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Cloud Training Courses

Our cloud training courses will provided you with video content covering cloud services and virtualization using Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
29  Training Hours
Cloud Training Courses
269 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
37  Topics
Prep Questions
222 Prep Questions
Cloud Training Courses

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Learn Azure, Google Cloud and AWS in our Cloud training courses

As the cloud computing industry continues to grow, understanding its concepts, purpose, and use cases will become an increasingly valuable skill for both IT and non-IT professionals. Our Flexible learning schedule cloud training courses will provided you with video content covering cloud services and virtualization. Whether you are looking at migrating your internal infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or keeping your infrastructure in-house and expanding via virtualization, this bundle is for you.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Our AZ-900 Azure fundamentals certification course will teach you the technical knowledge on how to use Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud solution. This introductory-level course prepares students for the AZ-900 certification exam and will go over exam objectives such as Cloud computing fundamentals, threats, compute, networking, Databases, Azure solutions, Administration, pricing and service level agreements, Azure Active Directory and more.

Google Cloud Platform Certification Training

If you’re eager to go for your GCP Certification or simply want to gain in-depth knowledge about Google Cloud Platform DevOps services, our Google Cloud Platform Certification Training is right up your alley. Our course instructor Joe Holbrook recommends that students have some prior experience before joining the program, however it’s still novice-friendly and accessible. So don’t wait – join now and get certified as a top notch expert cloud engineer with in-depth knowledge cloud computing skills.

AWS Cloud Practitioner

This AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course is designed for anyone in AWS Solutions Architects, Developers, application architect, Cloud Engineer, Admins, Networking, Cloud Practitioners or Big Data Experts roles as well as anyone who wants to enhance their cloud fluency learn more about the AWS Cloud Platform.

To view more information about each of our Cloud training courses, visit the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloud Training Courses

What kind of content is covered in ITU’s cloud training courses?

The cloud training courses from ITU covers a wide range of topics related to cloud services and virtualization. This includes training on popular cloud platforms like Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. The courses are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing concepts, purposes, and use cases. They’re great for both IT and non-IT professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

I’m interested in specific platform certifications. Can these courses help?

Absolutely! If you’re looking to get certified, ITU has specific courses for Azure and Google Cloud Platform certifications. The Azure fundamentals certification course (AZ-900) prepares you for the exam with topics like cloud computing fundamentals, Azure solutions, Active Directory, and more. The Google Cloud Platform Certification Training is recommended for students with some prior experience but is still beginner-friendly

How much content can I expect from these courses?

ITU’s cloud training courses offer a hefty amount of content. You can expect around 29 training hours, 269 videos, 37 topics, and 222 practice questions. It’s a comprehensive package designed to give you in-depth knowledge and practice.

How do cloud training courses benefit me in my professional life?

Learning about the cloud and its applications can be a game-changer for your career. As more organizations move to the cloud, they need trained professionals who can navigate this new landscape. Cloud training equips you with the skills to build applications in the cloud and make the most of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) models. Whether you’re an IT professional or someone less tech-savvy, there are course options for different skill levels.

What if I’m not sure about committing to the course right away?

No worries! ITU offers 7 free days of access to their All Access Monthly Subscription with no obligation. You can explore the course content during this period and decide if it’s the right fit for you. Plus, you can cancel anytime if you change your mind​.

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Course Outline

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Certification Training Course Content

