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Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

In this Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 course you will learn to install and upgrade Windows 8, configure hardware and applications, configure network connectivity, configure access to resources, configure remote access, monitor and maintain Windows clients, and configure backup and recovery options.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
18  Training Hours
Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8
71 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
16  Topics
Prep Questions
91 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Note: Although the associated examination for this course has been retired, it is a good resource for online training.

Course Description: Unlock the Potential of Windows 8

Embark on a comprehensive journey with our “Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8” course. This course is tailored for IT professionals and enthusiasts eager to delve into the intricacies of Windows 8. You’ll gain hands-on expertise in installing and upgrading Windows 8, a critical skill in the ever-evolving IT landscape. Our curriculum extends beyond installation, delving into configuring hardware, applications, and network connectivity, ensuring a robust understanding of Windows 8’s capabilities. The course also covers essential topics such as resource access configuration, remote access setup, and effective maintenance strategies for Windows clients. By the end of this course, you’ll be proficient in configuring backup and recovery options, a vital skill for safeguarding data integrity.

Course Benefits: Elevate Your IT Career

  • Comprehensive Training: With 18 hours of in-depth training and 71 on-demand videos, this course offers a thorough exploration of Windows 8 configuration.
  • Practical Skills: Learn to configure hardware, software, and network settings in Windows 8, skills highly valued in today’s IT job market.
  • Certification Preparation: Although the official Microsoft 70-687 exam is retired, this course provides an excellent foundation for IT professionals aiming to excel in Windows 8 management and support.

Who Is This Course For: Tailored for Aspiring IT Professionals

  • Ideal Candidates: This course is perfect for students aspiring to become IT professionals specializing in Windows 8, including desktop support technicians and IT generalists.
  • Career Advancement: Equip yourself with the skills to manage Windows 8 environments effectively, whether in domain-based or peer-to-peer network settings.
  • Skill Enhancement: Ideal for IT consultants and professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of Windows 8, enhancing their capabilities in administering Windows-based computers and devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

What will I learn from the Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 online course?

ou’ll learn a range of skills, including how to install and upgrade Windows 8, configure hardware and applications, network connectivity, access to resources, and remote access. You’ll also learn how to monitor and maintain Windows clients, and configure backup and recovery options.

How is this IT training course structured?

The Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 online course includes 18 training hours, 71 on-demand videos, and covers 16 topics. To help you prep, there are also 91 preparation questions. Plus, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course.

Who is this online course aimed at?

This course is ideal for students who are looking to become IT professionals. It’s geared toward those who will be configuring or supporting Windows 8 computers, devices, users, and associated network and security resources. So, if you’re a consultant, a full-time desktop support technician, or an IT generalist, this online course could be a great fit for you.

Is there a certification exam associated with this online course?

Originally, this course was designed as preparation for the Microsoft 70-687 Configuring Windows 8 certification exam. However, the exam has been retired. Despite this, the course remains a valuable online training resource for IT professionals.

Will I have access to course materials after I finish the course?

Absolutely! You’ll have on-demand access to all 71 videos included in the course, which means you can revisit the material anytime you need a refresher.

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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8 Course Content

