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Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) offers a completely integrated and customizable software and hardware solution to retailers that is both cost-effective and easily scalable. This helps streamline tedious tasks, so businesses can focus more on running their operations.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
4  Training Hours
Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)
34 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
32  Topics
Prep Questions
97 Prep Questions
Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

About QuickBooks POS product

QuickBooks Point of Sale helps retailers go far beyond the cash register with an easy-to-use, affordable, scalable, customizable, integrated software and hardware system. It handles routine tasks so retailers can pay more attention to running their business. The solution can track inventory, sales, and customer information, giving retailers more time to think about what to stock, how to price merchandise, when to reorder, and how to serve their customers better.

Why take this course on QuickBooks POS system software?

Are you struggling with your new QuickBooks system? Make the most of it and invest in our Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) online training course! Here, we have collected an expansive library of QuickBooks tutorials and training materials, enabling you to confidently install and initiate QuickBooks POS. Let’s get started – our resources are just a click away! 

Who is this online QuickBooks POS training for?

Looking to learn QuickBooks? We have the perfect solution for you. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy for beginners and experts alike to understand how to manage bank transactions, maintain inventory records, and organize financial statements without stress within QuickBooks. With our comprehensive list of video tutorials and other resources, mastering QuickBooks Enterprise is effortless!

Key Topics you will learn

  • Customer Order Types, Customer Return, and receipts to customers
  • credit card receipt, debit cards, and Card Processing
  • advanced features
  • sales transaction and sales receipts

Frequently Asked Questions About Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

What is QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) course offered by ITU Online?

The QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) course by ITU Online is an online training program designed to help users confidently install and use QuickBooks POS. The course provides a library of tutorials and training materials that guide you through the functionalities of the QuickBooks POS system.

Who is the QuickBooks POS course intended for?

The QuickBooks POS course is intended for anyone interested in learning QuickBooks, whether they’re beginners or experts. The course provides step-by-step instructions on how to manage bank transactions, maintain inventory records, and organize financial statements within QuickBooks.

What can I expect to learn from the QuickBooks POS course?

The QuickBooks POS course covers how to install and use the QuickBooks POS system. It helps learners understand how to manage bank transactions, maintain inventory records, and organize financial statements, all within the QuickBooks system. The course offers comprehensive video tutorials and other resources to make mastering QuickBooks POS straightforward and stress-free.

What is QuickBooks POS and how does it benefit retailers?

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is an integrated, customizable software and hardware system that goes beyond the cash register. It is designed to handle routine tasks, enabling retailers to focus more on running their business. The system can track inventory, sales, and customer information, allowing retailers more time to strategize about what to stock, how to price merchandise, when to reorder, and how to better serve their customers.

Is the QuickBooks POS course updated with the latest version of the software?

I couldn’t find specific information about whether the course is updated with the latest version of QuickBooks POS. It would be best to reach out directly to ITU Online for this information.

How can I access the QuickBooks POS course?

Access to the QuickBooks POS course is through the ITU Online website. After purchasing the course, you can log in to your account and access the course materials online. However, the specific process of enrollment and access is not detailed on the product page. It’s advisable to contact ITU Online directly for more detailed information.

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Course Outline

Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS) Course Content

Module 1: Creating and Setting Up Your Point of Sale Company File

  •    Intro To Point Of Sale

  •    Creating And Setting Up Point Of Sale

Module 2: Installing your System

  •    Determining Your Point Of Sale Additions

Module 3: Navigating and Customizing the Home Page

  •    Navigating And Customizing The Homepage

Module 4: Company Preferences

  •    Company Preferences

Module 5: Financial- Setting up QuickBooks Connection

  •    Setting Up Quickbooks Connection

Module 6: Setting up Sales Tax

  •    Setting Up Sales Tax

Module 7: Workstation Preferences

  •    Workstation Preferences

Module 8: Additional Features

  •    Additional Features

Module 9: Employees and Security

  •    Employees And Security

Module 10: Customers

  •    Customers

Module 11: Rewards Program

  •    Reward Programs

Module 12: Vendors

  •    Vendors

Module 13: Setting Up Your Inventory

  •    Setting Up Inventory

Module 14: Item Styles, Assemblies, and Group

  •    Adding Styles Assemblies And Groups

Module 15: Working with Inventory

  •    Working With Inventory

Module 16: Sales

  •    Sales

Module 17: Working with Price Levels and Discounts

  •    Working With Price Level And Discounts

Module 18: Collecting Sales Tax

  •    Collecting Sales Tax

Module 19: Adding Shipping Information (Pro/MS)

  •    Adding Shipping Info

Module 20: Tracking Sales Commissions

  •    Tracking Sales And Commission

Module 21: Taking Payment and Giving Change

  •    Taking Payments And Giving Change

Module 22: Recording Tips

  •    Recording Tip

Module 23: Handling Tricky Sales Returns

  •    Handling Tricky Sales And Returns

Module 24: Working with Sales Orders, Work Orders, and Layaways

  •    Working With Sales And Work Orders

Module 25: Purchasing Merchandise

  •    Purchasing Merchandise

Module 26: Receiving from a PO

  •    Receiving Purchase Orders

Module 27: Managing Inventory

  •    Managing Inventory

Module 28: Reporting

  •    Reporting Point Of Sales

Module 29: QuickBooks Financial

  •    Quickbooks Financial

Module 30: Multi-Store

  •    Multi-Store

Module 31: Protect your data

  •    Protecting Your Data

Module 32: Adding Third Party Applications

  •    Adding 3rd Party Apps

  •    Summary of Point of Sale

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  1. I was looking for an online course for Six Sigma as my new boss is a true believer and I wanted to have a better handle of what is Six Sigma. I started looking around and found ITU, and bought the course, and could not be happier. I have no intention of getting certified, but at least now I can speak the jargon and understand what my boss is talking about.

  2. The educators at ituonline.com are highly skilled but could improve their methods of instruction. In the CCNA 200-301 course, there’s a heavy emphasis on oral lectures, and it would be beneficial to include more in-depth visual aids. Annotating labs and graphics could also make the educational journey more effective. On the other hand, the N10-008 course instructor consistently offers top-notch material.

  3. The CompTIA PenTest was an excellent course and the instructor, Chrys, explained the material in a clear and easy way for me to understand and comprehend essential techniques. Highly recommend!

  4. This course is super detailed but not boring, and they give you cool projects to actually practice what you’re learning.

Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)



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Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)

Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)
Quickbooks Point of Sale (POS)
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