Module 1: Course Overview

  •    Course Overview

  •    Course PreReqs

Module 2: DevOps Basics

  •    DevOps Fundamentals

  •    What is DevOps

  •    What are Pipelines

  •    Continuous Integration and Delivery

  •    Continuous Deployment

  •    Whiteboard Build Services

  •    Demo - DevOps Services on GCP

Module 3: App Engine PaaS

  •    App Engine

  •    App Engine Basics

  •    App Engine Demo

  •    App Engine Security Scanner Demo

  •    App Engine or Kubenetes Engine

Module 4: Kubenetes Engine Overview

  •    Kubenetes Engine

  •    Kubernetes Basics

  •    What is Kubenetes Engine

  •    Demo - Kubenetes Engine Clusters Demo

  •    Kubenetes Engine Application Demo

  •    Kubenetes Engine Whiteboard

Module 5: DevOps Developer Tools

  •    DevOps Services & Tools

  •    Demo - Cloud SDK

  •    Demo - Cloud Shell

  •    Demo - Cloud Build

  •    Demo - Container Registry

  •    Demo - Cloud Source Repositories

  •    Demo - Private Catalog

  •    Demo - Artifact Registry

Module 6: Microservices

  •    Microservices

  •    Demo - Cloud Watch

  •    Cloud Functions-Cloud Run

  •    Demo - Cloud Functions

  •    Demo - Cloud Run

Module 7: Management of your DevOps Services

  •    Management and Monitoring

  •    Cloud Operations

  •    Demo - Cloud Operations

  •    Service Accounts

  •    Cloud Endpoints and Apigee

  •    Demo - Workflows and Cloud Tasks

  •    Demo - Recommendation Engine

  •    Infrastructure as Code (IaaC)

