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AZ-104 : Azure Adminstrator Certification

Master the art of Azure administration in this comprehensive course.


Whether you are new to Azure Cloud or just wanting to enhance your existing azure administrator skills, this course is for you. We’re thrilled to introduce our free Azure AZ-104 course.  Dive into learning with our free Azure Administrator certification course.

This Free AZ-104 Course Features

Total Hours
35  Training Hours
Free AZ-104 : Azure Administrator Certification
86 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
7  Topics
Prep Questions
200 Prep Questions
Free AZ-104 : Azure Administrator Certification

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Free AZ-104 Course

Free AZ-104 Azure Course Content

Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Course Content

Module 1 - Azure Overview

  •    1.0 Introduction to AZ-104

  •    1.1 Cloud Computing

  •    1.2 Cloud Services Benefits

  •    1.3 Cloud Service Types

  •    1.4 Azure Core Architectural Components

  •    1.4.1 ACTIVITY-Creating Management Groups and Subscriptions

  •    1.5 Azure Compute Services

  •    1.6 Azure Application Hosting Options

  •    1.7 Azure Networking Services

  •    1.8 Azure Storage Services

  •    1.9 Azure Identity, Access, and Security

  •    1.10 Azure Cost Management

  •    1.10.1 ACTIVITY- Checking Your Azure Balance

  •    1.11 Azure Governance and Compliance Tools

  •    1.11.1 ACTIVITY- Assign an Azure Policy

Module 2 - Azure Tools

  •    2.1 Azure Portal

  •    2.1.1 ACTIVITY- Exploring the Azure Portal

  •    2.2 Azure Monitoring Tools

  •    2.3 Azure PowerShell

  •    2.3.1 ACTIVITY- Using Azure PowerShell

  •    2.4 Azure CLI

  •    2.4.1 ACTIVITY- Using the Azure CLI

  •    2.5 Azure Cloud Shell

  •    2.6 ARM Templates

  •    2.6.1 ACTIVITY- Using Templates to Deploy Resources

  •    2.7 Azure Resource Manager

  •    2.8 Hybrid Tools

Module 3 - Azure Identities and Governance

  •    3.1 Azure AD Overview

  •    3.1.1 ACTIVITY- Exploring Azure Active Directory

  •    3.1.2 ACTIVITY- Adding a Custom Domain

  •    3.2 Subscriptions

  •    3.3 Users and Groups

  •    3.3.1 ACTIVITY- Adding Azure Active Directory User

  •    3.3.2 ACTIVITY- Bulk Inviting New Users

  •    3.3.3 ACTIVITY- Creating Azure AD Groups

  •    3.4 Authentication

  •    3.5 SSPR

  •    3.5.1 ACTIVITY- Implementing SSPR

  •    3.6 Devices

  •    3.7 Azure Roles

  •    3.7.1 ACTIVITY- Assigning Azure Roles

  •    3.8 Azure AD Roles

  •    3.8.1 ACTIVITY- Assigning Azure AD Roles

  •    3.9 Conditional Access

  •    3.10 Authorization

  •    3.10.1 ACTIVITY- Managing Licenses

  •    3.11 Azure Policy

Module 4 - Azure Storage

  •    4.1 Storage Accounts

  •    4.1.1 ACTIVITY- Creating a Storage Account

  •    4.2 Storage Types

  •    4.2.1 ACTIVITY- Creating Storage Types

  •    4.3 Azure Storage Tools

  •    4.3.1 ACTIVITY- Azure Storage Explorer

  •    4.4 Azure Files and File Sync

  •    4.4.1 ACTIVITY- Deploying an Azure Files Share

  •    4.5 Azure Storage Security

Module 5 - Azure Compute Resources

  •    5.1 Virtual Machines

  •    5.1.1 ACTIVITY- Create Virtual Machines

  •    5.1.2 ACTIVITY- Delete a Virtual Machine

  •    5.2 VM Availability

  •    5.2.1 ACTIVITY- Increasing VM Availability

  •    5.3 VM Extensions

  •    5.4 Azure App Service

  •    5.5 Azure Container Instances

  •    5.6 Kubernetes

Module 6 - Azure Virtual Networks

  •    6.1 Virtual Networks

  •    6.1.1 ACTIVITY- Create a VNet

  •    6.2 Network Security Groups-Part 1

  •    6.2.1 Network Security Groups-Part 2

  •    6.3 Azure Firewall

  •    6.3.1 ACTIVITY- Deploying a Firewall

  •    6.4 Azure DNS-Part 1

  •    6.4.1 Azure DNS-Part 2

  •    6.4.2 ACTIVITY- Implementing Azure DNS Zone6

  •    6.5 Virtual Network Peering

