Microsoft 70-465: Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server


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Course overview


This course prepares students for the Microsoft 70-465 Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 exam. The course teaches students how to plan and implement enterprise database infrastructure solutions by using SQL Server 2012 and other Microsoft technologies. The course describes how to consolidate SQL Server workloads, work with both on-premises and Microsoft Azure cloud-based solutions, and how to plan and implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions.

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Microsoft 70-465: Designing Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Course Outline

Module 1: Designing A Database Server Infrastructure
  •    Introduction
  •    Designing A Database Server Infrastructure-Part1
  •    Designing A Database Server Infrastructure-Part2
  •    Designing A Database Server Infrastructure-Part3
  •    Designing A Database Server Infrastructure-Part4
  •    Considerations For Database Server Consolidation
  •    Managing Server Resources
Module 2: Designing A Logical Database Scheme
  •    Designing A Logical Database Scheme-Part1
  •    Designing A Logical Database Scheme-Part2
  •    Designing A Logical Database Scheme-Part3
  •    Designing A Logical Database Scheme-Part4
  •    Designing A Logical Database Scheme-Part5
Module 3: Designing A Physical Database Implementation
  •    Designing A Physical Database Implementation-Part1
  •    Designing A Physical Database Implementation-Part2
  •    Designing A Physical Database Implementation-Part3
Module 4: Incorporating Data Files Into the Database
  •    Incorporating Data Files Into The Database-Part1
  •    Incorporating Data Files Into The Database-Part2
  •    Incorporating Data Files Into The Database-Part3
  •    Incorporating Data Files Into The Database Demo
  •    Searching Data Files
  •    Searching Data Files Demo
Module 5: Tuning Database Performance
  •    Tuning Database Performance-Part1
  •    Tuning Database Performance-Part2
  •    Tuning Database Performance-Part3
  •    Working With Query Plans-Part1
  •    Working With Query Plans-Part2
  •    Working With Query Plans-Part3
  •    Working With Query Plans-Part4
Module 6: Designing Database Security
  •    Designing Database Security-Part1
  •    Designing Database Security-Part2
  •    Contained Databases
  •    Protecting Data With Encryption
Module 7: Policy Based Management
  •    Policy Based Management
  •    Policy Based Management Demo
Module 8: Monitoring Server Health
  •    Monitoring Server Health
  •    Monitoring Server Health Demo
Module 9: Designing Database Backup Solution
  •    Designing Database Backup Solution-Part1
  •    Designing Database Backup Solution-Part2
  •    Designing Database Backup Solution-Part3
  •    Designing Database Backup Solution-Part4
  •    Disaster Recovery Plan-Part1
  •    Disaster Recovery Plan-Part2
Module 10: Automating Multi Server Maintenance
  •    Automating Multi Server Maintenance
  •    Managing Multiple Servers
Module 11: Managing SQL Server With Windows Powershell
  •    Managing SQL Server WIth Windows Powershell
  •    Windows Powershell Lab
Module 12: Replicating Data
  •    Replicating Data-Part1
  •    Replicating Data-Part2
  •    Replicating Data-Part3
Module 13: Planning High Availability
  •    Planning High Availability-Part1
  •    Planning High Availability-Part2
Module 14: Review of SQL Statements
  •    Review Of SQL Statements-Part1
  •    Review Of SQL Statements-Part2
  •    Review Of SQL Statements-Part3
Module 15: Eleven Rules of Database Design
  •    Eleven Rules Of Database Design
  •    Conclusion
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