  •    Deployment Manager

  •    Demo - Deployment Manager

  •    Demo - Cloud Marketplace

Module 8: Resources and Closeout

  •    Resources and Closeout

  •    Course Summary

  •    DevOps Roles and Salary Demand

  •    Additional Resources

  •    Google Cloud Platform Certification

  •    Course Closeout

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

  •    Welcome

  •    Why Cloud Computing

  •    What is Cloud Computing

  •    Cloud Computing Deployment Models

  •    Cloud Computing Types

  •    AWS Cloud Overview

  •    AWS Management Console Walk-Through

  •    AWS Shared Responsibility

  •    Summary

Module 2: Identity and Access Management IAM

  •    IAM Overview

  •    IAM Users & Groups Hands-On

  •    IAM Policies Hands-On

  •    MFA Overview

  •    MFA Hands-On

  •    AWS CLI

  •    AWS CLI Installation Hands-On

  •    AWS CLI Hands-On

  •    IAM Roles

  •    IAM Roles Hands-On

  •    IAM Security Tools

  •    IAM Security Tools Hands-On

  •    IAM Best Practices

  •    Shared Responsibility Model for IAM

  •    IAM Summary

Module 3: Elastic Cloud Computing EC2

  •    Budget Setup

  •    EC2 Overview

  •    EC2 Instance Hands-On

  •    Security Groups

  •    Security Groups Hands-On

  •    SSH Overview

  •    SSH Using Putty-Windows

  •    SSH Using CMD-Windows

  •    EC2 Instance Connect

  •    EC2 Instance Roles

  •    EC2 Launch Types

  •    Shared Responsibility Model for EC2

  •    EC2 Summary

Module 4: EC2 Storage

  •    Intro to EC2 Instance Storage

  •    EBS Volume Overview

  •    EBS Volume Hands-On

  •    EBS Snapshots

  •    EBS Snapshots Hands-On

  •    AMI Overview

  •    AMI Hands-On

  •    EC2 Instance Store

  •    EC2 Instance Store Hands-On

  •    Elastic File System - EFS

  •    Shared responsibility Model for EC2 Storage

  •    Section Cleanup

  •    EC2 Instance Storage Summary

Module 5: Elastic Load Balancer and Auto Scaling Group ELB and ESG

  •    Introduction to Scalability & High-Availability

  •    High Availability, Scalability and Elasticity

  •    ELB Overview

  •    ELB Hands-On

  •    ASG Overview

  •    ASG Hands-On

  •    Section Cleanup

  •    Summary

Module 6: Amazon S3

  •    S3 Introduction

  •    S3 Overview

  •    S3 Hands-On

  •    S3 Security

  •    S3 Bucket Policies Hands-On

  •    S3 Websites

  •    S3 Website Hands-On

  •    S3 Versioning

  •    S3 Versioning Hands-On

  •    S3 Access Logs

  •    S3 Access Logs Hands-On

  •    S3 Replication

  •    S3 Replication Hands-On

  •    S3 Storage Classes

  •    Snowball, Snowball Edge and SnowMobile

  •    S3 Summary

Module 7: Database and Analytics

  •    Database Introduction

  •    RDS & Aurora Overview

  •    RDS Database Hands-On

  •    ElastiCache Overview

  •    DynamoDB Overview

  •    DynamoDB Hands-On

  •    RedShift Overview

  •    Amazon EMR Overview

  •    Athena Overview

  •    AWS Glue

  •    DMS Overview

  •    Database & Analytics Summary

Module 8: Other Services

  •    Other Compute Introduction

  •    ECS-Fargate-ECR Overview

  •    What is Serverless

  •    AWS Lambda

  •    AWS Lambda Hands-On

  •    AWS Batch

  •    AWS LightSail

  •    AWS LightSail Hands-On

  •    Other Compute Summary

Module 9: Scaling Your Infrastructure

  •    CloudFormation Overview

  •    Cloud Formation Hands-On

  •    Elastic Beanstalk Overview

  •    Elastic Beanstalk Hands-On

  •    AWS CodeDeploy

  •    AWS SSM

  •    AWS OpsWorks

  •    Infrastructure at Scale Summary

Module 10: Global Applications

  •    Why Global Application

  •    Route 53

  •    Route 53 Hands-On

  •    CloudFront

  •    CloudFront Hands-On

  •    S3 Transfer Acceleration

  •    AWS Global Aceelerator

  •    Global Application Summary

Module 11: Cloud Integration

  •    Cloud Integration Introduction

  •    SQS Service

  •    SQS Service Hands-On

  •    SNS Service

  •    SNS Service Hands-On

  •    Cloud Integration Summary

Module 12: Cloud Monitoring

  •    CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms

  •    CloudWatch Metrics and Alarms Hands-On

  •    CloudWatch Logs

  •    CloudWatch Events and EventBridge

  •    CloudWatch Events and EventBridge Hands-On

  •    CloudTrail

  •    X-Ray

  •    Service Health Dashboard

  •    Personal Health Dashboard

  •    Monitoring Summary

Module 13: Virtual Private Network

  •    Settings the Expectations

  •    VPC and subnets, Internet Gateway and NAT Gateways

  •    VPC and subnets, Internet Gateway and NAT Gateways-Hands-On

  •    NACL and Security Groups

  •    NACL and Security Groups Hands-On

  •    VPC Flow Logs

  •    VPC Peering

  •    VPC Flow Logs and VPC Peering Hands-On

  •    VPC Endpoints

  •    VPC Endpoints Hands-On

  •    Site-to-Site VPNs and Direct Connect

  •    Transit Gateway

  •    VPC Summary

Module 14: Security and Compliance

  •    Introduction to Security and Compliance

  •    DDoS Mitigration

  •    Penetration Testing

  •    KMS and CloudHSM

  •    Secrets Manager

  •    AWS Artifact

  •    GuardDuty

  •    Inspector

  •    AWS Config

  •    AWS Macie

  •    Security and Compliance Summary

Module 15: Machine Learning

  •    Amazon Rekognition

  •    Amazon Transcribe

  •    Amazon Polly

  •    Amazon Translate

  •    Amazon Lex and Connect

  •    Amazon Comprehend

  •    Amazon SageMaker

  •    Machine Learning Summary

Module 16: Advanced Identity

  •    Amazon Cognito

  •    Directory Services

  •    Single Sign-On (SSO)

  •    Advanced Identity Summary

Module 17: Are You Well Architected?

