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Sage 50 Certification Course

This Sage 50 Course will give you skills ranging from configuration of chart of accounts & invoicing all the way through advanced skills such as bank reconciliation, setting up a stock system and managing P&L’s. This course will give you all the training you need to work all areas of your accounts. You’ll have complete skills in sales and purchase order processing, alongside stock control, project management and foreign trading tools.

Included In This Course

Sage 50 Certification Course
9 Hrs 60 Min
215 On-demand Videos
Closed Captions

Closed Captions

Course Topics
21  Topics
Question & Answers
48 Prep Questions
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

ITU’s Sage 50 Certification Course is in preparation for the Sage 50 certification exam. This Sage 50 course is the perfect course for those trying to expand their knowledge in accounting, or those looking for an entrance point to attain a position in the field. Sage 50 certification is a staple in the accounting industry and one of the most desirable accounting certifications.

Sage 50 Accounting has earned their reputation in the accounting field with superior inventory management features and a robust software program to manage almost any companies accounting infrastructure. Sage 50 does more than just assist users in managing day to day accounting tasks. It’s a feature-rich program that allows accounting professionals to run a company’s books in a timely and efficient manner.

This Sage 50 Training Course will give the student skills ranging from configuration of charts of accounts and invoicing, all the way through advanced skills such as bank reconciliation, customer management, Customer Payments, setting up a stock system, Sage Payroll, and managing P&L’s

Our course gives students all of the training they need to work in all areas of their accounts. Students will have complete skills in sales and purchase, order processing, alongside stock control, project management, and foreign trading tools.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sage 50 Certification Course

What can I expect to learn from the Sage 50 Certification Course?

This online training course is designed to equip you with a wide range of skills necessary for managing accounts using the Sage 50 software. This includes configuration of chart of accounts, invoicing, bank reconciliation, setting up a stock system, managing profit and loss accounts, and more. Additionally, you’ll gain skills in sales and purchase order processing, stock control, project management, and utilizing foreign trading tools.

What does the course material include?

The training course provides 9 hours of training and includes 215 on-demand videos with closed captions. You’ll cover 21 topics and have the chance to test your knowledge with 48 prep questions. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate to showcase your accomplishment​

What’s the course structure like? How is it organized?

The online course is organized into 21 modules, each focusing on a different aspect of Sage 50. Some of these include Sage 50 basics, inventory, employee setup, banking, maintenance, file handling, budgeting, and security setup. Each module delves into specific topics and ends with a review section to reinforce your learning.

Who is this training course best suited for?

This course is a great fit for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in accounting or those seeking an entrance point to a position in the accounting field. If you’re an accounting professional aiming to run a company’s books in a timely and efficient manner, this course can be particularly beneficial for you​.

What are the benefits of Sage 50 Certification?

Sage 50 Certification is a highly valued credential in the accounting industry. It not only validates your proficiency in the Sage 50 software, but also demonstrates your ability to handle a company’s accounting infrastructure effectively. This could potentially enhance your employability and open up new job opportunities in the field of accounting.

How will this course help me in managing a company’s accounts?

The Sage 50 Certification Course offers comprehensive training to manage all areas of accounts. It covers everything from basic account setup to advanced tasks like bank reconciliation and profit & loss management. By the end of this course, you will be proficient in managing day-to-day accounting tasks, and you will also have a thorough understanding of Sage 50’s feature-rich program that aids in effective company account management.

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Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion to help validate to others your new skills.
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Sage 50 Course Content

Module 1: Sage 50 2013

  •    Course Overview-Part1
  •    Course Overview-Part2
  •    Course Overview-Part3
  •    Course Overview-Part4
  •    New Features-Part1
  •    New Features-Part2
  •    New Features-Part3
  •    Quick Tab Menu Overview
  •    Business Status-Part1
  •    Business Status-Part2
  •    Customer And Sales
  •    Vendors And Purchases
  •    Inventory And Services
  •    Employees And Services
  •    Banking
  •    System-Part 1
  •    System-Part2
  •    Quick Tab Menu Review
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part1
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part 2
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part3
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part 4
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part5
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part6
  •    Sage 50 Menu Overview-Part7

Module 2: Sage 50 Basics

  •    Sage 50 Available Products
  •    Accounts Payable Features
  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 1
  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 2
  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 3
  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 4
  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 5
  •    Vendors And Purchases-Part 6
  •    Accounts Payable Review
  •    Accounts Receivable Review
  •    Customer And Sales Menu
  •    Customers
  •    Jobs
  •    Sales Taxes
  •    Quotes And Proposals
  •    Sales Orders
  •    Invoices
  •    Finance Charges Basics
  •    Receive Money
  •    Bank Accounts
  •    Printing Statements
  •    Credits And Returns
  •    Accounts Receivable Report
  •    Basics Review

Module 3: Inventory

  •    Inventory And Services Overview
  •    Inventory Items-Part 1
  •    Inventory Items-Part 2
  •    Company Services
  •    Assemblies and Prices
  •    Purchase Orders
  •    Receiving Inventory Shipping And Tracking
  •    Inventory Count And Adjustments
  •    Inventory Reports
  •    Inventory Review

Module 4: Employee

  •    Employees And Payroll Overview
  •    Employees And Users-Part 1
  •    Employees And Users-Part 2
  •    1099's
  •    Payroll Setup
  •    Time And Expense Tickets
  •    Direct Deposit And Printing Payroll Checks
  •    Forms And Void Checks
  •    Employees Module Review

