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Take the first step towards becoming a PMP (Project Management Professional) and join thousands of others on our comprehensive PMP Course. This program will prepare experienced project managers to take the Project Management Institute’s certification examination.

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Certificate of Completion

There is a newer version of this course. Visit the new version Project Management Professional (PMP Certification Prep) 6th edition PMBOK.

Become a Project Management Professional (PMP) and join thousands of others taking our PMP online training course. The purpose of this program is to prepare experienced project management team members with study materials and instructional training to take the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification examination and further your career in project management based on principles from the Project Management Institute.

The emphasis is on explaining the PMI (Project Management Institute) best practices for
project management training across the continuum for project teams from predictive through adaptive life cycles as proposed in the 6th edition PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). The PMP credential is the most widely accepted professional certification in the world and its framework has set the standard for the project management profession for the past 30 years.

ITU Online offers a full line of related PMP courses designed to help students dive deep into a number of different project management principles. For users interested in concepts such as Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, and more, check out our ITU All-Access Lifetime Access Library offering access to every ITU Online course, for life!

Benefits of our online course in project management includes:

  • Practice exams
  • Practice questions
  • Flexibly with your busy schedule
  • Exam preparation
  • Works with your study schedule
  • Digital materials to use for studying (flash cards, handouts, and more)

To be successful with Project Management, you must possess the following experiences:

  • Ability to develop Project Artifacts
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and impact to teams
  • Build and manage Project governance
  • Drive High-Performing Team
  • Effectively monitor cost management
  • Desire for career development

Job opportunities in the field of project management:

How much of a salary increase can I expect once I pass my PMP Exam?

Project management is one of the fastest-growing career opportunities in the IT Industry and qualified PMP’s are always in demand. According to, salaries for a PMP depend on professional experience, and Project Management Experience range from $88K to $110K per year. Attaining your project management certification will move you into the upper end of the range.
For the most recent updated salary information, we encourage you to visit

Start your PMP Certification Training with ITU!

Key Term Knowledge Base: Key Terms Related to Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep

Understanding key terms is crucial for anyone preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. This certification, governed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is highly regarded in the field of project management. Mastering these terms not only aids in exam preparation but also in understanding the best practices and methodologies in project management. This knowledge is essential for effectively managing projects and leading teams in various industries.

Project Management Professional (PMP)A globally recognized certification offered by PMI, validating a professional’s expertise in project management.
PMI (Project Management Institute)An international organization that sets standards, conducts research, and provides certification, networking, and training opportunities in project management.
PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)A guide and standard in project management, published by PMI, outlining methodologies and best practices.
Project LifecycleThe series of phases that a project goes through from initiation to closure.
Scope ManagementThe process of defining and managing the work required to complete the project successfully.
Schedule ManagementPlanning and controlling the timeline of the project to ensure timely completion.
Cost ManagementPlanning, estimating, budgeting, and controlling costs to complete the project within the approved budget.
Quality ManagementEnsuring that the project meets the required quality standards and stakeholder expectations.
Resource ManagementEfficient and effective deployment and allocation of resources (human, technological, financial) in a project.
Communications ManagementThe systematic planning, implementing, monitoring, and revision of the channels of communication within an organization.
Risk ManagementIdentifying, assessing, and managing risks to minimize the impact on the project.
Procurement ManagementThe process of acquiring goods and services from outside the organization to achieve project goals.
Stakeholder ManagementIdentifying, analyzing, and managing stakeholders’ needs and expectations throughout the project lifecycle.
Integration ManagementCoordinating all aspects of the project plan to ensure that the various elements are aligned and managed effectively.
Earned Value Management (EVM)A technique used to measure project performance and progress in an objective manner.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)A hierarchical decomposition of the total scope of work to be carried out by the project team.
Critical Path Method (CPM)A project modeling technique used to estimate the duration of a project and identify the critical path.
Agile MethodologyA flexible and iterative approach to project management, typically used in software development.
Gantt ChartA visual representation of a project schedule, showing the start and finish dates of elements.
StakeholderAny individual, group, or organization that can affect or be affected by a project’s outcomes.
Project CharterA document that formally authorizes a project and provides a high-level overview including objectives and constraints.
Change ManagementThe process of managing changes to the project scope, schedule, or budget.
Risk RegisterA document listing identified risks, their severity, and actions to mitigate them.
Project SponsorAn individual or group who provides resources and support for the project and is accountable for its success.

