Free CompTIA IT Fundamentals Training – ITF+ – (FCO-U61)

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In this course you will learn the fundamental IT skills in subjects areas including hardware, software, programming, security, and infrastructure. This course will also teach you troubleshooting theory and preventative maintenance and will prepare you to take the CompTIA FC0-U61 IT Fundamentals exam.

9  Training Hours
51 Videos
139  Topics
160 Practice Questions

Course Description

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Who is our Free CompTIA IT Fundamentals Training Course For?

CompTIA IT Fundamentals training often referred to as ITF+,  helps anyone learn about IT. Students learn fundamental skills needed in the IT industry. Areas of IT covered include hardware, software, programming, security, software development, database fundamentals, and infrastructure. This is the ideal place to start for anyone new to the world of IT. It will form the foundation of your learning IT principles and skills. What you learn in this course will carry you forward to more certifications you can gain in the future.

Why Focus on IT Training?

The IT industry is one of the most lucrative markets to enter. Since 2012, ITU has been creating high-quality, high-value online IT training and we’re excited to provide those interested in a career in IT with this free CompTIA IT Fundamentals training.  Yes, our ITF+ course truly is free IT training.

Over the past few decades, the IT industry has exploded. The IT industry changes frequently.  For anyone looking to start a rewarding career in IT, this  ITF+ course is an excellent start.  Studies show that the IT industry is growing year on year. Many predict that there will be many IT job roles unfilled over the next few years.  Is this industry for you?  The free course will help you decide.

Once a student has completed the CompTIA IT Fundamentals, course, the next logical training to take is the Core 1 and Core 2 CompTIA A+ training.  Students obtaining an A+ certification carry weight in key IT support-related positions which is often the opening door for progressing in an IT career. CompTIA training by purchasing our Master CompTIA Training series.

About The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam (FCO-U61)

The official exam offered by CompTIA for this certification is exam id FCO-U61. The exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge of troubleshooting theory and preventative maintenance. Students look at issues behind problems and resolve them using technical IT skills. Candidates show they can incorporate methods to eliminate technical issues. This is the ideal exam for anyone who’s interested in pursuing an IT career and has a genuine passion for IT.  Start your free CompTIA IT Fundamentals training today.

Want to Learn More About the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Course ( ITF+ )?

Learn more about the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (FCO-U61) certification by visiting the CompTIA website

Your Training Instructors

David Biggers

David Biggers

IT Instructor

David has been a professional IT instructor for the past four years for the US Army. He teaches a broad range of certification courses ranging from CompTIA, Microsoft to Cisco and EC-Council. Prior to working with the US Army, David worked as a Jr. Network Admin and Web Services Manager with KCTCS in Kentucky. He performed multiple jobs being on the IT team. Additionally, David taught part-time during the evening at the college, where he instructed on Active Directory, Introduction to Computers, and Networking. David has 18 years of IT experience, 17 professional IT certifications, and 8 years of teaching experience.

Chris Avants

Chris Avants

Senior Cisco Instructor

Chris is a Sr. Cisco Instructor and leading consultant for clients throughout the U.S. Chris has over 15 years’ experience as a network engineer and 5 additional years as an instructor. Chris has worked at the service provider/partner level throughout his career, working with national and global clients to solve complex business problems through the use of technology and IT training solutions. Working with Chris, you will see a true industry expert with experience, drive, and patience unparalleled in the industry.

Chrys Thorsen

Chrys Thorsen

Education and Technology Expert

Chrys is an education and technology expert who specializes in enterprise-level IT infrastructure consulting and certified training-of-trainers. In her career, she has garnered 35 IT Certifications including Cisco CCSI/CCNP, CISSP, CISA, MCSE/MCITP, and many more. She has also authored 40 published certification textbooks and is currently working on the new CompTIA PenTest+ courseware.

Dawn Briggs

Dawn Briggs

IT Professional and Trainer

Dawn Briggs is an information technology professional with more than 20 years of experience in directing IT departments, leading technical implementations, managing personnel, ensuring the security of information, and establishing high customer service standards. Although she has a broad range of experience across the IT industry that includes everything from pc repair to database management, her career has primarily focused on training technical personnel to plan, implement, and maintain IT infrastructure and web-based technologies. Dawn has been instructing students in IT courses, and mentoring students in skills that allow them to obtain jobs in information technology career fields, for over seven years.

John Abueg

John Abueg

Senior Technical Instructor

John is a Senior Technical Instructor at Ft. Gordon in Augusta, Georgia, instructing U.S. military and civilian employees on a number of cybersecurity subjects and certifications. He has been an IT professional for well over two decades, as prior to his current job he retired from the Army after a 20-year career as a soldier in the signal branch (IT and communications). John holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland Global Campus as well as the following IT certifications: Network+, Security+, Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+), CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Frank Schmidt

Frank Schmidt

Linux Subject Matter Expert | Course Author

Frank has over 35 years of IT experience after graduating with honors with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi. After a software development position with Shell Oil, he has worked in IT training and workforce development for over 30 years. Frank has worked with UNIX and Linux operating systems since the 1990s and has taught over 1000 training events during this time. He is also a course author and subject matter expert for the creation of multiple UNIX and Linux classes from the introductory level through advanced system administration. He has taught the exam preparation course for the CompTIA Linux+ exam and currently holds the Linux+ certification.

