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Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7

In this course you will learn how to plan and deploy Windows 7 desktops in large organizations. This course will also teach you how to design, configure, and manage the Windows 7 client environment.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
17  Training Hours
Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7
70 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
10  Topics
Prep Questions
60 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Getting certified on the Windows operating system can help you reach your goals. In today’s increasingly complex IT environment, a Windows certification helps prove to customers and employers that you have the technical skills necessary to do the job. By sitting for one exam, you’ll become MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) certified. Many of today’s IT jobs are looking for the MCTS or MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Configuring Windows 7

What exactly am I going to learn in the Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7 course?

You’re gonna get a deep dive into how to plan, deploy, and manage Windows 7 in large organizations. The course is designed to help you get MCTS or MCITP certification, which are like gold stars in the IT world. You’ll be learning about installation, upgrades, network connectivity, access to resources, mobile computing, security options, system maintenance, and backup and recovery options. So yeah, it’s pretty comprehensive!

Is this a “learn at your own pace” type of thing?

Totally! The course includes 70 on-demand videos. That means you can watch and rewatch them whenever you want. It’s like having an expert IT instructor right in your pocket.

How long is this course going to take?

The online course is packed with 17 training hours. But hey, remember you have the freedom to complete it at your own pace.

Do I get any extras with the course?

For sure! You’re gonna get access to 10 different topics and 60 prep questions to help you ace that certification exam. Plus, at the end of it all, you’ll get a certificate of completion. Nice, right?

What kind of prep does the course offer for the MCTS or MCITP certifications?

The course is designed to get you ready for the exam with a wide range of topics. It goes over installing, upgrading, and migrating Windows 7, configuring network connectivity and access to resources, setting up mobile computing and security options, and even covers system monitoring and backup and recovery options. In other words, it’s got you covered.

Will I get some help if I struggle with the course content?

I couldn’t find specific details on the course page about whether or not there is one-on-one support or a community forum. However, most online training platforms do offer some form of support to their students. You might want to reach out to ITU Online at or call them at +1 855.488.5327 to get the scoop on what support options are available.

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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7 Course Content

Module 1: Installing,Upgrading and Migrating Windows 7

  •    Course And Instructor Introduction

  •    Introducing Windows 7-Part1

  •    Introducing Windows 7-Part2

  •    Pre Installation Requirements-Part1

  •    Pre Installation Requirements-Part2

  •    Installing Windows 7-Part1

  •    Installing Windows 7-Part2

  •    Upgrading Windows 7

  •    Migrating Windows 7

Module 2: Deploying Windows 7 in the Enterprise

  •    Overview Of Image Based Installations-Part1

  •    Overview Of Image Based Installations-Part2

  •    Overview Of Image Based Installations Demo

  •    Capturing System Images-Part1

  •    Capturing System Images-Part2

  •    Capturing System Images-Part3

  •    Preparing Images For Deployment-Part1

  •    Preparing Images For Deployment-Part2

  •    Working With User State

  •    Working With Virtual Drives

  •    Activating Windows 7

Module 3: Enterprise Management in Windows 7

  •    Automating Management Using Group Policy-Part1

  •    Automating Management Using Group Policy-Part2

  •    Automating Management Using Group Policy-Part3

  •    Using Windows Powershell 2.0-Part1

  •    Using Windows Powershell 2.0-Part2

  •    Using Windows Powershell 2.0-Part3

Module 4: Configuring Hardware and Applications

  •    Working With Device Drivers-Part1

  •    Working With Device Drivers-Part2

  •    Working With Hard Disks-Part1

  •    Working With Hard Disks-Part2

  •    Configuring Application Compatibility

  •    Configuring Internet Explorer-Part1

  •    Configuring Internet Explorer-Part2

  •    Configuring Application Restrictions

Module 5: Configuring Network Connectivity

  •    Configuring TCPIP-Part1

  •    Configuring TCPIP-Part2

  •    Configuring TCPIP-Part3

  •    IP Address Assignment-Part1

  •    IP Address Assignment-Part2

  •    Name Resolution Services-Part1

  •    Name Resolution Services-Part2

  •    Wireless Networking-Part1

  •    Wireless Networking-Part2

  •    Remote Management

  •    Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

Module 6: Configuring Access to Resources

  •    Authentication And Authorization-Part1

  •    Authentication And Authorization-Part2

  •    Managing Access To Files Using NTFS

  •    Managing Sharing

  •    Managing Shared Printers

  •    Configuring Branch Cache

Module 7: Configuring Mobile Computing

  •    Configuring Mobile Computer And Device Settings-Part1

  •    Configuring Mobile Computer And Device Settings-Part2

  •    Configuring Remote Access-Part1

  •    Configuring Remote Access-Part2

Module 8: Configuring Security Options

  •    User Account Control

  •    Encrypting File Systems

  •    Bit Locker Drive Encryption-Part1

  •    Bit Locker Drive Encryption-Part2

  •    Network Access Protection

  •    Windows Firewall With Advanced Security

  •    Configuring Anti-Malware

  •    Auditing Network Access

Module 9: Monitoring And Maintaining Systems

  •    Configuring Windows Updates

  •    Event Monitoring

  •    Performance Monitoring

Module 10: Configuring Backup and Recovery Options

  •    Troubleshooting Startup Issues

  •    Using Windows Backup

  •    Using System Restore

  •    Course Conclusion

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Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7 Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7
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Your Training Instructor

Patrick Loner

Patrick Loner

IT Instructor

Patrick is a skilled presenter with a strong background in IT training and certification covering general information technology, network administration, and consulting. His strong customer service background and skills both in support and presentation situations allow him to effectively communicate course information in an engaging manner. He specializes in areas such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Network Infrastructure, and Security.

Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7



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Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7

Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7
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