This list covers key concepts and methodologies essential for PMP exam preparation and effective project management in general.

Frequently Asked Questions About Project Management Professional – PMP Exam Prep

What is the purpose of the Project Management Professional – PMP Exam Prep course?

The PMP Exam Prep course offered by ITU Online is designed to prepare experienced project management team members for the Project Management Institute’s certification examination. The training covers PMI’s best practices for project management across a range of project teams and life cycles, as proposed in the PMBOK’s 6th edition​.

What kind of access do I get with the PMP Exam Prep course?

With this course, you can access the training and over 2,500 hours of on-demand content as part of the All Access Monthly Subscription. There’s a 7-day free trial with no obligation, and you can cancel anytime​.

What materials and resources are included in the PMP Exam Prep course?

The PMP Exam Prep course includes 19 training hours, 59 videos, 13 topics, and 253 practice questions to help you prepare for the PMP certification examination.

What if I’m interested in other project management principles beyond PMP?

ITU Online offers a full range of related PMP courses that delve into different project management principles such as Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, and more. These can be accessed through the ITU All-Access Lifetime Access Library, which provides access to every ITU Online course for life.

How will this course help me in my career?

The PMP credential is the most widely accepted professional certification in the world. Its framework has set the standard for the project management profession for the past 30 years. By preparing for and obtaining this certification, you can further your career in project management.

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Project Management Professional (PMP) 6th Edition Course Content

Module 1 : Getting Certified to take the Examination

  •    1.1 Intro
  •    1.2 Getting Certified to take the Exam
  •    1.3 Techniques for Preparing for the Exam

Module 2 : Project Management Framework

  •    2.1 PMBOK Framework prt1
  •    2.2 PMBOK Framework prt2
  •    2.3 PMBOK Framework prt3

Module 3 : Project Integration Management

  •    3.1 Project Integration Mgmt
  •    3.2 Project Integration Mgmt prt2
  •    3.3 Integration Questions

Module 4 : Project Scope Management

  •    4.1 Project Scope Mgmt
  •    4.2 Project Scope Mgmt prt2
  •    4.3 Scope Questions

Module 5 : Project Schedule Management

  •    5.1 Project Schedule Mgmt
  •    5.2 Project Schedule Mgmt prt2
  •    5.3 Project Schedule Mgmt prt3
  •    5.4 Schedule Knowledge Questions

Module 6 : Project Cost Management

  •    6.1 Project Cost Mgmt
  •    6.2 Earned Value Mgmt
  •    6.3 Trend Analysis
  •    6.4 Cost Questions

Module 7 : Project Quality Management

  •    7.1 Project Quality Mgmt
  •    7.2 Quality Zero Defects
  •    7.3 Control Quality
  •    7.4 Quality Questions

Module 8 : Project Resource Management

  •    8.1 Project Resource Mgmt
  •    8.2 Estimate Activity Resources
  •    8.3 Manage Team
  •    8.4 Resource Histogram
  •    8.5 Resource Questions

Module 9 : Project Communications Management

  •    9.1 Project Communication Mgmt
  •    9.2 Communication Methods
  •    9.3 Communications
  •    9.4 Communication Questions

Module 10 : Project Risk Management

  •    10.1 Project Risk Mgmt
  •    10.2 Identify Risk
  •    10.3 Quantitive Risk Analysis
  •    10.4 Plan Risk Responses
  •    10.5 Risk Questions

Module 11 : Project Procurement Management

  •    11.1 Project Procurement
  •    11.2 Make or Buy
  •    11.3 Share
  •    11.4 Procurement Documents
  •    11.5 Negotiations
  •    11.6 Procurement Questions

Module 12 : Project Stakeholder Management

  •    12.1 Project Stakeholder Mgmt
  •    12.2 Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  •    12.3 Project Stakeholder Questions

Module 13 : Review

  •    13.1 Review for Exam Prep
  •    13.2 Project Mgmt vs Program Mgmt vs Portfolio Mgmt
  •    13.3 Knowledge Areas review
  •    13.4 Project Scope Management Review
  •    13.5 Project Schedule Management Review
  •    13.6 Project Cost Management Review
  •    13.7 Project Quality Management Review
  •    13.8 Project Resource Management Review
  •    13.9 Project Communications Mgmt Review
  •    13.10 Project Risk Management Review
  •    13.11 Project Procurement Management
  •    13.12 Project Stakeholder Management
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