Cisco Routing and Switching 300-115

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If you’re looking to get Cisco SWITCH certified, this course will help prepare you for the SWITCH 300-115 exam. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of complex enterprise switching solutions that use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

19  Training Hours
60 Videos
7  Topics
194 Practice Questions

Course Description

Note: Although the associated examination for this course has been retired, it is a good resource for training.

Are you ready to increase your professional value? Through this Cisco course, you will understand how to deploy IP switched networks. You'll learn strategies for developing and confirming the execution of Cisco enterprise-switched solutions while preparing for the 300-115 SWITCH exam. Passing it is a requirement to receive your CCNP Routing and Switching certificate – don't miss out on this golden opportunity! 

To obtain the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching or CCDP certification, one must successfully pass the SWITCH 300-115 exam. This exam ensures that candidates possess a solid understanding of switching knowledge and skills needed to proficiently plan, configure, and verify complex enterprise switching solutions based on the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

What you will learn with the Cisco Routing and Switching Course

  • Troubleshooting, Maintaining Cisco IP Networks, building redundancy, Routing & Switching, and advanced switch features
  • Through the CCNP Switch program, students will gain invaluable knowledge that they can apply to their certification requirements and gain exposer to Cisco Advanced Routing
  • Through this online course, students will have the opportunity to explore why and how the information they are studying is applicable in real-world environments
  • With dedication and comprehension, students should have every assurance that they will ace their CCNP Switch exam

Your Training Instructor

Rafiq Wayani

Rafiq Wayani

Project Management Instructor

Rafiq has extensive experience including more than 20 years in IT as a Systems Architect, Software Engineer, DBA, and Project Manager. He has instructed in a variety of technical areas and has designed and implemented network and information systems. Bringing nearly 30 years of advanced IT experience to each course and adding his unique perspective and “real world” tips, Rafiq has a knack for making complex topics easy to understand.

Course Outline

Cisco 300-115: CCNP - SWITCH - Routing and Switching Course Outline

Module 1: Plan And Design
  •    Course And Instructor Introduction
  •    Planning For Complex Network-Part1
  •    Planning For Complex Network-Part2
  •    Intro To Cisco Enterprise Architecture And CAM-Part1
  •    Intro To Cisco Enterprise Architecture And CAM-Part2
  •    Review Networking Topology-Part1
  •    Review Networking Topology-Part2
  •    Review OSI Model
  •    Review SLA
  •    Network Discovery
  •    NTP Explained-Part1
  •    NTP Explained-Part2
  •    Network Security-Part1
  •    Network Security-Part2
Module 2: Switch Configuration
  •    VLAN And Trunking-Part1
  •    VLAN And Trunking-Part2
  •    VTP Intro And Config
  •    Ether Channel Configuration And Load Balancing
  •    More Ether Channel Configuration-Part1
  •    More Ether Channel Configuration-Part2
  •    Port Security
  •    Root Guard
  •    Configuring MST
Module 3: IP Configuration
  •    DHCP Intro And Config-Part1
  •    DHCP Intro And Config-Part2
  •    IPV6 Intro And Config-Part1
  •    IPV6 Intro And Config-Part2
  •    Configure DHCP
  •    Configure DHCPV6
  •    Configure IPSLA
  •    NTP Configuration
  •    Network Monitoring Using IPSLA-Part1
  •    Network Monitoring Using IPSLA-Part2
  •    Network Monitoring Using IPSLA-Part3
Module 4: STP And RTP
  •    Config Routing Between VLANs With A Router
  •    Improves STP Config-Part1
  •    Improve STP Config-Part2
  •    Improve STP Config-Part3
  •    Improve STP Config-Part4
  •    Implement RSTP
  •    Intro And Config MST
Module 5: Routing
  •    Config Routing Between VLANs With A Router
  •    Routing On A Multi Layer Switch
  •    Routing With An External Router
  •    Further Routing On Multilayer Switch
Module 6: HSRP, VRRP, GLBP
  •    Configure And Tune HSRP
  •    Configure HSRP With Load Balancing
  •    HSRP For IPv6
  •    Configure VRRP
  •    Configure VRRP With Load Balancing
  •    Implement GLBP
  •    Configure GLBP
Module 7: Course Review
  •    Designing Complex Networks
  •    Review Demo CAM
  •    Review Demo VLANs And Trunking
  •    Review Demo VTP Configure
  •    Review Demo Ether Channel And Load Balancing
  •    Review Demo RSTP
  •    Review Demo Routing Between VLANs With A Router
  •    Course Outro
routing and switching training course
Cisco Routing and Switching 300-115


If you’re looking to get Cisco SWITCH certified, this course will help prepare you for the SWITCH 300-115 exam. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of complex enterprise switching solutions that use the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture.

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