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No matter your position in the IT industry, training to keep up with the latest skills and certifications is a necessity. Coupled with certification exam preparation, IT certification training online from ITU provides the skills needed for daily IT job functions. Access courses when it works best for you.

All major IT disciplines are included, such as cybersecurity, CompTIA, Microsoft Technologies, Cisco, project management, the Cloud, and more. Also, each course also comes with a practice exam! 



2395 Hours
of Training


220 Full-length


11836 Course


18778 Prep
Test Questions


1-year Access to all courses.

IT jobs will grow by a minimum of 4.3% in coming years – whether seeking entry to the field or career advancement, training is vital. While many IT students prefer a focused path of study, our IT certification training online annual subscription allows learning truly on your terms. 

Mix and match IT courses for 365 days – this is the best option for independent study. Together with the training materials provided, you get a progress tracker, a note taking feature, and a practice exam with each course.

If you want to learn about Linux while also learning how to use Microsoft Excel and dabbling in Adobe Dreamweaver, you have the freedom to do so. Get access to over 200 on-demand eLearning courses to drive your IT career further.

Become the most valuable employee at your company by having a multitude of technical skills in your arsenal. In addition, we recommend students ask about upgrading at any time to our Lifetime Library!

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