Microsoft 70-646 Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator


This course prepares students for the 70-646 MCITP: Server Administrator certification exam. and is intended for IT Professionals who are interested in the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and implement a Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.

This course incorporates both the planning of the server infrastructure and key aspects of the implementation, management and maintenance of Active Directory and Network Infrastructure.

It covers the most important job tasks for Server Administrators who are responsible for the planning, operations, and day-to-day maintenance of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 servers in the enterprise.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Planning Server Deployment
  •  Introduction
  •  Overview Of Windows Server 2008 Deployment-Part1
  •  Overview Of Windows Server 2008 Deployment-Part2
  •  Overview Of Windows Server 2008 Deployment-Part3
  •  Overview Of Windows Server 2008 Deployment-Part4
  •  Identifying Windows Server 2008 Compatibility Issues
  •  Developing A Deployment Plan-Part1
  •  Developing A Deployment Plan-Part2
  •  Planning The Server Decommissioning
  •  Commissioning Windows 2008 Server
  •  Planning Server Deployment Summary
Module 2: Automating Server Deployment
  •  Understanding Deployment Options-Part1
  •  Understanding Deployment Options-Part2
  •  Windows Automated Installation Kit-Part1
  •  Windows Automated Installation Kit-Part2
  •  Windows Automated Installation Kit-Part3
  •  Working With Images
  •  Using Windows Deployment Services-Part1
  •  Using Windows Deployment Services-Part2
  •  Using Windows Deployment Services-Part3
  •  Using Windows Deployment Services-Part4
  •  Automating Server Activation
  •  Automating Server Deployment Summary
Module 3: Planning for Server Management
  •  Introduction To Server Management
  •  Remote Server Management-Part1
  •  Remote Server Management-Part2
  •  Remote Server Management-Part3
  •  Decentralizing Server Management-Part1
  •  Decentralizing Server Management-Part2
  •  Planning For Server Management Summary
Module 4: Planning the Network Infrastructure
  •  Planning An IPv4 Addressing Scheme-Part1
  •  Planning An IPv4 Addressing Scheme-Part2
  •  Planning An IPv4 Addressing Scheme-Part3
  •  Planning An IPv6 Transition
  •  Planning The DHCP Infrastructure-Part1
  •  Planning The DHCP Infrastructure-Part2
  •  Planning DHCP Configuration
  •  Planning The Network Infrastructure Summary
Module 5: Planning Name Resolution Services
  •  Gathering Information For The Name Resolution Design-Part1
  •  Gathering Information For The Name Resolution Design-Part2
  •  Designing A DNS Server Strategy-Part1
  •  Designing A DNS Server Strategy-Part2
  •  Designing DNS Zone Implementations-Part1
  •  Designing DNS Zone Implementations-Part2
  •  Optimizing DNS Servers
  •  Designing DNS For High Availability And Security
  •  Designing A WINS Name Resolution Strategy
  •  Planning Name Resolution Services Summary
Module 6: Planning File and Print Services
  •  Planning File Services-Part1
  •  Planning File Services-Part2
  •  Planning File Services-Part3
  •  Planning File Services-Part4
  •  Planning File Services-Part5
  •  Planning For Storage Management
  •  Planning Print Services-Part1
  •  Planning Print Services-Part2
  •  Planning Print Services-Part3
  •  Planning File And Print Services Summary
Module 7: Planning Active Directory Domain Services
  •  Planning ADDS Forests
  •  Planning ADDS Domains
  •  Planning ADDS Physical Structure-Part1
  •  Planning ADDS Physical Structure-Part2
  •  Planning Administrative Structures
  •  Planning ADDS Maintenance Strategies
  •  Planning Group Policy Implementations-Part1
  •  Planning Group Policy Implementations-Part2
  •  Planning Group Policy Implementations-Part3
  •  Planning Group Policy Implementations-Part4
  •  Planning ADDS Summary
Module 8: Planning Active Directory Certificate Services
  •  Overview Of PublicKey Infrastructure And ADCS-Part1
  •  Overview Of PublicKey Infrastructure And ADCS-Part2
  •  Designing Certificate Authority Hierarchy
  •  Design Certificate Template
  •  Designing Certificate Distribution And Revocation
  •  Planning AD Certificate Servers
Module 9: Planning High Availability
  •  Overview Of High Availability
  •  Planning Network Load Balancing
  •  Planning Failover Clustering-Part1
  •  Planning Failover Clustering-Part2
  •  Planning High Availability Summary
Module 10: Planning Backups For Windows Server
  •  Planning Backups For Windows Server-Part1
  •  Planning Backups For Windows Server-Part2
  •  Planning A Backup Policy
  •  Planning Restore Policies For Windows Server 2008
  •  Planning Business Continuity Summary
Module 11: Planning Server Monitoring and Maintenance
  •  Planning Server Monitoring-Part1
  •  Planning Server Monitoring-Part2
  •  Planning Server Maintenance
  •  Planning Server Monitoring And Maintenance Summary
  •  Conclusion
Microsoft 70-646 Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator

13 Hours 24 Minutes

90 Course Videos

58 Test Questions

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