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Beyond Selling


Beyond Selling is like no other sales training program. Unlike all other sales training programs that teach process and focus on each stage of the sales process, Beyond Selling assumes you have mastered your process and you are looking for a breakthrough with your results. Beyond Selling will be the most challenging but rewarding sales training you have ever experienced. As you become immersed in the course, you will begin to see areas of your process that just don’t produce results. Beyond Selling will focus on your ‘blind spots’ and open your eyes to a new way to approach a sale. Beyond Selling is all about results. This course will transform your career and provide you with an income potential most sales professions only dream of.

Course Outline

Module 1: Causing Listening
  •  1.1 Course Overview
  •  1.2 Distinction vs Definition
  •  1.3 Course Requests and Considerations
  •  1.4 What Everyone On the Planet Listens For
  •  1.5 Listening For vs Listening To
  •  1.6 Attention Follows Intention
  •  1.7 Upsets, Breakdowns, and Causing Listening
Module 2: The Power of Your Word
  •  2.1 Speaking
  •  2.2 Talking “About” vs Talking “For”
  •  2.3 Speaking From Where The Listening Is Coming From
  •  2.4 Agreement vs Disagreement
  •  2.5 Belief System vs Someone’s Beliefs
Module 3: Human Beings vs Human Doings
  •  3.1 Introduction to Being vs Doing
  •  3.2 Personal Core Values
  •  3.3 Managing The Existence Of Yourself As…
  •  3.4 Time Travel
  •  3.5 Commitment vs Attachment
Beyond Selling

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