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Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server

To pass the Microsoft 70-742: Identity in Windows Server 2016 certification, this course is your crucial step. As part of a three-course series required to obtain the MCSA 2016 accreditation, it will teach you everything there’s to know about Active Directory Domain services – the foundation on which all Windows networks are built upon.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
20 Training Hours
Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server
76 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
10  Topics
Prep Questions
242 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Note: Although the associated Microsoft 70-742 examination for this course has been retired, it is a good resource for training.

Course Description

Harness the Power of Windows Server: Mastering Active Directory Domain Services

Dive deep into the world of Windows Server with our Microsoft 70-742 course, a pivotal step towards the coveted MCSA 2016 Certification. This course offers comprehensive training in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), the backbone of all Windows networks. You’ll gain practical skills in deploying domain controllers, managing AD DS objects, and implementing robust network security measures.

Our curriculum is designed not just to educate but to engage. You’ll explore the intricacies of Group Policy management and the seamless integration of Azure AD and Office 365. By completing this course, you’ll be well-equipped to establish and manage complex AD DS infrastructures, a skill highly sought after in today’s IT landscape.

Course Benefits

Elevate Your IT Career: Benefits of the Windows Server Course

  1. Expert Knowledge Acquisition: Understand the nuances of Windows Server and AD DS, crucial for any IT professional working with Windows networks.

  2. Hands-On Experience: Learn through 76 on-demand videos and 21 hours of instruction, focusing on real-world applications of AD DS, from basic setup to advanced configurations.

  3. Versatile Skills Development: This course isn’t just about theory. You’ll acquire skills in network security, policy management, and cloud connectivity, making you a versatile asset in the IT industry.

Who Is The Course For

Who Should Enroll in the Microsoft 70-742 Course?

This course is tailor-made for those aspiring to deepen their understanding of Windows Server and Active Directory. It’s perfect for:

  • IT Professionals: Seeking to enhance their expertise in Windows networks and aiming for the MCSA 2016 certification.
  • System Administrators: Looking to refine their skills in managing and securing Windows-based environments.
  • Career Changers: Anyone interested in entering the IT field with a solid foundation in one of the most widely used server platforms.

Join us on this educational journey and unlock new opportunities in the ever-evolving world of IT!

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server

What will I learn from the Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server Online Course?

This IT Training Course will teach you everything about Active Directory Domain services, which is the foundation of all Windows networks. You’ll learn how to deploy domain controllers, manage various Active Directory objects, secure networks, and manage it centrally using Group Policy. The course also covers how to connect internal Active Directory to cloud-based solutions like Office 365 and Azure AD, along with establishing complex AD DS internal infrastructures​.

Is this online course part of a series?

Yes, it is! The Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server Online Course is part of a three-course series required to pass the Microsoft 70-742: Identity in Windows Server 2016 certification. It’s the third course towards the MCSA 2016 certification.

How is the online course structured?

The course is divided into 10 modules. These modules cover a range of topics, including installing and configuring domain controllers, managing AD DS objects, securing Active Directory Domain Services, working with complex AD infrastructures, implementing Group Policy, understanding Microsoft Azure AD and Directory Synchronization, monitoring and recovering AD DS, and implementing Active Directory Certificate Services and Active Directory Federation Services.

What materials are included in the online course?

The Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server Online Course includes 20 training hours, 76 on-demand videos, closed captions, and 242 prep questions. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate.

Does the Microsoft 70-742 exam still exist?

The Microsoft 70-742 exam associated with this course has been retired. However, the course remains a good resource for training and gaining a comprehensive understanding of Active Directory Domain services.

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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-742 Identity in Windows Server 2016 MCSA Course Content

Module 1: Installing and Configuring Domain Controllers

  •    Introduction

  •    Overview of Identity Management Concepts Part 1

  •    Overview of Identity Management Concepts Part 2

  •    Active Directory Domain Services Components Part 1

  •    Active Directory Domain Services Components Part 2

  •    Active Directory Domain Services Components Part 3

  •    Overview of ADDS Domain Services Part 1

  •    Overview of ADDS Domain Services Part 2

  •    Deploying Domain Controllers Part 1

  •    Deploying Domain Controllers Part 2

  •    Deploying Domain Controllers Part 3

Module 2: Managing AD DS Objects

  •    Overview of Object Management Part 1

  •    Overview of Object Management Part 2

  •    Managing User Accounts Part 1

  •    Managing User Accounts Part 2

  •    Managing User Accounts Part 3

  •    Managing User Accounts Part 4

  •    Managing User Accounts Part 5

  •    Managing Groups Part 1

  •    Managing Groups Part 2

  •    Managing Groups Part 3

  •    Managing Computer Accounts Part 1

  •    Managing Computer Accounts Part 2

  •    Managing Organizational Units Part 1

  •    Managing Organizational Units Part 2

Module 3: Securing Active Directory Domain Services

  •    Managing Organizational Units Part 1

  •    Managing Organizational Units Part 2

  •    Implementing Account Security Part 1

  •    Implementing Account Security Part 2

  •    Auditing AD DS

  •    Configuring Managed Service Accounts

Module 4: Working with Complex AD Infrastructures

  •    Overview of Advanced AD DS Deployments

  •    Deploying a Distributed AD DS Environment Part 1

  •    Deploying a Distributed AD DS Environment Part 2

  •    Deploying a Distributed AD DS Environment Part 3

  •    Overview of AD DS Replication

  •    Configuring AD DS Services Part 1

  •    Configuring AD DS Services Part 2

  •    Configuring AD DS Services Part 3

Module 5: Implementing Group Policy

  •    Overview of Group Policy Part 1

  •    Overview of Group Policy Part 2

  •    Overview of Group Policy Part 3

  •    Creating and Configuring GPOs Part 1

  •    Creating and Configuring GPOs Part 2

  •    Monitoring and Troubleshooting Group Policy

  •    Managing Security Options for Computers using Group Policy Part 1

  •    Managing Security Options for Computers using Group Policy Part 2

  •    Managing User Environments Part 1

  •    Managing User Environments Part 2

  •    Managing User Environments Part 3

Module 6: Understanding Microsoft Azure AD and Directory Synchronization

  •    Planning Directory Synchronization Part 1

  •    Planning Directory Synchronization Part 2

  •    Implementing Azure AD Connect Part 1

  •    Implementing Azure AD Connect Part 2

  •    Managing Identities with Directory Synchronization

Module 7: Monitoring and Recovering AD DS

  •    Monitoring AD DS Part 1

  •    Monitoring AD DS Part 2

  •    Monitoring AD DS Part 3

  •    Database Management

  •    ackup and Recovery in AD DS Part 1

  •    Backup and Recovery in AD DS Part 2

Module 8: Implementing Active Directory Certificate Services

  •    Overview of Public Key Infrastructure and AD CS Part 1

  •    Overview of Public Key Infrastructure and AD CS Part 2

  •    Deploying Certificate Authority Hierarchy

  •    Administering Certificate Authorities

  •    Deploying and Managing Certificates Part 1

  •    Deploying and Managing Certificates Part 2

  •    Managing Revocation and Distribution

  •    Configuring Certificate Recovery

Module 9: Implementing Active Directory Federation Services

  •    Overview of AD FS

  •    Planning and Deploying AD FS

  •    Overview of Web Application Proxy

Module 10: Implementing Active Directory Rights Management Services

  •    Overview of AD RMS

  •    Deploying AD RMS

  •    Protecting with AD RMS

  •    Conclusion

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Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server



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Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server

Microsoft 70-742
Microsoft 70-742: Windows Server
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