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Customized Curriculum

Combine your company content with our technology and simplify your in-house training.

What is customized curriculum?

Customized curriculum is the process of taking internal company content and delivering it as user friendly and highly effective format to reduce your training costs and increase training efficiency. Doing training on-site with live instructors is expensive and (in many cases) un-effective. E-Learning allows for your employees to be trained from any location, around any schedule and free of ongoing costs.

Why ITU?

ITU is the leading content manufacturer and developer in the education space. With over 800,000 students, ITU knows what it takes to create engaging, interactive, and most importantly, effective virtual training courses. ITU’s customized curriculum department works with companies large and small to take their existing content and create a highly effective training course. This process allows for your company to save a massive amount of resources on using live trainers/ instructors for your training needs.

What content can I turn into customized curriculum?

The possibilities are endless. ITU can take any internal training or content and deliver a course that can be used to deliver the same result with far less funds being dedicated to the training. ITU can do customized curriculum for new hire orientation, sales training, internal company procedures, or any other company procedure or training you need. This can help companies make better decisions by automating business processes, reduce time-to-market by reacting quickly to market changes, and increase revenues through effective collaboration. ITU can take a simple training manual or new hire orientation packet and create a virtual classroom course that will delver higher retention levels, ease of use and instant improvements to company efficiency.

How much money will this save my company?

Many of our clients have experienced annal savings of over $250,000 just by replacing their costly live training with our online customized curriculum solution. In today’s marketplace, adding significant revenues to the bottom line is not only attractive but crucial for many of today’s companies. Work with the experts at ITU to increase your company’s efficiency, profits, and daily procedures.

The Process

ITU’s customized curriculum team will go through the content you want to deliver in an e-learning format. Our experts will take the existing content and create a framework for a highly effective e-learning format. The course can be delivered with a variety of features of your choice. We find the most effective combination is instructor led video, visual demonstrations, virtual exercises, flashcards and practice exams. If you would like a different format, ITU can easily change the format to fit your needs.

Once the framework has been finalized, ITU will begin training one of our highly skilled instructors to deliver the course or a subject matter expert from your organization can be provided.

The instructor will deliver the course in one of our digital studios at our corporate headquarters. Our video directors and QA team will ensure the instruction is engaging and the instructor has a charismatic delivery of your content. This is crucial to ensuring your employees will retail all the information they need to use the information they have been taught within their day-to-day responsibilities within your organization.

Once the course has been filmed, our editing team will go through the entire filming piece by piece and edit the curriculum to match the desired outcome laid out in the curriculum. Our team will also add a high level of production quality to the course. This includes your company branding, intros/ outros as well as interactive assignments to ensure your employees are retaining the information throughout the class.

Upon the completion of editing, the course then goes to our video QA team which will check the entire course from the customers perspective. This procedure ensures that the course is error free and delivers the content in the way you want it.

The course is then integrated into your LMS or delivered through an LMS we provide that can be fully customized with your branding and any customized features you desire.

Our Video Development Services include:

Video Production:

Full-service production, from initial concept & script development to editing, deliverable distribution and marketing services.

Pre and Post-Production Services:

Scripting, production planning and design, editing and more. This offering is designed to assist clients with some of the challenging technical aspects of video production.

Rich Content Consulting:

Concept & Script enhancement, technical evaluation and assistance and overall creative consulting. Our consulting service is the ideal choice for those interested in creating stronger, more engaging rich content.

Video Content Design:

Video concept development, treatment and scripting guidance and design consulting. Video Content Design is intended to help business owners and individuals construct the framework of a high-quality video.

ITU also offers a variety of other services:

  • Over 230 prebuilt courses
  • Custom LMS Solutions
  • Practice Exam Design Services
  • Course Development
  • Animation & Game Design
  • E-Learning Development
  • Customized Training Solutions
  • Corporate IT Training Libraries

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