  •    Are You Well Architected

  •    Operational Excellence

  •    Security

  •    Reliability

  •    Performance Efficiency

  •    Cost Optimization

  •    Trusted Advisor

Module 18: Congratulations & Exam Preparation

  •    Exam Tips & Congratulations

Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

  •    Instructor Introduction

  •    Course Overview

  •    Expectations

Module 2: Cloud Fundamentals

  •    What is the Cloud

  •    Basic Terms

  •    Types of cloud computing

  •    Cloud Service Models

Module 3: Azure’s Architecture

  •    Regions and Availability

  •    Resource Groups and Management

  •    Azure Marketplace

  •    Demo- Azure Console Exploration

Module 4: Compute

  •    Virtual Machines

  •    Containers

  •    Demo - Containers

  •    Functions

  •    Demo - Functions

  •    Windows Virtual Desktop and App Services

Module 5: Networking and CDN

  •    Virtual Networks

  •    Load Balancers

  •    Gateways

  •    Content Delivery Network

  •    Network Security

  •    Demo - Connecting two VMs

Module 6: Storage

  •    Storage

  •    Big Data and Analytics

  •    Databases

  •    Demo - SQL Database

  •    Database Migration

Module 7: Azure Solutions

  •    IoT

  •    Demo - IoT Hub

  •    AI

  •    Serverless Computing

Module 8: Administration

  •    Security

  •    Identity and Access Management

  •    Demo - Adding Users and Groups

  •    Governance

  •    Demo - Resource Locks

  •    Privacy and Compliance

Module 9: Pricing and Service Level Agreements

  •    Managing Costs

  •    Demo - Pricing Calculator

  •    Service Level Agreements and Service Lifecycles

Module 10: Exam Preparation

  •    Exam Layout

  •    Best Practices and Study Tips

  •    Overview and Conclusion

Module 11: Review Questions

  •    Module 11 pt 1

  •    Module 11 pt 2

  •    Module 11 pt 3

  •    Module 11 pt 4

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  1. I was looking for an online course for Six Sigma as my new boss is a true believer and I wanted to have a better handle of what is Six Sigma. I started looking around and found ITU, and bought the course, and could not be happier. I have no intention of getting certified, but at least now I can speak the jargon and understand what my boss is talking about.

  2. The educators at ituonline.com are highly skilled but could improve their methods of instruction. In the CCNA 200-301 course, there’s a heavy emphasis on oral lectures, and it would be beneficial to include more in-depth visual aids. Annotating labs and graphics could also make the educational journey more effective. On the other hand, the N10-008 course instructor consistently offers top-notch material.

  3. The CompTIA PenTest was an excellent course and the instructor, Chrys, explained the material in a clear and easy way for me to understand and comprehend essential techniques. Highly recommend!

  4. This course is super detailed but not boring, and they give you cool projects to actually practice what you’re learning.

Your Training Instructors

Robert Hale

Robert Hale

IT Instructor

Robert is an Army Veteran who has been instructing in the IT training field for over a year. His experience with Microsoft spans over the past three years, but his decade of service in the military is where he gained his passion for and experience in the IT field. While he is knowledgeable in a variety of areas, Azure is Robert’s specialty.

Nadar Abdulghany

Nadar Abdulghany

AWS Instructor | CCSI Instructor | NetApp Instructor

Nader is a solutions architect, consultant, and instructor. He specializes in cloud computing and automation (SDA, ACI, SD-WAN, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Viptela), collaboration, telepresence, video conferencing, data center solutions, service provider technologies, routing and switching, system programming, DEVNET, and storage solutions. Training topics he covers include AWS, CCSI, and NetApp. Nader is passionate about learning new solutions. This passion carried him through his education and work experience. It remains with him and there is certainly yet more to learn, yet more problems to solve, and yet more to build.

Joe Holbrook

Joe Holbrook

Independent Trainer | Consultant | Author

Joe Holbrook has been in the IT field since 1993 when he was exposed to several HPUX systems on board a U.S. Navy flagship. He has migrated from UNIX world to Storage Area Networking(SAN), Enterprise Virtualization, Cloud Architectures, and now specializing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He previously worked for numerous companies like HDS, 3PAR, Brocade, HP, EMC, Northrup Grumman, ViON, Ibasis.net, Chematch.com, SAIC and Siemens Nixdorf.

Currently he works as a Subject Matter Expert specializing in Enterprise Cloud and Blockchain Technologies. He is the CLO of Techcommanders.com Elearning and consulting, He holds numerous IT certifications from AWS, GCP, HDS and other organizations.

He is an avid speaker and well-known course author residing in Jacksonville, Florida.

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