ITU Online continues to hire and releases additional courses despite COVID-19 Pandemic

ITU Online Training, the leaders in IT Technology Training with over 650,000 students worldwide,
ramps up production with the release of fifteen new Adobe creative classes, as well as additional soft skill training classes.

Learning Adobe classes in today’s workforce environment has proven to be a fast and affordable way to demonstrate skills using a
range of industry-standard software packages, while soft skills prepare individuals on how to interact with others in a workforce
setting including training on a variety of social skills like communication, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution. Obtaining
these types of certifications add a high validity for job seekers and sets them apart from other candidates.

As people around the world continue to learn and adapt during COVID-19, online training has proven to remain successful therefore causing
ITU to remain a global leader in IT Technology training and hire more individuals at their corporate office, as well as certified instructors.
ITU online has since expanded various departments including Sales, Marketing and Information Technology, while they continue to build a brand new,
state-of-the-art Learning Management System featuring a clean and new modern look.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ITU Online was fortunate enough to not have any layoffs or furloughs, in fact, the current state of our economy provided
just the opposite. Carrie Cameron, CEO and President of ITU Online said, “We are thrilled to continue to expand our database of courses and grow our
corporate office team at the same time.”

“Currently, we offer more than 180 courses and have over 75 certified trainers. One of the greatest benefits of online training is you can learn from
home or anywhere with a high-speed internet connection at your convenience. It also eliminates the overhead costs of transportation, schoolwork deadlines,
increases flexibility, and reduces costs. Students of all abilities can access courses, take online quizzes and receive results immediately, Cameron said.”

About ITU Online Training

ITU Online Training’s curriculum is built, filmed, and supported in-house via their corporate headquarters outside of Tampa, FL. By using proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles, ITU creates exceptional courses to provide the best benefits for those in the IT training field.

ITU delivers a standard for quality by employing the best leaders in the IT field to create award-winning training courses. ITU has won four Best in Biz Awards, including Company of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, Creative Department of the Year, and Most Innovative Company of the Year. They are also nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2021.

These awards solidify what ITU’s students already come to expect – the best practical knowledge at an amazing price point.