Brian O'Hair

Brian O'Hair

IT Training Professor

Professor Brian O'Hare has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He started off in web design as a Corporate Webmaster but wanted to understand how the internet worked. While working towards his bachelor’s in computer science, he studied and got his MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and his MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer). Once certified he paid for his degree working as a Network Engineer and then a Trainer for others wanting to learn about Microsoft’s Desktop and Server products.

Anthony Santucci

Anthony Santucci

Technology Professional and Instructor

Anton Santucci is a seasoned IT instructor with over 20 years of experience in the field. He is currently serving as an ITU instructor for the A+ Certification Course and teaching both online and in-person computer training at Hillsborough Community College (HCC) in Florida. Anton holds an Associate's Degree in Information Systems Management and is skilled in delivering complex IT information to students in a way that is easy to understand and enjoy.

He started his career as a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and has since gained expertise in CompTIA certifications such as A+, Net+, and Security+. He also holds the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification. With five years as a Network Administrator for a career college in Florida and global experience as a corporate trainer, Anton brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his classes.

With a belief that training can be both informative and entertaining, Anton uses humor, mnemonic devices, and questions to engage his students and ensure they retain the skills they need to succeed in the workplace. In his personal life, Anton is a passionate traveler and a fan of the Giants. He looks forward to helping you achieve your certification goals while getting to know you along the way.

Course Outline

CompTIA FC0-U61: IT Fundamentals Course Outline

Module 1 - IT Concepts and Terminology
  •    Module 1 Notes
  •    0.1 Instructor Intro
  •    1.1 Compare and Contrast Notational Systems
  •    1.1 Compare and Contrast Notational Systems Demo
  •    1.2 Compare and Contrast Fundamentals Data Types and Their Characteristics
  •    1.3 Illustrate the Basics of Computing and Processing
  •    1.4 Explain the Value of Data and Information
  •    1.5 Compare and Contrast Common Units of Measures
  •    1.5 Compare and Contrast Common Units of Measures Demo
  •    1.6 Explain the Troubleshooting Methodology
Module 2 - Infrastructure
  •    Module 2 Notes
  •    2.1 Classify Common Types of Input-Output Device Interfaces
  •    2.2 Given a scenario, set up & install Common Peripheral Devices to a PC
  •    2.2 Given a scenario, set up & install Common Peripheral Devices to a PC Demo
  •    2.3 Explain the Purpose of Common Internal Computing Components
  •    2.4 Compare & Contrast Common Internet Service Types-
  •    2.5 Compare & Contrast Storage Types
  •    2.6 Compare & Contrast Common Computing Devices & Their Purposes
  •    2.7 Explain Basic Networking Concepts
  •    2.7 Explain Basic Networking Concepts Demo
  •    2.7 Explain Basic Networking Concepts Part 2
  •    2.7 Explain Basic Networking Concepts Part 3
  •    2.7 Explain Basic Networking Concepts Part 4
  •    2.8 Given a scenario Install, Configure & Secure a Basic Wireless Network
  •    2.8 Given a scenario Install, Configure & Secure a Basic Wireless Network Demo
Module 3 - Applications and Software
  •    Module 3 Notes
  •    3.1 Explain the Purpose of Operating Systems
  •    3.1 Explain the Purpose of Operating Systems Demo
  •    3.2 Compare & Contrast Components of an Operating System
  •    3.2 Compare & Contrast Components of an Operating System Demo
  •    3.3 Explain the Purpose & Proper Use of Software
  •    3.4 Explain Methods of Application Architecture & Delivery Models
  •    3.5 Given a Scenario Configure & Use Web Browsers
  •    3.5 Given a Scenario Configure & Use Web Browsers FireFox
  •    3.5 Given a Scenario Configure & Use Web Browsers Demo Chrome
  •    3.5 Given a Scenario Configure & Use Web Browsers Demo Edge
  •    3.6 Compare & Contrast General Application Concepts & Uses
Module 4 - Software Development
  •    Module 4 Notes
  •    4.1 Compare & Contrast Programming Language Categories-
  •    4.2 Given a Scenario Use Programming Organizational Techniques & Interpret Logic-
  •    4.3 Explain the Purpose & Use of Programming Concepts-
  •    4.3 HTML Demo
Module 5 - Database Fundamentals
  •    Module 5 Notes
  •    5.1 Explain Database Concepts and the Purpose of Databases
  •    5.2 Compare and Contrast Various Database Structures
  •    5.3 Summarize Methods Used to Interface with Databases
  •    5.3 Summarize Methods Used to Interface with Databases Demo
Module 6 - Security
  •    Module 6 Notes
  •    6.1 Summarize Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability Concerns
  •    6.2 Explain Methods to Secure Devices and Best Practices
  •    6.3 Summarize Behavioral Security Concepts
  •    6.4 Compare & Contrast Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, & Repudiation Concepts
  •    6.5 Explain Password Best Practices
  •    6.6 Explain Common Uses of Encryption
  •    6.7 Explain Business Continuity Concepts
  •    6.8 Takeaways-
  •    6.9 ITF Fundamentals Conclusion
Free CompTIA IT Fundamentals Training
Free CompTIA IT Fundamentals Training – ITF+ – (FCO-U61)



In this course you will learn the fundamental IT skills in subjects areas including hardware, software, programming, security, and infrastructure. This course will also teach you troubleshooting theory and preventative maintenance and will prepare you to take the CompTIA FC0-U61 IT Fundamentals exam.

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