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The Real Costs : Security Plus Certification Cost vs. Career Benefits

The Real Costs : Security Plus Certification Cost vs. Career Benefits


If you’re considering a career in cybersecurity, certifications are a golden ticket. One of the most popular choices is the CompTIA Security plus certification. But is the cost of acquiring the CompTIA Security+ worth the career benefits? How does it stack up against other certifications, such as the OSCP certification? With over 20 years in the IT and cybersecurity field, I can confidently say that obtaining a CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the wisest investments you could make for your career. In this blog, we’ll delve deep into the Security Plus Certification cost and the multitude of benefits it brings.

Security Plus Certification

Secure Your Networks and Prevent Password Breaches

Our robust CompTIA Sec+ course is the perfect resouce to ensure your company’s most valuable assets are safe. Up your security skills with this comprehensive course at an exceptional price.

The Initial Investment: Understanding CompTIA Security+ Exam Cost

When it comes to pursuing any certification, the first hurdle often is the exam cost. The CompTIA Security+ exam cost can vary slightly depending on your location and whether you opt for additional study materials or bundled options. As of my last check, the exam voucher alone is priced around $370. Although the initial outlay may seem steep, it’s a small price to pay compared to the long-term career benefits.

Keep in mind that this is just the price of the exam. The best Security+ training may involve further investment in textbooks, practice exams, and possibly a training course. But the CompTIA Security+ certification cost should not be seen as an expense but an investment in your future.

How CompTIA Security+ Compares to OSCP Certification

When weighing your options, it’s natural to consider alternatives like the OSCP certification. The OSCP is more advanced and tends to focus on penetration testing, requiring a higher level of technical skill. Its exam cost is also higher than that of CompTIA Security+ but is generally considered valuable for specialized roles.

However, the CompTIA Security+ exam is often recommended as a foundational certification and is highly respected for its well-rounded approach to security principles. In contrast to the specialized nature of the OSCP certification, CompTIA Security+ is comprehensive, providing an overview that can benefit you in a multitude of IT roles.

Lifelong Career Benefits of CompTIA Security+

With cybersecurity threats constantly evolving, there is a continual need for skilled professionals. Companies recognize the value of a CompTIA Security+ certification, and it is frequently listed as a desired or required qualification in job postings.

  • Higher Salaries: According to statistics, the average CompTIA Security+ salary is higher than those without any certification.
  • Expanded Career Options: The Security Plus certification opens doors to various roles, including network administrators, security consultants, and IT auditors.
  • Increased Job Security: With the growing emphasis on cybersecurity, having a CompTIA Security+ certification gives you an edge over non-certified counterparts.
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The Synergy Between CompTIA Security+ and Other Certifications

CompTIA Security+ often serves as a stepping stone to other, more specialized certifications. While Security+ provides you with foundational knowledge in cybersecurity, other certifications can deepen your skills in specific niches. Here’s a rundown of other certifications and their value when paired with CompTIA Security+:

  1. Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate): A CCNA focuses on networking skills, providing the backbone for your understanding of how data moves around an organization. It’s often paired with Security+ for roles involving network security.
  2. CompTIA’s Network+: This complements Security+ by diving deep into the setup, management, and security of networks. With both certifications, you become an all-rounder in the IT network and security domains.
  3. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): This is more advanced and suited for management roles in cybersecurity. Having a Security+ helps you grasp the CISSP material more quickly.
  4. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): CEH is all about penetration testing and finding vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. The broad understanding you gain from CompTIA Security+ serves as an excellent prelude to CEH’s specialized focus.
  5. OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional): This certification is also focused on penetration testing but is even more hands-on than CEH. It’s a natural next step for those with Security+ certification who want to focus on the offensive side of cybersecurity.

Having a combination of these certifications, alongside your Security+, can provide you with diverse career paths and opportunities. For example, a Security+ certification combined with an OSCP certification can make you a strong candidate for a penetration tester role, while adding a CISSP could prepare you for managerial positions in cybersecurity.

Making the Right Investment: Best Security Plus Training

Your certification journey shouldn’t just focus on passing the CompTIA Security+ exam. The quality of the Security+ training you receive is equally crucial. Opt for courses and training programs that offer a well-rounded curriculum, hands-on experiences, and, of course, preparation for the Security+ exam.

While it’s crucial to know which certifications to aim for, the quality of your training is equally vital. That’s where ITU Online comes in. Their CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Course is tailored to not just help you pass the exam but to also provide you with the real-world skills you’ll need in the field.

Offering the best online training for CompTIA Security+, the course covers a comprehensive syllabus, from threat management to cryptography, and includes valuable hands-on exercises. If you’re looking to take the CompTIA Security+ exam and start your journey into cybersecurity, you can’t go wrong by enrolling in this course. For more details, check out their CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Course.

Conclusion: Is CompTIA Security+ Worth the Investment?

Absolutely. The benefits of CompTIA Security+ go beyond just the attractive CompTIA Security+ salary or specific job roles. It gives you a broad understanding of the key principles and practices of cybersecurity, making you a valuable asset in the IT world. With its comparatively low Security Plus Certification cost, it offers excellent ROI, especially when compared to other options like the OSCP certification.

So, if you’re contemplating whether to take the plunge, my two decades of experience in the field tell me that you won’t regret investing in the best Security Plus Training for the CompTIA Security+ certification. The career benefits are simply too substantial to overlook.

Security Plus Certification

Secure Your Networks and Prevent Password Breaches

Our robust CompTIA Sec+ course is the perfect resouce to ensure your company’s most valuable assets are safe. Up your security skills with this comprehensive course at an exceptional price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Security+

Is CompTIA Security+ worth the investment?

Absolutely, the ROI you get from a Security+ certification, in terms of career opportunities and salary, far outweighs the initial exam cost and training investment.

How does CompTIA Security+ compare with OSCP?

While Security+ provides foundational knowledge in cybersecurity, OSCP is more specialized, focusing on penetration testing. Both have value, but Security+ is often seen as a stepping stone to more advanced certifications like OSCP.

What is the average CompTIA Security+ salary?

The salary can vary depending on the job role, but according to several job search websites, the average salary for a professional with a CompTIA Security+ certification ranges from $60,000 to $90,000 per year.

What are the career options after obtaining a CompTIA Security+ certification?

Job roles often available to those with a CompTIA Security+ certification include Network Administrator, Security Analyst, Security Consultant, and IT Auditor among others.

Can I take the Security+ exam online?

Yes, you can take the CompTIA Security+ exam online through a process known as “Online Testing,” which allows you to get certified from the comfort of your home.

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