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Learn Adobe Flash / Animate

In this course you will learn how to create animation projects such as short films, commercials and even big projects such as television shows. Flash is capable of both frame-by-frame animation, as well as other, more complex puppeting animation.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
15  Training Hours
Learn Adobe Flash / Animate
57 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
1  Topics
Prep Questions
143 Prep Questions
Learn Adobe Flash / Animate

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Learn Adobe Flash and Animation

Adobe Flash/Animate is an animation and interactive media industry-standard software. With it, we can create animation projects such as short films, commercials, and even big projects such as television shows. While it is capable of being the only software used for all parts of an animated project, it’s not necessarily compositing, video editing, or sound software. Thus, it’s best utilized with other software such as Premiere and After Effects for animated projects.

Flash is capable of both frame-by-frame animation, as well as other, more complex puppet animation. However, while it has some camera functionality, it’s rather limited with it and again if you’d like to imply 3D space you’re best off including other software with more powerful camera features and manipulation, such as After Effects.

However, what makes Flash different from other animation software is that it’s also built for interactivity, and with it, you can create interactive projects, websites (though it’s a risky program to use for websites because of SEO), e-cards and video games.

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Course Outline

Adobe Flash/Animate Course Content

Module 1

  •    1.1 Introduction

  •    1.2 What is Flash Animate

  •    1.3 Creating A New Document in Flash and Exploring the Interface

  •    1.4 Drawing in Flash Part 1

  •    1.5 Drawing in Flash Part 2

  •    1.6 Frame by Frame Animating in Flash Part 1

  •    1.7 Frame by Frame Animating in Flash Part 2

  •    1.8 Saving, Rendering, and Exporting

  •    1.9 Animating with Symbols Part 1

  •    1.10 Animating with Symbols Part 2

  •    1.11 Animating with Symbols Part 3

  •    1.12 Different Types of Tweening Part 1

  •    1.13 Different Types of Tweening Part 2

  •    1.14 Nesting Symbols

  •    1.15 Importing Graphics Part 1

  •    1.16 Importing Graphics Part 2

  •    1.17 Masking Part 1

  •    1.18 Masking Part 2

  •    1.19 Camera and Parallax Scrolling Part 1

  •    1.20 Camera and Parallax Scrolling Part 2

  •    1.21 Camera and Parallax Scrolling Part 3

  •    1.22 Rotoscoping Part 1

  •    1.23 Rotoscoping Part 2

  •    1.24 Rotoscoping Part 3

  •    1.25 Rotoscoping Part 4

  •    1.26 Rotoscoping Part 5

  •    1.27 Rotoscoping Part 6

  •    1.28 Rotoscoping Part 7

  •    1.29 Creating a Puppet Part 1

  •    1.30 Creating a Puppet Part 2

  •    1.31 Creating a Puppet Part 3

  •    1.32 Creating a Puppet Part 4

  •    1.33 Creating a Puppet Part 5

  •    1.34 Creating a Puppet Part 6

  •    1.35 Animating a Puppet Part 1

  •    1.36 Animating a Puppet Part 2

  •    1.37 Animating a Puppet Part 3

  •    1.38 Animating a Puppet Part 4

  •    1.39 Cycles

  •    1.40 Interchangeable Parts

  •    1.41 Interactivity

  •    1.42 Text Part 1

  •    1.43 Text Part 2

  •    1.44 Animating with Code

  •    1.45 Dialog Part 1

  •    1.46 Dialog Part 2

  •    1.47 Dialog Part 3

  •    1.48 Dialog Part 4

  •    1.49 Controlling the Timeline Part 1

  •    1.50 Controlling the Timeline Part 1

  •    1.51 Putting Together an Interactive eCard Part 1

  •    1.52 Putting Together an Interactive eCard Part 2

  •    1.53 Putting Together an Interactive eCard Part 3

  •    1.54 Putting Together an Interactive eCard Part 4

  •    1.55 Putting Together an Interactive eCard Part 5

  •    1.56 Bone Tool

  •    1.57 Conclusion

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Learn Adobe Flash / Animate Learn Adobe Flash / Animate
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  2. The educators at ituonline.com are highly skilled but could improve their methods of instruction. In the CCNA 200-301 course, there’s a heavy emphasis on oral lectures, and it would be beneficial to include more in-depth visual aids. Annotating labs and graphics could also make the educational journey more effective. On the other hand, the N10-008 course instructor consistently offers top-notch material.

  3. The CompTIA PenTest was an excellent course and the instructor, Chrys, explained the material in a clear and easy way for me to understand and comprehend essential techniques. Highly recommend!

Your Training Instructor

Dana Corrigan

Dana Corrigan

Animation Professor and Freelancer

Dana Corrigan is a 2D animation professor and freelance animator/illustrator whose work includes TV Pilots, E-Cards, Motion Graphics, animated short films, and developing pitch books and presentations for cartoon shows.  She has an MFA in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design and has been teaching at the university level since 2011.

Learn Adobe Flash / Animate



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Learn Adobe Flash / Animate

learn adobe flash
Learn Adobe Flash / Animate
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