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CompTIA Network+ N10-007

In this IT course you will learn networking concepts, the function and installation of network infrastructure components, network operations concepts and implementation, network security concepts and implementation, and network troubleshooting techniques and tool usage. This course will cover the objectives needed for the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 certification exam.

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Closed Captions

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Certificate of Completion

CompTIA Network+ helps students develop networking skills for a career in IT infrastructure covering troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks. It covers all exam (N10-007) objectives and additional topics that provide background and context. Demonstrations and instructor broad knowledge commentary throughout the course come from real-world experience. Included are examples and tips that the network professional can use in a production networking environments. This IT course is ideal for an individual developing a career in an IT infrastructure job roles.

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What will you learn? During this network course, you will learn concepts that cover troubleshooting, network management, installation, and configuration of networks. Specifically, in this course, you will learn the following:

  • Describe networking concepts and networking technologies
  • Explain the function and installation of network infrastructure components
  • Describe network operations concepts and implementation
  • Describe network security concepts and implementation
  • Explain network troubleshooting techniques and tool usage for complex networking issues

For more information on the requirements for the CompTIA Network+ certification, visit the CompTIA website. ITU Online offers a full line of courses designed to help a student learn and pass a number of CompTIA certifications.


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CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Course Content

Module 1 - Networking Concepts

  •    Module 1 Workbook
  •    Intro Network Plus N10 007
  •    Basic Networking
  •    Activity Basic Networking
  •    OSI Model
  •    Exploring the OSI Model- Act
  •    Protocol and Ports
  •    Activity Examining Protocols and Ports
  •    Connection-oriented vs. connectionless
  •    Activity Comparing TCP and UDP
  •    Internet Protocol (IP)
  •    Activity Examining the Lower Layer Protocols
  •    Layer 7 Remote Control Protocols
  •    Layer 7 File Transfer Protocols
  •    Layer 7 Messaging Protocols
  •    Activity Examining Messaging Protocols
  •    Layer 7 Web Traffic Protocols
  •    Layer 7 Streaming Media Protocols
  •    Layer 7 Infrastructure Management Protocols
  •    Switching
  •    Activity Creating Collision and Broadcast Domains
  •    Interface Properties and Segmentation
  •    Activity Creating a Basic Network Segment
  •    Switching prt 2
  •    Activity Switching
  •    Switching Loop Management
  •    Activity Managing Switching Loops
  •    VLANs
  •    Activity Creating VLANs
  •    routing
  •    Activity Examining ARP
  •    IP Addressing Basics
  •    Activity Configuring IP
  •    Routers
  •    Activity Setting Up a Router
  •    Routing Basics
  •    Activity Adding Static Routes
  •    VLAN Routing
  •    Activity Routing Between VLANs
  •    NAT/PAT
  •    Activity Configuring NAT/PAT
  •    Routing Protocols
  •    Activity Configuring a Routing Protocol
  •    Firewalls
  •    Activity Configuring Firewalls
  •    Advanced Switching and Routing Concepts
  •    Activity Exploring IPv6
  •    Performance Concepts
  •    IP Addressing
  •    Subnetting
  •    Activity Learning to Subnet
  •    Address Assignments
  •    Network Types and Topologies
  •    Wireless Topologies
  •    Network Types
  •    Technologies that Facilitate the Internet Of Things (IoT)
  •    Wireless Technologies
  •    802.11 Standards
  •    Wi-Fi Frequencies
  •    Wi-Fi Antenna Concepts
  •    Bluetooth
  •    Cellular
  •    Activity Using an RF Spectrum Analyzer
  •    cloud concepts
  •    Activity Exploring Cloud Services
  •    Network Services
  •    Activity Setting up DNS
  •    DHCP Service
  •    Activity Setting Up DHCP
  •    NTP

Module 2 - Infrastructure

  •    Module 2 Workbook
  •    Module 2 – Infrastructure
  •    Activity Testing a Fiber Optic Cable
  •    Plenum vs. PVC
  •    Activity Crimping on an RJ-45 Connector
  •    Transceivers
  •    Activity Terminating Cable to a 110 Block
  •    Copper Cable Standards
  •    Activity Creating a Crossover Cable
  •    Ethernet Deployment Standards
  •    Network Device Placement and Installation
  •    Repeater
  •    Router
  •    Modem
  •    Activity Setting up a WAP
  •    Firewall
  •    Media Converter
  •    Advanced Network Devices
  •    Wireless Controller
  •    Proxy Server
  •    Activity Configuring Proxy Settings
  •    VPN Concentrator
  •    Virtual Networking Components
  •    Network Storage Types
  •    WAN Technologies
  •    Transmission Mediums
  •    Activity Configuring WAN Links
  •    Termination

Module 3 - Network Operation

  •    Module 3 Workbook
  •    Network Operations Documentation
  •    Standard Operation Procedures
  •    Logical vs Physical Diagrams
  •    Rack Diagrams
  •    Change Management
  •    Wiring and Ports Locations
  •    IDF-MDF Documentation
  •    Labeling
  •    Using Documentation Act
  •    Continuity and Disaster
  •    MTTR Mean Time Repair
  •    Recovery
  •    Backing Up Your Data Act
  •    Event Management
  •    Metrics
  •    Scanning Monitoring Patching
  •    Testing the Network Act
  •    HTTPS-Management
  •    Out-of-Band Management
  •    RDP
  •    Remote Access Methods
  •    Remote File Access
  •    Making Remote Connections Act
  •    SSH
  •    VNC
  •    Policies and Best Practices
  •    Creating Policies and Procedures Act

Module 4 - Network Security

  •    Module 4 Workbook
  •    Physical Security Devices
  •    Examining Security Devices Act
  •    Authentication and Access
  •    Access Controls Methods Act
  •    Multifactor Authentication
  •    Basic Wireless Network Security
  •    Demonstrating the Need for Wireless Act
  •    Common Network Attacks
  •    Conducting a Phishing Campaign Act
  •    Network Device Hardening
  •    Supporting Secure Authentication Encryption Act
  •    Updating Firmware
  •    Explain Common Mitigation Techniques
  •    Implementing a Honey Pot Act

Module 5 - Network Troubleshooting and Tools

  •    Module 5 Workbook
  •    Network Troubleshoot
  •    Using the Appropriate Tools
  •    Hardware Tools Analyzers
  •    Troubleshooting With Hardware Tools Act
  •    Software Tools
  •    Troubleshooting with Software Tools Act
  •    Software Tools Command Line
  •    Troubleshooting with Command Line Tools Act
  •    Troubleshoot Common Wired Connectivity
  •    Troubleshooting Signal Problems
  •    Physical Issues
  •    Transceiver Issues
  •    Troubleshooting Transceiver Problems
  •    Traffic Flow Issues
  •    Troubleshoot Common Wireless Connectivity
  •    Latency and Jitter
  •    Incorrect WAP Types
  •    Troubleshooting WAP Issues
  •    Troubleshooting Common Network
  •    DHCP Issues
  •    Firewall ACL Issues
  •    Advanced Network Issues
  •    Unresponsive Services
  •    Case Study Troubleshooting
  •    Outro N10 007
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