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Microsoft Word 2019 Training

Learn how powerful Word is with our Word 2019 training course. Microsoft Word is the most widely-used word processing software, and its presence in both personal and professional use worldwide is undeniable. And while it already offers a plethora of features to boost productivity, Microsoft has been continuously innovating with each new version they release.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
4  Training Hours
Microsoft Word 2019 Training
39 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
3  Topics
Prep Questions
70 Prep Questions
Microsoft Word 2019 Training

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Note: Even though this course is based on an older version, it is still a worthwhile resource for online learning and training.

Concise training with our online course

Microsoft Word is the perfect tool for any and all work – be it personal, business or office. It’s easily accessible on your phone, tablet or desktop no matter where you are! With an array of features specifically designed to help make your office life easier, Microsoft Word has everything you need to get the job done. Join this course now and receive thorough guidance as we explore each feature step-by-step while completing projects that will ultimately build up your Microsoft Word skills from beginner level to expert!

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. While already feature-rich and critical for productivity, Microsoft continues to improve and enhance their software with each new release like the latest Microsoft Word.

What you will learn in this Word 2019 training course:

In this course, students will learn how to develop and improve their Microsoft Word skills, so that they are able to maximize the industry-standard word processing system in everyday Business operations. This Word training is broken down into three levels with each level providing more in-depth and advanced features available in Microsoft Word.

  • Basic Word
  • Intermediate Word
  • Advanced training Word for advanced skills

All three modules total four hours of training content and 39 videos. Throughout our Word 2019 training, students will learn tasks like creating a document, inserting a table and graphs and creating mail merges.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Word 2019 Training

What can I expect to learn from this Online Course?

You can expect to enhance your Microsoft Word skills from beginner level to expert. The course covers tasks like creating a document, inserting a table and graphs, and creating mail merges​.

How is the IT Training Course structured?

The course is broken down into three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Word. Each level offers more in-depth and advanced features available in Microsoft Word, providing you with a comprehensive learning experience.

What materials are included in this online course?

The course includes 4 hours of training content, 39 on-demand videos, closed captions, and it covers 3 topics. You’ll also get access to 70 prep questions to help you consolidate your learning, and at the end of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Is this course relevant even though it’s based on an older version of Microsoft Word?

Absolutely! While the course is based on an older version, it’s still a valuable resource for training and online learning. Microsoft Word is continuously innovating with each new version, but the core features remain the same, making this course a worthwhile investment for developing your Word skills​.

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Course Outline

Microsoft Word 2019 Course Content

Module 1: Beginner

  •    1.01 Instructor Intro

  •    1.02 Course Intro

  •    1.1 Explaining the Ribbon

  •    1.2 Creating a Document

  •    1.3 Saving Files

  •    1.4 Page Views

  •    1.5 Formatting Text

  •    1.6 Ruler, Margins and Tab Stops

  •    1.7 Moving and Duplicating Text

  •    1.8 Line Spacing and Paragraph Formatting

  •    1.9 Basic Editing

  •    1.10 Insert a Basic Table and Graphics

  •    1.11 Working with Styles

Module 2: Intermediate

  •    2.1 Intermediate Intro

  •    2.2 Collaboration & Co-Authorship

  •    2.3 Tracking and Viewing Changes

  •    2.4 Commenting

  •    2.5 Templates & Layouts

  •    2.6 Layout Functions on the Ribbon

  •    2.7 Customize, Format and Convert Tables and Use as a Page Layout

  •    2.8 Insert and Edit a Cover Page

  •    2.9 Insert and Customize Headers and Footers

  •    2.10 Insert and Customize Endnotes and Footnotes

  •    2.11 Creating Sections in a Long Document

  •    2.12 Using Sections to Format a Document

  •    2.13 Deleting a Section

  •    2.14 Reviewing, Inserting and Updating TOC

  •    2.15 Creating a Data Source and Linking a Mailing List

  •    2.16 Print Settings for Mail Merge

Module 3: Advanced

  •    3.1 Adding the Developer Tab

  •    3.2 Functionality Among Microsoft Office Products

  •    3.3 Using Formulas in Word

  •    3.4 Citing Sources in Word

  •    3.5 Reviewing and Merging Versions of the Same Document

  •    3.6 Creating a Master Document

  •    3.7 Creating Sub Documents and Editing Master and Sub Docs

  •    3.8 Controlling Editable Content

  •    3.9 Form Creation Using the Developer Tab

  •    3.10 Macros

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Microsoft Word 2019 Training



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Microsoft Word 2019 Training

Microsoft Word 2019 Training
Microsoft Word 2019 Training
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