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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.


From web developing to software developing, we show you the tools you need by showing you the way step by step.


Learn about your viewers. Track analytics, ads, SEO, and much more. Learn how to show your content to the world.

Network Management

Network management is a job that ensures computer systems and all related services are working well within a network.

Average salaries for IT fields in 2022

  • Cloud Architect Average salary: $137,265

    A cloud architect designs optimizes and analyzes cloud networks. With many organizations today committing to large-scale hybrid architectures, cloud architects can have their job cut out for them. Today, a single organization may have up to 200 different software-as-a-service cloud platforms, all of which need to be secured and integrated.

  • IT Security Manager Average salary: $125,739

    “Information security and cyber security jobs are currently some of the the best paying IT jobs in the market. The growing complexity, frequency, and intensity of cybersecurity risks make these roles an absolute necessity for all firms.

  • Data Architect Average salary: $115,256

    “Cloud database administrators can easily earn six-figure salaries because they’re in hot demand. Companies that adopted the cloud have been gathering more data than they did in the past.

  • DevOps Engineer Average salary: $105,569

    Forget about Agile, it’s all about DevOps. A DevOps engineer is a computer engineer/IT specialist who specializes in continuous integration/continuous delivery processes.

  • Full-Stack Developer Average salary: $99,565

    Full-stack developers work on both front-end and back-end programming. They are able to develop a web application or mobile application from start to finish—and because of that versatility, they are very prized.

  • Database Administrator Average salary: $83,298

    With room for a lot of growth, a database administrator will usually start at an entry-level around $45,000, but an experienced database administrator can make on average $80,000+. Go into database administration if you’re interested in becoming a database architect, data scientist, or big data engineer.