobile App Preview

  •    Connecting Third Party Apps to QBO

  •    Module 7 Summary

Module 8: Extra

  •    Module 8 Notes

  •    Common Mistakes QBO Users Make

  •    Final Note on Bookkeeping Best Practices

  •    Why QBO is Awesome

  •    Course Outro

  •    Defining Terms and Sample Quiz Questions

Accounting and Business Basics Course Content

Accounting and Business Basics

  •    Introduction

  •    Business Entities

  •    Beginning Your Business

  •    Financial Basics Part 1

  •    Financial Basics Part 2

  •    Employees Payroll

  •    Getting Your Business Out There

  •    SEO

  •    Other Topics

  •    Closing

Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) Course Content

Module 1: Creating and Setting Up Your Point of Sale Company File

  •    Intro To Point Of Sale

  •    Creating And Setting Up Point Of Sale

Module 2: Installing your System

  •    Determining Your Point Of Sale Additions

Module 3: Navigating and Customizing the Home Page

  •    Navigating And Customizing The Homepage

Module 4: Company Preferences

  •    Company Preferences

Module 5: Financial- Setting up QuickBooks Connection

  •    Setting Up Quickbooks Connection

Module 6: Setting up Sales Tax

  •    Setting Up Sales Tax

Module 7: Workstation Preferences

  •    Workstation Preferences

Module 8: Additional Features

  •    Additional Features

Module 9: Employees and Security

  •    Employees And Security

Module 10: Customers

  •    Customers

Module 11: Rewards Program

  •    Reward Programs

Module 12: Vendors

  •    Vendors

Module 13: Setting Up Your Inventory

  •    Setting Up Inventory

Module 14: Item Styles, Assemblies, and Group

  •    Adding Styles Assemblies And Groups

Module 15: Working with Inventory

  •    Working With Inventory

Module 16: Sales

  •    Sales

Module 17: Working with Price Levels and Discounts

  •    Working With Price Level And Discounts

Module 18: Collecting Sales Tax

  •    Collecting Sales Tax

Module 19: Adding Shipping Information (Pro/MS)

  •    Adding Shipping Info

Module 20: Tracking Sales Commissions

  •    Tracking Sales And Commission

Module 21: Taking Payment and Giving Change

  •    Taking Payments And Giving Change

Module 22: Recording Tips

  •    Recording Tip

Module 23: Handling Tricky Sales Returns

  •    Handling Tricky Sales And Returns

Module 24: Working with Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Layaways

