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Microsoft Access 2010 Training

This Microsoft Access 2010 Training course covers basic, intermediate, and advanced features in Microsoft Office Access 2010. You will learn how to utilize this database application as a design and deployment tool to keep track of important information.


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42 Practice Questions

Course Description

Note: Even though this course is based on an older version, it is still a worthwhile resource for online learning and training.

Microsoft Access 2010 course covers basic, intermediate, and advanced features of MS Access 2010 software. Access 2010 is a database application, design, and deployment tool that users use to keep track of important information. Users of this software can keep data on their computer, or they can publish it to the Web, so that other users may access the database with a web browser. Access databases can help the user store and track just about any kind of information, such as inventory, contacts, or business processes. Microsoft Access makes it easier to analyze substantial amounts of information and relational data more efficiently than using Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

About our online training course

For those aiming to level up their career by attaining top-notch database abilities, the Microsoft Access Training: Learn Microsoft Access 2010 course created by Josh Schofer offers 33 professional quality training videos. This thorough guide breaks down complex advanced database management into digestible chapters so that you can master this incredible tool with ease! If you've already acquired some knowledge of prior Microsoft Access editions, this Microsoft Access Training: Learn Microsoft Access 2010 course will be a breeze for you to follow. Not only that, but it will also provide an excellent starting point from which to refine your skills and learn more advanced techniques!

This course will not only teach you how to get data into the database, but also show you how to create aesthetically pleasing and functional reports. You'll learn techniques for creating switchboards, autoexec functions, macros, reports with extraordinary visuals that highlight detailed analyses of data points. And don't worry – your custom buttons and queries will be more creative than ever before! Moreover, you will understand the critical processes to employ during initial design and construction. These will assist in avoiding problems as your database matures and enable mass distribution when more data or users are included.

For complete information on Microsoft Access 2010, please visit the Microsoft website for details. To see more Microsoft related training, click here.

Your Training Instructor

Josh Schofer

Josh Schofer

Cybersecurity | Cloud Trainer

Josh has 15 plus years in account management and client support with over 5 years specifically in the healthcare industry. Josh provides hands-on leadership to the healthcare team at NetDirector by focusing on client success and innovative solutions. As the Healthcare Operations Manager, Josh ensures that each client implementation is completed as efficiently as possible with the greatest impact to the client. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida.

Course Outline

Microsoft Access 2010 Course Outline

Access 2010 Basic
  •    Access Basic Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Databases And The Access Interface
  •    Spreadsheets And Tables
  •    Entering Data In A Table
  •    Relationships Between Tables
  •    Editing A Form
  •    Queries
  •    Across The Tables
  •    Creating Forms
  •    Conclusion
Access 2010 Intermediate
  •    Access Intermediate Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Primary Key
  •    Multiple Table Query
  •    Creating Forms
  •    Validation Within Forms
  •    Adding Related Fields
  •    Forms Created With Design View
  •    Find Functionality
  •    Creating Report
  •    Conclusion
Access 2010 Advanced
  •    Access Advanced Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Customizing Access With Back Stage Options
  •    Mailing Labels
  •    Macros-Part1
  •    Macros-Part2
  •    Queries-Part1
  •    Queries-Part2
  •    Joining In Sequel
  •    Navigation
  •    Adding Chart With Specific Data
  •    Action Query
  •    Security
  •    Conclusion
Microsoft Access 2010
Microsoft Access 2010 Training


This Microsoft Access 2010 Training course covers basic, intermediate, and advanced features in Microsoft Office Access 2010. You will learn how to utilize this database application as a design and deployment tool to keep track of important information.

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