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Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8


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Course overview


This course is preparation for the Microsoft 70-688 Exam which is designed for IT professionals who configure or support Windows 8 computers, devices, users, and associated network and security resources.

The networks with which these professionals typically work are configured as domain-based or peer-to-peer environments with access to the Internet and cloud services. The IT professional could be a consultant, a full-time desktop support technician, or an IT generalist who administers Windows 8-based computers and devices as a portion of their broader technical responsibilities.

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Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction
  •    Intro To Exam 70-688
  •    Implementing A Methodology For Troubleshooting-Part1
  •    Implementing A Methodology For Troubleshooting-Part2
  •    Implementing A Methodology For Troubleshooting-Demo
Module 2: Troubleshooting Start Up Issues
  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part4
  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Demo
Module 3: ​Managing Drivers And Hardware
  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Part1
  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Part2
  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Part3
  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Demo
Module 4: Troubleshooting Remote Computers
  •    Troubleshooting Remote Computers-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Remote Computers-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Remote Computers-Part3
Module 5: Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity
  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part1
  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part2
  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part3
  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part4
  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part5
Module 6: Troubleshooting Group Policy
  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part4
Module 7: Troubleshooting User Settings
  •    Troubleshooting User Settings-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting User Settings-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting User Settings-Part3
Module 8: Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity-Part1
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity-Part2
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity-Part3
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Demo-Part1
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Demo-Part2
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Demo-Part3
Module 9: ​Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain
  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Demo
Module 10: Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Part1
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Part2
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Part3
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Demo
Module 11: Troubleshooting Applications
  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part4
  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Demo
Module 12: Maintaining Windows 8.1
  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part1
  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part2
  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part3
  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part4
  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Demo
Module 13: Recovering Windows 8.1
  •    Recovering Windows 8.1
  •    Conclusion
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