Module 1: Installing and Deploying Windows 8.1

  •    Course Introduction

  •    Introduction To Windows

  •    Preparing To Install Windows 8.1

  •    Understanding Deployment Options Part 1

  •    Understanding Deployment Options Part 2

  •    Upgrading To Windows 8.1

  •    Migrating To Windows 8.1

  •    Automating Installations Part 1

  •    Automating Installations Part 2

  •    Automating Installations Part 3

  •    Windows Activation

Module 2: Enterprise Management in Windows 8.1

  •    Local And Management Tools Part 1

  •    Local And Management Tools Part 2

  •    Using Windows PowerShell To Manage Windows 8.1 Part 1

  •    Using Windows PowerShell To Manage Windows 8.1 Part 2

  •    Using Windows PowerShell To Manage Windows 8.1 Part 3

  •    Using Group Policy To Manage Windows 8.1

Module 3: Managing User Settings

  •    Managing User Profiles

  •    User State Virtualization

  •    User Profile Migration

Module 4: Configuring Hardware Access

  •    Managing And Maintaining HardDisk Drives Part 1

  •    Managing And Maintaining HardDisk Drives Part 2

  •    Working With Device Drivers

Module 5: Configuring Networking

  •    Configuring IPv4 Part 1

  •    Configuring IPv4 Part 2

  •    Configuring IPv4 Part 3

  •    Configuring IPv6

  •    Managing Name Resolution

  •    Configuring Wireless Connections

  •    Troubleshooting Network Connections

Module 6: Configuring Resource Access

  •    Configuring Network Access

  •    Managing File Access With NTFS

  •    Managing Shared Folders

  •    Configure And Manage Printers

  •    Providing Access To Non-Domain Devices

  •    Planning To Use One Drive

Module 7: Configuring Applications

  •    Installing And Configuring Applications

  •    Managing Apps From The Windows Store

  •    Controlling Desktop Applications

  •    Manage Internet Explorer

  •    Using Virtualisation To Support Applications

Module 8: Managing Security in Windows 8.1

  •    Overview Of Network Security

  •    Managing The Windows Firewall

  •    Malware Protection

  •    Configuring Data Security

  •    User Account Control

Module 9: Optimizing and Recovering Windows 8.1

  •    Performance Monitoring And Optimization

  •    Managing And Troubleshooting Reliability

  •    Troubleshooting With Event Viewer

  •    Managing Windows Updates

  •    Backing Up Data

  •    Recovery Options

Module 10: Mobile Computing With Windows 8.1

  •    Configuring Mobile Computer Settings

  •    Configuring VPNs

  •    Overview Of Direct Access

  •    Conclusion

Microsoft Windows 8 Power User Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting to Know PCs and the Windows 8 User Interface

  •    Introduction

  •    Identify Components of a Personal Computer

  •    Sign in to Windows 8

  •    Navigate the Desktop

Lesson 2: Using the Modern Apps and Navigation Features

  •    Using the Modern Apps and Navigation Features

Lesson 3: Working with Desktop Applications

  •    Navigate the Desktop

Lesson 4: Using Internet Explorer 10

  •    Navigate Internet Explorer 10

Lesson 5: Customizing the Windows 8 Environment

  •    Multitasking With Apps

  •    Use the Control Panel and Task Manager-Part1

  •    Use the Control Panel and Task Manager-Part2

Lesson 6: Using Windows 8 Security Features

  •    Customizing the Windows 8 Environment

  •    Security Features

  •    Using Other Windows 8 Features-Part1

  •    Using Other Windows 8 Features-Part2

  •    Using Other Windows 8 Features-Part3

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Chrys Thorsen

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Chrys Thorsen is an education and technology expert who specializes in enterprise-level IT infrastructure consulting and certified training-of-trainers. In her career, she has garnered over 50 IT Certifications including CISSP, CISA, CEHv12, PenTest+, CompTIA CNVP, Cisco CCSI/CCNP, Microsoft Cloud and on-premises technologies, VMware vSphere, and many more. She has also authored 40 published certification textbooks, and over 35 full-length IT certification video courses.

When not working in the United States, Chrys spends her time abroad capacity-building IT literacy in developing nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her client list has included: the US Federal Government, the Republic of Zambia Ministry of Health, Cavendish University Zambia, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), Hughes Aircraft, Microsoft, and many more.

Chrys lives by, and is fond of repeating, her professional creed:

“The only true measure of success for any project or training is results on the ground. Everything else is just noise.” “I teach what I deploy; I deploy what I teach.”

Patrick Loner

Patrick Loner

IT Instructor

Patrick is a skilled presenter with a strong background in IT training and certification covering general information technology, network administration, and consulting. His strong customer service background and skills both in support and presentation situations allow him to effectively communicate course information in an engaging manner. He specializes in areas such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Network Infrastructure, and Security.

Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8



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Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8

Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8
Microsoft 70-687: Configuring Windows 8
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