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Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

ITUs course is designed for the Microsoft 70-688 Exam focusing on configuring and supporting Windows 8 computers within a network.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
19  Training Hours
Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
54 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
13  Topics
Prep Questions
39 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

This exam offered by Microsoft is retired. There is a newer updated Microsoft Windows course available.  View our Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 Course.

Course Description

Embark on a journey to master Windows 8 with our Microsoft 70-688 Training Course. This course, designed for IT professionals, delves into the intricacies of configuring and supporting Windows 8 computers, devices, and users, along with the associated network and security resources. Whether you’re a consultant, desktop support technician, or an IT generalist, this course offers invaluable insights into domain-based and peer-to-peer network environments, backed by Internet and cloud services access.

Despite the retirement of the Microsoft 70-688 Exam, the skills and knowledge imparted in this course remain vital for effectively managing and maintaining Windows 8 systems. Our updated curriculum includes the latest Windows 8.1 features, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic field of IT.

Course Benefits

Advantages of Microsoft Windows 8 Training: Empower Your IT Career: Our Windows 8 Training Course is not just about learning; it’s about advancing your IT career. With 19 hours of dedicated training, 54 on-demand videos, and a diverse range of 13 topics, this course is a treasure trove of knowledge for any IT professional. You’ll gain the confidence to tackle real-world challenges in managing Windows 8 systems.

Upon completion, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Completion, symbolizing your proficiency in Windows 8. This certification elevates your professional credibility, making you a sought-after expert in managing and maintaining Windows 8 environments.

Who Is The Course For

Is the Windows 8 Training Ideal for You? Discover Who Benefits Most: If you are an IT consultant, a full-time desktop support technician, or an IT generalist who frequently encounters Windows 8 in your line of work, this course is tailored for you. It’s designed to enhance your expertise in managing and maintaining Windows 8 systems, addressing both foundational and advanced aspects.

Those aspiring to excel in IT roles that involve extensive interaction with Windows 8 will find this course incredibly beneficial. It offers practical knowledge and hands-on skills essential for troubleshooting, configuring, and ensuring the smooth operation of Windows 8 computers and devices.

To see more Microsoft related training, Visit the Microsoft Website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

What’s this course all about?

This course is all about managing and maintaining Windows 8 systems. It’s perfect for IT professionals who work with Windows 8 computers, devices, users, and their associated network and security resources. If you’re a consultant, a full-time desktop support technician, or an IT generalist who handles Windows 8-based computers and devices as part of your job, this course is a fantastic fit for you.

What’s included in the course?

The course includes 19 hours of training, 54 on-demand videos, 13 different topics, and 39 prep questions. Plus, once you complete the course, you’ll earn a Certificate of Completion​.

What kind of environment does the course prepare me for?

The course prepares you to work in networks that are configured as domain-based or peer-to-peer environments with access to the internet and cloud services. So, it’s pretty versatile and covers a wide range of situations you might encounter in an IT role​.

I see that the exam offered by Microsoft is retired, should I still take this course?

While it’s true that the Microsoft 70-688 Exam has been retired, the knowledge you’ll gain from this course is still very valuable if you’re working with Windows 8 systems. However, if you’re more focused on the latest Windows systems, you might want to consider the updated Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 Course​.

What’s the format of the course? Is it live or on-demand?

The course is delivered on-demand. This means you can access the 54 videos included in the course whenever it suits you best. It’s perfect if you need to fit your learning around a busy schedule​.

I see there are ‘prep questions’ included. What are these for?

The 39 prep questions included in the course are designed to help you test your understanding of the material and prepare for real-world application of the knowledge you’ve gained. They’re a great way to ensure you’re getting the most out of the course.

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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

  •    Intro To Exam 70-688

  •    Implementing A Methodology For Troubleshooting-Part1

  •    Implementing A Methodology For Troubleshooting-Part2

  •    Implementing A Methodology For Troubleshooting-Demo

Module 2: Troubleshooting Start Up Issues

  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part1

  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part2

  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part3

  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Part4

  •    Troubleshooting Start Up Issues-Demo

Module 3: ​Managing Drivers And Hardware

  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Part1

  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Part2

  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Part3

  •    Managing Drivers And Hardware-Demo

Module 4: Troubleshooting Remote Computers

  •    Troubleshooting Remote Computers-Part1

  •    Troubleshooting Remote Computers-Part2

  •    Troubleshooting Remote Computers-Part3

Module 5: Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity

  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part1

  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part2

  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part3

  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part4

  •    Resolving Problems With Network Connectivity-Part5

Module 6: Troubleshooting Group Policy

  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part1

  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part2

  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part3

  •    Troubleshooting Group Policy-Part4

Module 7: Troubleshooting User Settings

  •    Troubleshooting User Settings-Part1

  •    Troubleshooting User Settings-Part2

  •    Troubleshooting User Settings-Part3

Module 8: Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity-Part1

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity-Part2

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity-Part3

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Demo-Part1

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Demo-Part2

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Demo-Part3

Module 9: ​Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain

  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Part1

  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Part2

  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Part3

  •    Troubleshooting Resource Access In A Domain-Demo

Module 10: Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Part1

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Part2

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Part3

  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Resource Access For Non-Domain Members-Demo

Module 11: Troubleshooting Applications

  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part1

  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part2

  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part3

  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Part4

  •    Troubleshooting Applications-Demo

Module 12: Maintaining Windows 8.1

  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part1

  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part2

  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part3

  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Part4

  •    Maintaining Windows 8.1-Demo

Module 13: Recovering Windows 8.1

  •    Recovering Windows 8.1

  •    Conclusion

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Chrys Thorsen

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Chrys Thorsen is an education and technology expert who specializes in enterprise-level IT infrastructure consulting and certified training-of-trainers. In her career, she has garnered over 50 IT Certifications including CISSP, CISA, CEHv12, PenTest+, CompTIA CNVP, Cisco CCSI/CCNP, Microsoft Cloud and on-premises technologies, VMware vSphere, and many more. She has also authored 40 published certification textbooks, and over 35 full-length IT certification video courses.

When not working in the United States, Chrys spends her time abroad capacity-building IT literacy in developing nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her client list has included: the US Federal Government, the Republic of Zambia Ministry of Health, Cavendish University Zambia, Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF), Hughes Aircraft, Microsoft, and many more.

Chrys lives by, and is fond of repeating, her professional creed:

“The only true measure of success for any project or training is results on the ground. Everything else is just noise.” “I teach what I deploy; I deploy what I teach.”

Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8



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Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8

Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8
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