  •    6.5.1 ACTIVITY- VNet Peering

  •    6.6 Azure VPN Gateway

  •    6.7 ExpressRoute and Virtual WANs

  •    6.8 Azure Load Balancer

  •    6.9 Azure Application Gateway

  •    6.10 Azure Routes

Module 7 - Azure Monitoring and Backup

  •    7.1 Network Watcher

  •    7.2 Azure Monitor

  •    7.3 Azure Backup-Part 1

  •    7.4 Azure Backup-Part 2

  •    7.5 Azure Backup-Part 3

  •    7.6 Conclusion to AZ-104

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Course Description

This comprehensive course is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of Microsoft Azure, focusing on preparing students for the AZ-104 certification exam. The course is divided into seven modules, each covering a specific aspect of Azure. Module 1 serves as an introduction to Azure and cloud computing, offering insights into cloud services, benefits, and types. It also delves into Azure’s core architectural components, compute services, application hosting options, networking services, and storage services. Practical activities such as creating management groups, checking Azure balance, and assigning Azure policies are integrated to ensure hands-on experience.


Modules 2 through 7 explore specialized topics in greater detail. Module 2 covers Azure tools like the Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI, complete with activities to familiarize students with these tools. Module 3 focuses on Azure identities and governance, covering Azure Active Directory, subscriptions, and user management. Modules 4 and 5 are dedicated to Azure storage and compute resources, respectively, offering activities like creating storage accounts and virtual machines. Module 6 is all about Azure Virtual Networks, discussing topics like network security groups, Azure Firewall, and Azure DNS. Finally, Module 7 rounds off the course by covering Azure Monitoring and Backup, concluding with a wrap-up of all the topics covered in preparation for the AZ-104 exam.

Who Is This Azure AZ-104 Course For?

  • IT Professionals: Those who are already in the IT field and want to expand their skill set to include cloud computing and Azure services.

  • Cloud Architects: Individuals responsible for designing and implementing cloud solutions can deepen their understanding of Azure’s capabilities.

  • System Administrators: Those who manage and maintain an organization’s IT infrastructure can gain valuable insights into Azure’s management and governance tools.

  • Network Engineers: Professionals who focus on networking can benefit from the modules on Azure Virtual Networks, Network Security Groups, and Azure Firewall.

  • Security Analysts: Those who specialize in IT security can learn about Azure’s identity, access, and security features to better secure cloud-based resources.

  • DevOps Engineers: This course covers Azure tools that are essential for DevOps practices, such as Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and ARM Templates.

  • Software Developers: Developers looking to deploy applications on Azure can gain a comprehensive understanding of Azure’s compute and storage options.

  • Business Analysts: Individuals who need to understand the cost and governance aspects of Azure can benefit from the modules on Azure Cost Management and Governance Tools.

  • Students and Academics: Those studying computer science, information technology, or related fields can get a foundational understanding of cloud computing and Azure services.

  • Career Changers: Individuals looking to transition into a cloud computing role will find this course to be a comprehensive starting point.

  • Certification Seekers: Anyone aiming to pass the AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification exam will find this course to be directly aligned with the exam objectives.

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