Module 5: Banking

  •    Banking Features Overview
  •    Write Checks
  •    Account Register
  •    Analysis Tools-Part 1
  •    Analysis Tools-Part 2
  •    Chart Of Accounts
  •    Receive Money And Bank Deposits-Part 1
  •    Receive Money And Bank Deposits-Part 2
  •    Enter Bills Pay Bills And Electronic Bill Pay
  •    Reconcile Accounts
  •    General Journal Entries
  •    Void Checks And Reports
  •    Banking Module Review

Module 6: Maintenance

  •    Automatic Backup
  •    BackUp Data-Part 1
  •    BackUp Data-Part 2
  •    Automatic Backup
  •    Restore Data
  •    Data Maintenance
  •    System Checks
  •    Company Maintenance
  •    Data Integrity
  •    Maintenance Review

Module 7: File Handling

  •    Attaching Documents
  •    Attaching And Managing Documents
  •    File Handling Review

Module 8: Manager

  •    Analysis Managers
  •    Cash Flow Manager-Part 1
  •    Cash Flow Manager-Part 2
  •    Cash Flow Manager-Part 3
  •    Collection Manager
  •    Payment Manager
  •    Financial Manager
  •    Manager Review

Module 9: Jobs

  •    MaintainingJobs
  •    CreatingJobs-Part 1
  •    Creating Jobs-Part 2
  •    Managing Jobs
  •    Jobs Review

Module 10: Budgets

  •    Maintain Budgets
  •    Creating And Managing Budgets-Part 1
  •    Creating And Managing Budgets-Part 2
  •    Budgets Module Review

Module 11: Charts of Accounts

  •    Maintain Chart Of Accounts
  •    Creating Accounts
  •    Accounts List-Part 1
  •    Accounts List-Part 2
  •    Chart Of Accounts Review

Module 12: Accounts Management

  •    Maintain Customers And Prospects
  •    Adding Customers And Prospects
  •    Accounts Aging
  •    Payment Methods
  •    Managing A Customer Account
  •    Accounts Management Review

Module 13: Customer Setup

  •    Customer Setup Guide
  •    Customer Setup-Part 1
  •    Customer Setup-Part 2
  •    Customer Setup-Part 3
  •    Customer Beginning Balance
  •    Customer Account Defaults
  •    Sales Tax
  •    Statement And Invoice Defaults
  •    Customer Setup Review

Module 14: Jobs Setup

  •    Jobs Setup Guide
  •    Jobs Setup
  •    Jobs Change Order
  •    Job Ledger
  •    Job Profitability Report-Part 1
  •    Job Profitability Report-Part 2
  •    Job Defaults
  •    Jobs Beginning Balances
  •    Jobs Setup Review

Module 15: Vendor Setup

  •    Vendors Setup Guide
  •    Vendor Setup-Part 1
  •    Vendor Setup-Part 2
  •    Vendor Setup-Part 3
  •    Vendor Setup-Part 4
  •    Vendor Beginning Balances
  •    Vendor Default
  •    Vendor Setup Review

Module 16: Inventory Setup

  •    Inventory And Services Items Setup
  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 1
  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 2
  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 3
  •    Adding And Managing Inventory And Service Items-Part 4
  •    Quantities On Hand
  •    Inventory And Service Items Default Setup
  •    Inventory Setup Review

Module 17: Employee Setup

  •    Employees Setup Guide
  •    Employee Payroll Settings
  •    Payroll Options Settings
  •    Company Information Setting
  •    Benefits Settings-Part 1
  •    Benefits Settings-Part 2
  •    Payroll Taxes And Place Order Settings
  •    Employee Setup
  •    Salary History Setup
  •    Employees Default Setup
  •    Employee Setup Review

Module 18: Security Setup

  •    Security Setup Guide
  •    Setup Security
  •    Set Up Users
  •    User Security Setup
  •    User List Rights And Permissions
  •    Setup Guide Next Steps
  •    Security Review

Module 19: ACTI Link

  •    Sage 50 ACT
  •    Sage ACT Link
  •    ACT Accounting Link Setup
  •    Creating And Editing Contact Links-Part 1
  •    Creating And Editing Contact Links-Part 2
  •    Creating And Editing Contact Links-Part 3
  •    Contact Link Updates Options
  •    ACT! Link Review

Module 20: Task Overview

  •    Tasks Menu
  •    Quotes Sales Orders And Proposals-Part 1
  •    Quotes Sales Orders And Proposals-Part 2
  •    Quotes Sales Orders And Proposals-Part 3
  •    Sales Invoicing And Time Expenses
  •    Shipments
  •    Receipts
  •    Finance Charges
  •    Select For Deposit
  •    Credit Memos
  •    Select For Purchase Orders-Part 1
  •    Select For Purchase Orders-Part 2
  •    Bills And Payments-Part 1
  •    Bills And Payments-Part 2
  •    Account Register
  •    Time And Expense
  •    Select For Payroll Entry
  •    General Journal Entry
  •    Asemblies
  •    Account Reconciliation And Void Checks
  •    Write Letters And Action Items
  •    System Tasks
  •    Tasks Overview Review

Module 21: Forms, Reports, and Recap

  •    Reports And Forms
  •    Form Types And Sample Forms-Part 1
  •    Form Types And Sample Forms-Part 2
  •    Form Types And Sample Forms-Part 3
  •    Reports-Part 1
  •    Reports-Part 2
  •    Reports-Part 3
  •    Reports-Part 4
  •    Reports-Part 5
  •    Services
  •    Program Review
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    Smooth delivery and easy access to LMS. Good to see that the LMS offers progress tracking. Would be great if badges were offered on completion of courses to share via Credly to future employers.

Sage 50 Certification Course

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