Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101


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Course overview


The objective of the Social Media & Digital Marketing course is to help business owners with the online portion of their business through creative marketing ideas implemented through the power of social media, online tools, and apps.

In this course, students take a deep dive into how to generate ideas through online marketing with social media, live streaming, purposefully posting on social media, and lead capture methods. These ideas will then be looked at with the objective of creating reusable content for social media as well as other content platforms like emails, blogging, video and making them all work together.

What you will learn:

This course includes 6 hours of instruction and 43 videos. Students will learn how to set up business Facebook pages, use Facebook groups to generate leads and live video topics. The instructors will take a step by step look at setting up each part of the pages to its max and how to attract your ideal customer/client and get them to follow you and eventually do business with you.

Starting Your Own YouTube Channel 101 Course Outline

Module 1
  •    Welcome to the course
  •    What Will Your Channel Be About?
  •    Recording Device
  •    Your Competition
  •    Your Normal Video Formula
  •    Your Apprearance
  •    Your Personality On Camera
  •    Beware of Copy-written Content
  •    Elements To Make Your Channel and Videos Better Part 1
  •    Elements To Make Your Channel and Videos Better Part 2
  •    Sound Quality
  •    Post Schedule
  •    Doing Too Much
  •    Community Interaction
  •    Trolls and Negative Comments
  •    Fancy Equipment Or Not
  •    Patience
  •    Conclusion
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