  •    Working With Sales And Work Orders

Module 25: Purchasing Merchandise

  •    Purchasing Merchandise

Module 26: Receiving from a PO

  •    Receiving Purchase Orders

Module 27: Managing Inventory

  •    Managing Inventory

Module 28: Reporting

  •    Reporting Point Of Sales

Module 29: QuickBooks Financial

  •    Quickbooks Financial

Module 30: Multi-Store

  •    Multi-Store

Module 31: Protect your data

  •    Protecting Your Data

Module 32: Adding Third Party Applications

  •    Adding 3rd Party Apps

  •    Summary of Point of Sale

Sage 50 Course Content

Module 1: Sage 50 2013

  •    Course Overview-Part1

  •    Course Overview-Part2

  •    Course Overview-Part3

  •    Course Overview-Part4

  •    New Features-Part1

  •    New Features-Part2

  •    New Features-Part3

  •    Quick Tab Menu Overview

  •    Business Status-Part1

  •    Business Status-Part2

  •    Customer And Sales

  •    Vendors And Purchases

  •    Inventory And Services

  •    Employees And Services

  •    Banking

  •    System-Part 1

  •    System-Part2

  •    Quick Tab Menu Review

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part1

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part 2

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part3

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part 4

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part5

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part6

  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part7

Module 2: Sage 50 Basics

  •    Sage 50 Available Products

  •    Accounts Payable Features

  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 1

  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 2

  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 3

  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 4

  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 5

  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 6

  •    Accounts Payable Review

  •    Accounts Receivable Review

  •    Customer And Sales Menu

  •    Customers

  •    Jobs

  •    Sales Taxes

  •    Quotes And Proposals

  •    Sales Orders

  •    Invoices

  •    Finance Charges Basics

  •    Receive Money

  •    Bank Accounts

  •    Printing Statements

  •    Credits And Returns

  •    Accounts Receivable Report

  •    Basics Review

Module 3: Inventory

  •    Inventory And Services Overview

  •    Inventory Items-Part 1

  •    Inventory Items-Part 2

  •    Company Services

  •    Assemblies and Prices

  •    Purchase Orders

  •    Receiving Inventory Shipping And Tracking

  •    Inventory Count And Adjustments

  •    Inventory Reports

  •    Inventory Review

Module 4: Employee

  •    Employees And Payroll Overview

  •    Employees And Users-Part 1

  •    Employees And Users-Part 2

  •    1099's

  •    Payroll Setup

  •    Time And Expense Tickets

  •    Direct Deposit And Printing Payroll Checks

  •    Forms And Void Checks

  •    Employees Module Review

Module 5: Banking

  •    Banking Features Overview

  •    Write Checks

  •    Account Register

  •    Analysis Tools-Part 1

  •    Analysis Tools-Part 2

  •    Chart Of Accounts

  •    Receive Money And Bank Deposits-Part 1

  •    Receive Money And Bank Deposits-Part 2

  •    Enter Bills Pay Bills And Electronic Bill Pay

  •    Reconcile Accounts

  •    General Journal Entries

  •    Void Checks And Reports

  •    Banking Module Review

Module 6: Maintenance

  •    Automatic Backup

  •    BackUp Data-Part 1

  •    BackUp Data-Part 2

  •    Automatic Backup

  •    Restore Data

  •    Data Maintenance

  •    System Checks

  •    Company Maintenance

  •    Data Integrity

  •    Maintenance Review

Module 7: File Handling

  •    Attaching Documents

  •    Attaching And Managing Documents

  •    File Handling Review

Module 8: Manager

  •    Analysis Managers

  •    Cash Flow Manager-Part 1

  •    Cash Flow Manager-Part 2

  •    Cash Flow Manager-Part 3

  •    Collection Manager

  •    Payment Manager

  •    Financial Manager

  •    Manager Review

Module 9: Jobs

  •    MaintainingJobs

  •    CreatingJobs-Part 1

  •    Creating Jobs-Part 2

  •    Managing Jobs

  •    Jobs Review

Module 10: Budgets

  •    Maintain Budgets

  •    Creating And Managing Budgets-Part 1

  •    Creating And Managing Budgets-Part 2

  •    Budgets Module Review

Module 11: Charts of Accounts

  •    Maintain Chart Of Accounts

  •    Creating Accounts

  •    Accounts List-Part 1

  •    Accounts List-Part 2

  •    Chart Of Accounts Review

Module 12: Accounts Management

  •    Maintain Customers And Prospects

  •    Adding Customers And Prospects

  •    Accounts Aging

  •    Payment Methods

  •    Managing A Customer Account

  •    Accounts Management Review

Module 13: Customer Setup

  •    Customer Setup Guide

  •    Customer Setup-Part 1

  •    Customer Setup-Part 2

  •    Customer Setup-Part 3

  •    Customer Beginning Balance

