Kubernetes - Containerizing Applications in the Cloud


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Course overview


As it continues to be a highly in-demand IT skill, instructor Joe Holbrook is here to teach students how to learn Kubernetes. Also known as K8s, this open-source system is essential for any DevOps professional to be familiar with. This course is for beginners or anyone seeking knowledge on how to deploy Kubernetes.

This DevOps course will walk you through automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. The best way to kick-start your DevOps career is by learning how to effectively deploy Kubernetes, and the instructor will share why DevOps engineers can be a more prosperous career compared to a software engineer.

This course covers:

  • The history of Kubernetes
  • Business benefits
  • Architecture – Masters, Nodes, Pods, Services & Deployments
  • Desired state versus declarative model
  • Installing Kubernetes on Minikube, GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Working with and deploying pods
  • Ingress and Egress
  • Hands-on session – creating your first deployment
  • Career demand and salaries

The course comes with a progress tracker, a practice quiz, fully downloadable content for supplemental study materials, demos, and more!

Kubernetes - Containerizing Applications in the Cloud Course Outline

Module 1: Course Overview
  •    Course Overview
  •    Course PreReqs
Module 2: Basics of Kubernetes
  •    Basics of Kubernetes
  •    What is Kubernetes
  •    Business Value of Kubernetes
  •    What is a Container
  •    What is Docker
  •    Kubernetes History
  •    Kuberntes Terminology
  •    Kubernetes Components
  •    Whiteboard - Kubernetes Overview
Module 3: Kubernetes Design and Architecture
  •    Kubernetes Design and Architecture
  •    Kubernetes Design Fundamentals
  •    Whiteboard - Kubernetes Architecture
  •    Deployment - Nodes, Pods, and Clusters
  •    Etcd
  •    Kubectl
  •    Demo - Install Kubectl
  •    Demo - Kubernetes Commands
  •    Demo - Kubernetes Commands
Module 4: Deployments
  •    Deployments
  •    Options for Deployment
  •    Deploying a Containerized Application
  •    What is Minikube
  •    Demo - Deploy MiniKube
  •    Demo - Deploy Cluster Deployment
  •    Demo - Deploy Services
  •    Demo - Manage Application
Module 5: Course Closeout
  •    Course Closeout
  •    Course Review
  •    Kubernetes Certifications
  •    Additional Resources
  •    Kubernetes Job Outlook
  •    Course Closeout
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