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Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions

In this Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions course you will learn how to create efficient applications for Sharepoint 2013, work with managed metadata solutions, work with the search service, implement enterprise content management, develop publishing sites, and interact with business continuity services.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
14 Training Hours
Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions
53 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
6  Topics
Prep Questions
197 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Course Description: SharePoint 2013 Advanced Solutions Mastery

Dive deep into the world of SharePoint 2013 with our comprehensive course, specifically designed for professionals aiming to master advanced solutions in Microsoft SharePoint. This course not only equips you with in-depth knowledge of SharePoint’s capabilities but also prepares you for the Microsoft 70-489 certification exam. From custom solution development to advanced features, you’ll gain expertise that’s highly valued in today’s IT landscape.

Through practical examples and real-world scenarios, this course guides you through complex topics, ensuring a complete understanding of SharePoint’s advanced functionalities. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills for career advancement or aiming to pass the Microsoft 70-489 exam with flying colors, this course is your gateway to success in the SharePoint ecosystem.

Exam Objectives: Microsoft 70-489 Certification Insights

The “Microsoft 70-489: Developing SharePoint 2013 Advanced Solutions” exam focuses on testing your ability to design and develop advanced solutions in SharePoint. Key objectives include:

  • Designing and implementing search-driven data solutions.
  • Developing and deploying cloud-based solutions.
  • Customizing the SharePoint environment to meet specific business needs.
  • Managing SharePoint solutions and life cycle.

This certification, governed by Microsoft, validates your skills in SharePoint development, opening doors to advanced roles in the IT industry.

Course Topics: SharePoint 2013 Advanced Feature Exploration

  • SharePoint Environment Customization: Learn to tailor SharePoint environments to meet diverse business requirements.
  • Cloud-Based Solution Development: Understand how to develop, deploy, and manage cloud solutions within SharePoint.
  • Advanced Search-Driven Solutions: Master the art of creating solutions that leverage SharePoint’s powerful search capabilities.
  • Lifecycle Management: Gain insights into effectively managing the lifecycle of SharePoint solutions.

Who Will Benefit From This Course

  • IT professionals specializing in SharePoint.
  • Developers looking to enhance their skills in advanced SharePoint solutions.
  • Individuals preparing for the Microsoft 70-489 certification exam.

Course Highlights: Advanced SharePoint Skill Enhancement

  • In-depth understanding of SharePoint 2013’s advanced features.
  • Real-world application scenarios.
  • Preparation for the Microsoft 70-489 certification exam.
  • Expert instruction and practical, hands-on learning.

Job Outlook: SharePoint Development Experts

The demand for skilled SharePoint developers remains strong. Companies across various industries seek professionals who can effectively implement and manage SharePoint solutions. The ability to develop advanced solutions in SharePoint is especially valued, offering promising career opportunities and advancements.

Estimated Salary Ranges: SharePoint Professionals

  • Nationwide Estimate
    • Minimum: $70,000
    • Median: $90,000
    • Maximum: $120,000

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions

What skills can I expect to gain from the Microsoft 70-489: Developing SharePoint Advanced Solutions course?

Hey there! In this course, you’ll get the know-how to create efficient applications for SharePoint 2013, work with managed metadata solutions, play around with the search service, get your hands dirty with enterprise content management, develop publishing sites, and interact with business continuity services. Pretty cool, right?

What resources are included in this course?

Great question! With this course, you’ll get 14 hours of training, 53 on-demand videos, closed captions, and 6 topics to explore. Plus, you’ll have 197 prep questions to practice your skills. And the cherry on top? You get a Certificate of Completion at the end!​

Is this course only for beginners, or can experienced professionals also benefit from it?

Hey, this course has got you covered whether you’re starting fresh or have been in the game for a while. It’s designed with technical leads in mind, who typically have at least four years of experience in SharePoint and web development. So if you’re responsible for designing custom code for projects that interact with SharePoint, this course will be right up your alley​.

I heard the associated examination for this course has been retired. Can this course still be useful?

