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Adobe Photoshop Training

This Adobe Photoshop Training course is designed to equip you with the essential basics of Photoshop so that you can maximize its potential. Upon finishing, it is expected that you will be familiar enough with the program to open and import files, take advantage of navigational tools adeptly, understand fundamental imaging concepts without difficulty , perform simple editing tasks efficiently, as well as generate images appropriate for print or web-based presentations.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
4  Training Hours
Adobe Photoshop Training
25 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
3  Topics
Prep Questions
50 Prep Questions
Adobe Photoshop Training

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

About Adobe Photoshop CC and this Adobe Photoshop Training

Adobe Photoshop CC is the industry-standard tool for digital imaging, which makes Photoshop expertise a valuable commodity in the workplace. Learning Photoshop is also a good way to learn imaging concepts. Concepts you learn from working with Photoshop apply to other imaging tools as well (including Photoshop Elements, which has a very similar user interface and features). The purpose of this Adobe Photoshop Training course is to introduce basic Photoshop features and concepts so that you can use the program effectively. By the time you complete this online photoshop class, you should be able to use Photoshop to open files and import images, move around images using navigation tools, understand basic imaging concepts, do basic image editing and prepare images for print and online presentations.

Beginner photo editing course – Adobe Photoshop Training

If you are a novice to the world of Photoshop or have attempted to learn it and failed, then this course is perfect for you. It progresses in an easy-to-follow manner, gradually making your skills more proficient until you feel self-assured using Photoshop on all your photos. After only one hour of taking the course, you will be able to crop images flawlessly, repair any blemishes that appear in them as well as cut out portions and transfer different sections with ease. And even after that milestone has been reached, rest assured knowing that within no time at all your knowledge base will expand before reaching completion!

About our Course

Our lessons of video in this Adobe Photoshop training is designed to teach students how to use Adobe Photoshop from a beginners perspective. Core Photoshop techniques, essential skills, and concepts in Photoshop are covered, but primarily, we will be learning about the Adobe Creative Cloud version. Those who take photos or have interest in editing/correcting photos, or both skills, will benefit from this course.

What graphic designers skills you will learn

  • Getting Started (Photoshop desktop, getting images into Photoshop, moving around an image, tips for using Photoshop)
  • Imaging Concepts (color modes, image size, resolution, and print size)
  • Acquiring images (opening files and importing images into Photoshop)
  • Editing Images (cropping, removing imperfections, adjusting contrast, correcting colors, and sharpening images)
  • More Image Editing (selection techniques, Layer styles, background, adding type.)
  • Exporting and printing (saving for the Web, inserting images into presentations, printing)

Who is our Adobe Photoshop Training for?

This course is perfect for anyone looking to kickstart their Adobe Photoshop journey! With no stress or strain, you’ll learn all the fundamentals of this powerful software right away. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and see just how much potential you have with Photoshop!

  • This course is specifically crafted for those just starting their journey with Photoshop and have little to no prior knowledge of the software.
  • This course is the ideal choice for anyone who feels daunted by learning Photoshop or has tried in the past to no avail.
  • Experienced students will discover much to study from Photoshop, ranging from adjustment layers and layer masks all the way down to shortcut keystrokes and navigation techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adobe Photoshop Training

Do I need prior experience in graphic design to take the Adobe Photoshop Training Course?

Not necessarily. The course is designed to accommodate both beginners and those with some prior experience in graphic design or similar software. Our comprehensive modules will guide you step-by-step through the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop.

Is the Adobe Photoshop software included in the online training course fee?

The course fee does not cover the cost of Adobe Photoshop software. You will need to purchase or subscribe to the software separately. Adobe often provides student discounts, so be sure to check out Adobe’s website or contact your educational institution for details.

How long does it take to complete the Adobe Photoshop Training Course?

The time taken to complete the course depends on your pace of learning and the time you can devote each week. Typically, students complete the course in 6 to 8 weeks if they dedicate about 3-5 hours per week.

Will I receive a certification after completing the course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully finishing the course. This certificate can enhance your professional profile and can be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

What are the system requirements for the Adobe Photoshop Training Course online?

You will need a computer with a stable internet connection to stream video lessons. Additionally, Adobe Photoshop software must be installed on your computer. It is compatible with both Windows and MacOS, but for specific system requirements, please refer to Adobe’s website.

Will I have access to the course materials after the course concludes?

Yes, you will continue to have access to the course materials even after you have completed the course. This allows you to refer back to the content as needed. Please note that the duration of access might depend on the course policy, so be sure to verify this information on the course webpage.

Proudly Display
Your Achievement

Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion to help validate to others your new skills.
Example Certificate

Course Outline

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started

  •    1.1 Instructor Intro

  •    1.1 Course Intro

  •    1.2 Open Images

  •    1.3 Get Familiar with Work Space

  •    1.4 Zoom and Pan

  •    1.5 Undo and Save Pt 1

  •    1.5 Undo and Save Pt 2

  •    1.6 Resize and Resolution

  •    1.7 Crop and Straighten

  •    1.8 Expand the Canvas

  •    1.9 Basic Image Corrections

Module 2: Layers and More

  •    2.1 Layer Basics

  •    2.2 Resizing Layers

  •    2.3 Adding Text and Images

  •    2.4 Layer Styles

  •    2.5 Photo Merge and Panoramic Images

  •    2.6 Camera Raw

  •    2.7 Camera Raw Continued and Adjustment Layers

  •    2.8 Selection Basics

Module 3: Editing, Techniques and More

  •    3.1 Raw File XMP

  •    3.2 Masks

  •    3.3 Puppet Warp and Alpha Channel

  •    3.4 Typography

  •    3.5 Vector Drawing Techniques

  •    3.6 Advanced Compositing

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  2. The educators at ituonline.com are highly skilled but could improve their methods of instruction. In the CCNA 200-301 course, there’s a heavy emphasis on oral lectures, and it would be beneficial to include more in-depth visual aids. Annotating labs and graphics could also make the educational journey more effective. On the other hand, the N10-008 course instructor consistently offers top-notch material.

  3. The CompTIA PenTest was an excellent course and the instructor, Chrys, explained the material in a clear and easy way for me to understand and comprehend essential techniques. Highly recommend!

  4. This course is super detailed but not boring, and they give you cool projects to actually practice what you’re learning.

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Adobe Photoshop Training



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Adobe Photoshop Training

Adobe Photoshop Training
Adobe Photoshop Training
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