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Microsoft 70-685 Pro: Windows 7

In this Microsoft 70-685 course you will learn how to identify the cause of and resolve desktop application issues, identify the cause of and resolve networking issues, manage and maintain systems that run the Windows 7 client, support mobile users, and identify the cause of and resolve security issues.

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Microsoft 70-685 Pro: Windows 7
14 Hrs 28 Min
96 On-demand Videos
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Closed Captions

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Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Unlock the Potential of Windows 7 Support: Mastering Enterprise Desktop Solutions Embark on a journey to become a skilled specialist in Windows 7 support with our Microsoft 70-685 Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician course. This comprehensive program is meticulously designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills essential for resolving complex desktop application issues, networking challenges, and security concerns in a Windows 7 environment. Dive deep into the intricacies of managing and maintaining systems running on Windows 7, a staple in many corporate settings.

In-Depth Curriculum for Aspiring Technicians Our course curriculum covers all the key areas necessary for excelling in the Microsoft 70-685 Pro exam. You will learn the art of diagnosing and fixing desktop application glitches, ensuring seamless functionality for end users. Networking issues, often a hurdle in enterprise settings, will become manageable as you master troubleshooting techniques. The course also places a significant emphasis on maintaining systems running Windows 7, ensuring they perform optimally and securely.

Hands-On Approach to Learning We believe in a hands-on approach to training. This course is not just about passing an exam; it’s about gaining real-world skills. You will engage in practical exercises that simulate common challenges faced by enterprise desktop support technicians. This approach ensures that you are job-ready, capable of supporting mobile users, and adept at identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities.

Course Benefits

Career Advancement with Microsoft Certification Achieving the Microsoft 70-685 Pro certification opens doors to advanced career opportunities in IT support and administration. This certification is recognized globally and validates your expertise in managing and troubleshooting Windows 7 systems, a skill highly valued in today’s tech-driven workplace.

Skill Development for the Modern IT Professional By the end of this course, you will have developed a robust set of skills crucial for any IT professional. These include advanced problem-solving abilities, expertise in managing Windows 7 environments, and the capability to support complex enterprise systems. These skills are not just limited to Windows 7; they provide a strong foundation for supporting other Windows environments.

Enhanced Marketability and Job Security In a competitive job market, specialized skills like those acquired from our course significantly enhance your marketability. Employers often seek certified professionals who can confidently handle the challenges of modern IT environments. This course not only prepares you for immediate challenges but also lays a foundation for future advancements in IT.

Who Is The Course For

Tailored for Aspiring and Established IT Professionals This course is ideal for IT professionals aiming to specialize in desktop support, particularly in Windows 7 environments. Whether you are starting your career in IT or looking to upgrade your existing skills, this course will set you on the right path.

Prerequisites for Enrollment A basic understanding of Windows operating systems and general IT experience is recommended for prospective students. This foundational knowledge will help you grasp the advanced concepts covered in the course more effectively.

A Stepping Stone to a Flourishing IT Career Enrolling in this course is a strategic step towards a successful career in IT support and administration. It is particularly beneficial for those aiming to work in enterprise environments where Windows 7 is prevalent. The skills and certification you gain will not only bolster your resume but also increase your confidence in handling real-world IT challenges.

To see more Microsoft related training, Visit the Microsoft Website.

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Microsoft 70-685 Pro: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician Course Content

Module 1: Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7

  •    Introduction To Exam 685 Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician
  •    Introduction To Installing Upgrading And Migrating To Windows 7
  •    Windows 7 Pre-Installation Requirements
  •    Installing Windows 7-Part1
  •    Installing Windows 7-Part2
  •    Installing Windows 7-Part3
  •    Overview Of Image Based Installations-Part1
  •    Overview Of Image Based Installations-Part2
  •    Overview Of Image Based Installations-Part3
  •    Configuring Application Compatibility
  •    Chapter 1 Summary

