Microsoft Certification Career Advancement

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ITU’s Microsoft Certification Career Advancement Bundle is your ticket to success! This bundle offers certification courses in Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook that will help you prepare for the esteemed Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

22  Training Hours
151 Videos
15  Topics
220 Practice Questions

Course Description

In today’s competitive economic climate, having certifications that validate one’s skills are essential to “set yourself apart from the pack” in the marketplace. Having Microsoft certifications not only increase one’s marketability but also validates an employee’s skills and experience to a potential employer. IT University is committed to helping all of our students in their given profession and has designed this bundle specifically to help any Business, HR, Sales, Office, Administration or Accounting professional gain the skills and certification they need to help them attain the positions they desire. In today’s marketplace computers are a part of daily life for almost everyone in an office setting. Many people spend hours on projects that could take minutes if they had the necessary training to expedite their day to day tasks. ITU’s Microsoft Certification Career Advancement Bundle contains certification courses in Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint & Outlook and allows you to prepare for your Microsoft Office Specialist(MOS) certification.

Your Training Instructor

Josh Schofer

Josh Schofer

Cybersecurity | Cloud Trainer

Josh has 15 plus years in account management and client support with over 5 years specifically in the healthcare industry. Josh provides hands-on leadership to the healthcare team at NetDirector by focusing on client success and innovative solutions. As the Healthcare Operations Manager, Josh ensures that each client implementation is completed as efficiently as possible with the greatest impact to the client. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida.

Course Outline

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Course Outline

Outlook 2010 Basic
  •    Intro To Outlook Basic
  •    Interface
  •    Customizing Interface
  •    E-mail 101
  •    Organizing Inbound E-mails
  •    Calendar Function
  •    Task Lists
  •    Contact List
  •    Multiple Accounts
  •    Conclusion
Outlook 2010 Intermediate
  •    Intro To Outlook Intermediate
  •    Message Functions
  •    Calendar
  •    More In-Depth Contact Functions
  •    Email Message Options
  •    Mail Rules
  •    Customizing Options
  •    Conclusion
Outlook 2010 Advanced
  •    Intro To Outlook Advanced
  •    Send And Receive
  •    Account Settings
  •    Calendars
  •    Quick Actions Within Messages
  •    Quick Steps
  •    Conclusion

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Course Outline

Powerpoint 2010 Basic
  •     Powerpoint Basic Flashcards
  •    Intro To PowerPoint Basic
  •    The PowerPoint Interface
  •    Creating A New Presentation With Templates
  •    Slide Layout
  •    Visually Appealing Presentations
  •    Preview Mode And Page Setup
  •    Transitions
  •    Creating Custom Slides
  •    Animating Text
  •    Animating Objects
  •    Animation Timing
  •    Conclusion
Powerpoint 2010 Intermediate
  •    Powerpoint Intermediate Flashcards
  •    Introduction To PowerPoint Intermediate
  •    Sections And Organizing Slides
  •    Adding Autoshapes
  •    Inserting And Editing Pictures
  •    Inserting And Editing Video
  •    Inserting And Editing Tables
  •    SmartArt
  •    Animating Smart Art And Inserting Audio
  •    Headers And Footers In PowerPoint
  •    Setup Slideshow And Rehearsal Timing
  •    Conclusion
Powerpoint 2010 Advanced
  •    Powerpoint Advanced Flashcards
  •    Intro To PowerPoint Advanced
  •    Master Slides
  •    Styles
  •    More Functions With Video In PowerPoint
  •    Transitions And Action Buttons
  •    Customizing The Show
  •    Printing In PowerPoint
  •    Conclusion

Microsoft Word 2010 Course Outline

Word 2010 Basic
  •    Flashcards
  •    Intro to the Word Interface
  •    Working with Templates
  •    Creating a New Blank Document
  •    Formatting a Document
  •    More Formatting Options
  •    Adding Shapes, Clipart, & Pictures
  •    Page Layout
  •    Conclusion
Word 2010 Intermediate
  •    Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Tracking Changes in a Document
  •    Customizing the Interface
  •    Working with Styles
  •    Tables in Word
  •    Endnotes, Footnotes, & Captions
  •    Cover Pages, Headers, & Footers
  •    Working with Sections
  •    Headers & Footers
  •    Cover Sheet & Table of Contents
  •    Cover Letters & Mail Merge
  •    Conclusion
Word 2010 Advanced
  •    Flashcards
  •    Introduction to the Word Interface
  •    Customizing the Ribbon
  •    Embedding Non-Word Documents
  •    Working with Formulas
  •    Citations
  •    Comparing Documents
  •    Forms & Content Controls
  •    Master Documents & Subdocuments
  •    Conclusion

Microsoft Excel 2010 Course Outline

Excel 2010 Basic
  •    Intro to Excel Basic
  •    Interface and Functions
  •    Cells
  •    Entering Data Into Cells
  •    Basic Formatting in Excel
  •    Creating a Worksheet
  •    The Intelligence Of Excel
  •    Customizing Rows and Columns
  •    Creating Formulas
  •    Summary Pages and Moving Workbook to Workbook
  •    The Function Builder
  •    Conditional Formatting
  •    Sorting and Filtering Data
  •    Printing with Excel
  •    Conclusion
  •    Excel Basic Flashcards
Excel 2010 Intermediate
  •    Intro to Excel Intermediate
  •    Charts
  •    Headers Footers and Layout Options
  •    What If
  •    Basic Tables in Excel
  •    Pivot Tables
  •    Manipulating Data Within the Pivot Tables
  •    Pivot Table Charts
  •    Data Validation
  •    Conclusion
  •    Excel Intermediate Flashcards
Excel 2010 Advanced
  •    Intro to Excel Advanced
  •    Customizing the Ribbon and Cells
  •    Creating and Managing Ranges
  •    More Formulas
  •    Data Analysis
  •    Data From an Outside Source
  •    Spark Lines
  •    Macros
  •    Conclusion
  •    Excel Advanced Flashcards

Microsoft Access 2010 Course Outline

Access 2010 Basic
  •    Access Basic Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Databases And The Access Interface
  •    Spreadsheets And Tables
  •    Entering Data In A Table
  •    Relationships Between Tables
  •    Editing A Form
  •    Queries
  •    Across The Tables
  •    Creating Forms
  •    Conclusion
Access 2010 Intermediate
  •    Access Intermediate Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Primary Key
  •    Multiple Table Query
  •    Creating Forms
  •    Validation Within Forms
  •    Adding Related Fields
  •    Forms Created With Design View
  •    Find Functionality
  •    Creating Report
  •    Conclusion
Access 2010 Advanced
  •    Access Advanced Flashcards
  •    Introduction
  •    Customizing Access With Back Stage Options
  •    Mailing Labels
  •    Macros-Part1
  •    Macros-Part2
  •    Queries-Part1
  •    Queries-Part2
  •    Joining In Sequel
  •    Navigation
  •    Adding Chart With Specific Data
  •    Action Query
  •    Security
  •    Conclusion
Microsoft Certification Career Advancement


ITU’s Microsoft Certification Career Advancement Bundle is your ticket to success! This bundle offers certification courses in Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook that will help you prepare for the esteemed Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.

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