  •    Customer Account Defaults

  •    Sales Tax

  •    Statement And Invoice Defaults

  •    Customer Setup Review

Module 14: Jobs Setup

  •    Jobs Setup Guide

  •    Jobs Setup

  •    Jobs Change Order

  •    Job Ledger

  •    Job Profitability Report-Part 1

  •    Job Profitability Report-Part 2

  •    Job Defaults

  •    Jobs Beginning Balances

  •    Jobs Setup Review

Module 15: Vendor Setup

  •    Vendors Setup Guide

  •    Vendor Setup-Part 1

  •    Vendor Setup-Part 2

  •    Vendor Setup-Part 3

  •    Vendor Setup-Part 4

  •    Vendor Beginning Balances

  •    Vendor Default

  •    Vendor Setup Review

Module 16: Inventory Setup

  •    Inventory And Services Items Setup

  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 1

  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 2

  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 3

  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 4

  •    Quantities On Hand

  •    Inventory And Service Items Default Setup

  •    Inventory Setup Review

Module 17: Employee Setup

  •    Employees Setup Guide

  •    Employee Payroll Settings

  •    Payroll Options Settings

  •    Company Information Setting

  •    Benefits Settings-Part 1

  •    Benefits Settings-Part 2

  •    Payroll Taxes And Place Order Settings

  •    Employee Setup

  •    Salary History Setup

  •    Employees Default Setup

  •    Employee Setup Review

Module 18: Security Setup

  •    Security Setup Guide

  •    Setup Security

  •    Set Up Users

  •    User Security Setup

  •    User List Rights And Permissions

  •    Setup Guide Next Steps

  •    Security Review

Module 19: ACTI Link

  •    Sage 50 ACT

  •    Sage ACT Link

  •    ACT Accounting Link Setup

  •    Creating And Editing Contact Links-Part 1

  •    Creating And Editing Contact Links-Part 2

  •    Creating And Editing Contact Links-Part 3

  •    Contact Link Updates Options

  •    ACT! Link Review

Module 20: Task Overview

  •    Tasks Menu

  •    Quotes Sales Orders And Proposals-Part 1

  •    Quotes Sales Orders And Proposals-Part 2

  •    Quotes Sales Orders And Proposals-Part 3

  •    Sales Invoicing And Time Expenses

  •    Shipments

  •    Receipts

  •    Finance Charges

  •    Select For Deposit

  •    Credit Memos

  •    Select For Purchase Orders-Part 1

  •    Select For Purchase Orders-Part 2

  •    Bills And Payments-Part 1

  •    Bills And Payments-Part 2

  •    Account Register

  •    Time And Expense

  •    Select For Payroll Entry

  •    General Journal Entry

  •    Asemblies

  •    Account Reconciliation And Void Checks

  •    Write Letters And Action Items

  •    System Tasks

  •    Tasks Overview Review

Module 21: Forms, Reports, and Recap

  •    Reports And Forms

  •    Form Types And Sample Forms-Part 1

  •    Form Types And Sample Forms-Part 2

  •    Form Types And Sample Forms-Part 3

  •    Reports-Part 1

  •    Reports-Part 2

  •    Reports-Part 3

  •    Reports-Part 4

  •    Reports-Part 5

  •    Services

  •    Program Review

Quickbooks Premier 2014 Course Content

Module 1: Intro and Setup

  •    Intro To Quickbooks

  •    Setup Quickbooks

Module 2: Tools

  •    Tools-Part 1

  •    Tools-Part 2

  •    Tools-Part 3

Module 3: Preferences

  •    Preferences

  •    Email Preferences

Module 4: Security & Users

  •    Security And Users

Module 5: Estimates

  •    Estimates

Module 6: Sales Orders

  •    Sales And Orders

Module 7: Receiving Money

  •    Account Receivable

  •    Batch Invoicing

  •    Customer Deposits

Module 8: Bounced Checks

  •    Bounced Checks

Module 9: Specific Tracking

  •    Vehicle Mileage

  •    Class Tracking Transactions

Module 10: Receiving and Depositing

  •    Receiving Payments

  •    Making Deposits

Module 11: Credit Cards and Bank Accounts

  •    Credit Cards

  •    Bank Accounts

Module 12: Payroll

  •    Payroll Preferences

  •    Employee Setup

  •    Processing Payroll

  •    Payroll Tax Forms

  •    Job Costing With Payroll

  •    Payroll Setup Advance

  •    Workers Compensation

Module 13: Transactions

  •    Special Transactions

  •    Memorized Transactions

Module 14: Accounts and Reports

  •    Other Account Types

  •    Quickbooks Reporting

  •    Advance Reporting

  •    Budgets And Forecast

Module 15: Integrating with Word

  •    Writing Letters In Microsoft Word

Module 16: Data Types

  •    Converting Importing And Exporting

  •    Quickooks Backup Data Integrity

  •    Multi-Currencies

Module 17: Conclusion

  •    Advance Features

  •    Update Or Upgrade

  •    Summary Of Quickbooks

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Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle



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Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle

Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle
Accounting and Bookkeeping Training Bundle
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