Module 2: Configuring Disks And Device Drivers

  •    Introduction To Configuring Disks And Device Drivers
  •    Managing And Maintaining Disks-Part1
  •    Managing And Maintaining Disks-Part2
  •    Managing And Maintaining Disks-Part3
  •    Installing And Configuring Device Drivers
  •    Chapter 2 Summary

Module 3: Configuring File Access And Printers

  •    Introduction To Configuring File Access And Printers
  •    Overview Of Authentication And Authorization
  •    Managing File Access-Part1
  •    Managing File Access-Part2
  •    Managing Shared Folders-Part1
  •    Managing Shared Folders-Part2
  •    Configuring File Compression
  •    Managing Printing
  •    Chapter 3 Summary

Module 4: Indentifying And Resolving Log on Problems

  •    Introduction To Identifying And Resolving Logon Problems
  •    Understanding Authentication
  •    Managing Computer Accounts
  •    Additional Network Services-Part1
  •    Additional Network Services-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting User Properties
  •    Resolving Logon Issues
  •    Chapter 4 Summary

Module 5: Configuring Network Connectivity

  •    Introduction To Configuring Network Connectivity
  •    Configuring TCPIP Connectivity-Part1
  •    Configuring TCPIP Connectivity-Part2
  •    Configuring TCPIP Connectivity-Part3
  •    Automatic IP Address Allocation
  •    Name Resolution
  •    Wireless Networking-Part1
  •    Wireless Networking-Part2
  •    Wireless Networking-Part3
  •    Chapter 5 Summary

Module 6: Troubleshooting Network Issues

  •    Introduction To Troubleshooting Network Issues
  •    Troubleshooting Network Connectivity-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Network Connectivity-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Network Connectivity-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Name Resolution-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Name Resolution-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Name Resolution-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Network Printing-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Network Printing-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Network Printing-Part3
  •    Chapter 6 Summary

Module 7: Mobile Computing And Remote Access

  •    Introduction To Mobile Computing And Remote Access
  •    Configuring Mobile Computer And Device Settings
  •    Using Remote Control Tools
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Access-Part1
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Access-Part2
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Access-Part3
  •    Configuring And Troubleshooting Remote Access-Part4
  •    Configuring Branch Cache Managing Computer Accounts
  •    Chapter 7 Summary

Module 8: Securing Windows 7 Desktops

  •    Introduction To Securing Windows 7 Desktops
  •    Overview Of Security Management-Part1
  •    Overview Of Security Management-Part2
  •    Overview Of Security Management-Part3
  •    User Account Control
  •    Application Restrictions-Part1
  •    Application Restrictions-Part2
  •    Configuring The Windows Firewall-Part1
  •    Configuring The Windows Firewall-Part2
  •    Configuring The Windows Firewall-Part3
  •    Configuring The Windows Firewall-Part4
  •    Securing And Troubleshooting Internet Explorer-Part1
  •    Securing And Troubleshooting Internet Explorer-Part2
  •    Securing And Troubleshooting Internet Explorer-Part3
  •    Chapter 8 Summary

Module 9: Optimizing And Troubleshooting Performance And Reliabilty

  •    Introduction To Optimizing And Troubleshooting Performance And Reliability
  •    Overview Of Performance And Reliability Tools-Part1
  •    Overview Of Performance And Reliability Tools-Part2
  •    Optimizing Performance-Part1
  •    Optimizing Performance-Part2
  •    Dealing With Hardware Failure
  •    Chapter 9 Summary

Module 10: Maintaining Windows 7 Desktops

  •    Introduction To Maintaining Windows 7 Desktops
  •    Troubleshooting Utilities-Part1
  •    Troubleshooting Utilities-Part2
  •    Troubleshooting Utilities-Part3
  •    Troubleshooting Utilities-Part4
  •    Backing Up And Restoring Data
  •    Using System Restore
  •    Configuring Windows Update
  •    Chapter 10 Summary
  •    Conclusion
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