Absolutely! Although the exam for this course is no longer active, the course itself is still a fantastic resource for online training. It’s all about enhancing your skills in SharePoint environments. So, even without the exam, you’ll be adding some solid skills to your repertoire​.

What topics are covered in the course?

This course is packed with useful topics! The first module alone covers creating efficient apps for SharePoint, including course and instructor introduction, apps for SharePoint, communication from apps to SharePoint, authentication and authorization, and designing apps for performance. And that’s just Module 1! There’s a whole lot more to explore in the other modules​.

How Will This Course Help Me Master SharePoint 2013?

This course offers an in-depth understanding of SharePoint 2013, focusing on developing advanced solutions and custom applications. It covers topics like metadata management, enterprise content management, and business continuity services, equipping you with practical skills and knowledge to excel in SharePoint development.

Is Prior Experience in SharePoint Required for the Course?

While having a background in SharePoint and web development is beneficial, the course is structured to accommodate learners at various levels. It provides foundational knowledge and progresses to more complex concepts, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced professionals.

What Are the Key Takeaways from the SharePoint Development Course?

Participants will gain expertise in SharePoint application development, learn to manage complex metadata solutions, and understand the nuances of enterprise content management. The course also includes training in developing publishing sites and enhancing business continuity services, essential skills for any SharePoint professional.

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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint 2013 Advanced Solutions Course Content

Module 1: Introduction To Creating Efficient Apps For Sharepoint

  •    Course And Instructor Introduction

  •    Apps For SharePoint Part1

  •    Apps For SharePoint Part2

  •    Communication From Apps To SharePoint Part1

  •    Communication From Apps To SharePoint Part2

  •    Authentication And Authorization Part1

  •    Authentication And Authorization Part2

  •    Designing Apps For Performance Part1

  •    Designing Apps For Performance Part2

  •    Designing Apps For Performance Part3

Module 2: Working With Managed Metadata Solutions

  •    Overview Of Managed Metadata Part1

  •    Overview Of Managed Metadata Part2

  •    Configuring Managed Metadata Term Sets Part1

  •    Configuring Managed Metadata Term Sets Part2

  •    Configuring Managed Metadata Term Sets Part3

  •    Configuring Managed Metadata Term Sets Part4

  •    Working With Managed Metadata Fields Part1

  •    Working With Managed Metadata Fields Part2

Module 3: Working With The Search Service

  •    Overview Of The SharePoint 2013 Search Service Part1

  •    Overview Of The SharePoint 2013 Search Service Part2

  •    Overview Of The SharePoint 2013 Search Service Part3

  •    Building Search Queries

  •    Using Code To Execute Search Queries Part1

  •    Using Code To Execute Search Queries Part2

  •    Customizing Query Processing Part1

  •    Customizing Query Processing Part2

  •    Customizing Search Results Part1

  •    Customizing Search Results Part2

  •    Customizing Content Processing Part1

  •    Customizing Content Processing Part2

Module 4: Implementing Enterprise Content Management

  •    Working With eDiscovery Part1

  •    Working With eDiscovery Part2

  •    Working With Content Management Part1

  •    Working With Content Management Part2

  •    Handling Automated Records Management Part1

  •    Handling Automated Records Management Part2

  •    Handling Automated Records Management Part3

Module 5: Developing Publishing Sites

  •    Introduction To Developing Publishing Solutions

  •    Developing Page Components For Web Content Publishing Part1

  •    Developing Page Components For Web Content Publishing Part2

  •    Developing Page Components For Web Content Publishing Part3

  •    Website Structure And Navigation Part1

  •    Website Structure And Navigation Part2

  •    Website Structure And Navigation Part3

  •    Publishing Content

  •    Publishing To Mobile Devices

  •    Optimizing For Search Engines Part1

  •    Optimizing For Search Engines Part2

  •    Optimizing Performance And Availability Part1

  •    Optimizing Performance And Availability Part2

Module 6: Interacting With Business Connectivity Services

  •    Overview Of Business Connectivity Services

  •    Creating BDC Models

  •    Creating An App Scoped External Content Type

  •    Conclusion

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Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions



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Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions

Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions
Microsoft 70-489: Developing Sharepoint Advanced Solutions
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