Becoming A Reseller - ITU Online

Reseller On-boarding Information Request

ITU will provide you with an export of the current product data. This data may be used to add product content to your current e-commerce website. A zip file containing all current course images will also be provided.

New LMS Site Domain:

LMS URL Options:

Company Logo:

Your LMS site will be branded to include your company logo. Please email a copy of your current company logo or provide a site link for us to download the logo from your current website. Logos are best when provided with a transparent background. We accept any image file type such as PNG, ESP, PSD. Please note, logos will be resized to accommodate the space specifications of our LMS system. Horizontal logos typically look better than a purely square or multi-line logo.

Basic Instructions for Creating A New Domain for Your LMS:

ITU will host your learning management system (LMS) on our secured dedicated servers. To accommodate hosting your LMS site, we need you to tell us the preferred sub-domain students will use to access the training portal.

Most resellers use a “sub-domain” of their current primary business domain name. For example, if your website name is, you can create a new “sub-domain” named and point that sub-domain to our servers. Notice, the “www” part of your domain was replaced with the word “training”. Any word placed before your domain name is called a sub-domain.

To create a new sub-domain on your website, you will need to add what is called an “A” record to your site using the DNS management section of your site. DNS information is typically available in the admin portion where you registered your main website domain name. If you are unsure where you manage your DNS records, we recommend you search the help section of the company where your site is hosted or the registrar such as GoDaddy for instructions on managing your DNS records.

Once you have logged into your admin control panel of your website and accessed the DNS record for your domain, you will see an option to add a new record. Follow these general steps.

  • 1) Select to Add a new “A” record
  • 2) The host is usually only the single word that will be prefixed to your main domain. (i.e. training)
  • 3) The IP address will need to be pointed to
  • 4) Save the new A record.
  • Once the new record has added, we can begin the process of setting up your LMS site.