Harassment in the Workplace – Compliance Training

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In this Harassment In The Workplace, you will gain an understanding of your legal obligations and the vital role that each individual plays in maintaining a workplace free from harassment. We’ll cover relevant laws related to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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Course Description

Preventing Discrimination & Harassment in the Workplace

Every person has the right to work in a peaceful atmosphere and remains free from any form of Harassment, irrespective of their Workplace or organization. Employers are obligated to guarantee a safe and respectful environment for employees by educating them about their critical role in preventing workplace bullying. Creating an all-inclusive environment begins with this essential education process.

Harassment in the Workplace – Compliance Training

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace cost organizations dearly, negatively impacting everyone inside. With this course, employees are educated on their legal obligations and how they can contribute to an environment free of Harassment. This way, we all get to enjoy a safe and productive workspace. This course will review the legal framework that governs discrimination, Harassment and retaliation. Through interactive case studies and module discussions, you'll learn what constitutes these behaviors, comprehend your duties as an employee in preventing them, and explore various examples of all three topics. As a result, this knowledge will enable us to create safe workspaces for everyone involved.

What you will learn in our Harassment in the Workplace training:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of types of Harassment in the Workplace
  • Understand federal and state laws of Harassment and implications.
  • Apply concepts to recognize Harassment and prevent it in the Workplace.

This course is intended for any student or employer that requires annual training to meet federal guidelines and students who wish to enter any workplace such as offices, warehouses, etc.

Become Familiar with Harassment Compliance Training: Here's What You Need to Know.

To reduce their liability to harassment claims, companies must provide effective anti-harassment training for employees and managers, encourage staff to report any incidents they experience or observe, thoroughly investigate all complaints brought forward, and implement corrective action whenever necessary. This is a directive given by the US Supreme Court.

A recent survey from Stop Street Harassment reveals that 81% of women and 43% of men have been victims to workplace harassment. To guarantee secure job settings, effort must be taken to prevent all forms of discrimination, violence and sexual advances in the work place – whether verbal or physical. Employers are morally obligated and legally responsible for providing a safe workspace, as this is connected with employment law compliance. It's essential we take action now to ensure every employee feels safe at their job site.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is something that no company should take lightly. Not only can such lawsuits cause a significant financial burden, but they also have detrimental effects on morale and one's reputation. Fortunately, digital workplace compliance training programs provide an effective solution to prevent such unfortunate outcomes while simultaneously fostering a healthy work atmosphere that does not tolerate any forms of gender or racial discrimination.

The EEOC's Suggestions for Harassment Compliance Training

The EEOC, the federal organization in the United States responsible for enforcing anti-discrimination laws in relation to employment, was established to protect job applicants and employees. Aside from litigating discrimination cases, a large portion of their job consists of lobbying to prevent Harassment through research, community involvement, and the creation of informational resources for the public.

The agency consistently stressed the importance of having and consistently enforcing anti-harassment policies in companies. According to a study conducted by the EEOC Selected Task Force on the Research of Harassment in the Workplace, there are several proposals for managing Harassment, such as providing harassment awareness training.

Harassment Compliance Training

The EEOC was mindful of reports from employers and trainers, despite the need for additional scientific evidence about the best way to implement training to prevent Harassment. This practical information revealed that compliance training is a critical component of any effort to prevent Harassment. However, more than simply giving training with follow-up is required. For greater effectiveness, it should be used as part of a larger strategy for resolving the issue rather than being deployed as an isolated solution.

Your Training Instructor

Wendy Bell

Wendy Bell


Wendy Wendy is a certified coder with accreditation through AAPC. She has worded in healthcare for twenty plus years and has worked in multiple specialties such as Radiology, family practice, chiropractic, OB/ Gyn, Orthopedics and more. She has been an active member of her local AAPC chapter and served as Vice President and Member Education roles. Wendy not only educates; she continues to in the field daily as a consultant to help providers find cash flow problems and get them resolved quickly.

Personally, she lives in Naples, Maine during the summer months and Florida in the winter, giving her the best of both worlds. She has two grown daughters and a sweet granddaughter. In her free time she enjoys camping, travel and a giant Patriots fan .

Course Outline

Harassment in the Workplace Course Outline

Module 1: Basic Protections
  •    Basic Protections
Module 2: Sexual Harassment
  •    Sexual Harassment
Module 3: Other Harassment
  •    Other Harassment
Module 4: Laws and Cases
  •    Laws
  •    Cases
Module 5: Recognize and Prevention
  •    Recognize and Prevention
Harassment in the Workplace - Compliance Training
Harassment in the Workplace – Compliance Training


In this Harassment In The Workplace, you will gain an understanding of your legal obligations and the vital role that each individual plays in maintaining a workplace free from harassment. We’ll cover relevant laws related to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

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