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Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions

In this course you will learn how to plan and design Sharepoint sites, implement authorization and authentication, access and manage data, implement Sharepoint solutions, implement the user experience and information architecture, create business processes, and create office applications.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
17 Training Hours
Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions
68 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
9  Topics
Prep Questions
189 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Note: Although the associated examination for this course has been retired, it is a good resource for online training.

Course Description

Tailored Learning Experience in SharePoint Server Core Solutions

Immerse yourself in the realm of SharePoint Server 2013 with our detailed “Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions” course. Designed for both beginners and experienced professionals, this course delves into essential aspects like site planning, authentication, data management, and user experience in SharePoint. Get ready to explore 9 insightful modules, each honed to enhance your SharePoint development expertise.

Comprehensive Coverage for Aspiring SharePoint Developers

Engage with 17 hours of in-depth training, encompassing 68 on-demand videos across varied SharePoint topics. Even if you’re new to SharePoint, our course gently introduces you to its fundamentals while progressively building your skills. Learn to create effective business processes and seamless office applications, crucial for any SharePoint environment. This course, though focusing on SharePoint Server 2013, offers timeless skills applicable to the evolving SharePoint landscape.

Empower Your SharePoint Journey

Our course is uniquely structured to cover diverse aspects of SharePoint development, including object handling, list management, and client-side development. Whether it’s understanding authentication mechanisms or mastering app development, each module takes you a step closer to being a SharePoint expert. Completing the course earns you a certificate, a testament to your newly acquired skills and dedication.

Course Benefits

Maximizing Professional Growth in SharePoint

This course is your gateway to mastering SharePoint Server 2013. By the end of your journey, you’ll be adept at designing SharePoint sites, implementing solutions, and enhancing user experiences. These skills are not just vital for SharePoint development but also enhance your overall IT expertise, making you a valuable asset in any tech-driven workspace.

Learn from the Expert: Patrick Loner

Under the guidance of Patrick Loner, a seasoned IT instructor, your learning experience is enriched with practical insights and industry-relevant knowledge. Patrick’s expertise in areas like Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange adds depth to your learning, ensuring you gain real-world skills.

Future-Proof Your SharePoint Skills

While the associated Exam 70-488 is retired, the knowledge and skills you gain remain highly relevant. This course prepares you for the evolving demands of SharePoint development, ensuring your skills stay updated and applicable in various professional scenarios.

Who Is The Course For

Ideal for Aspiring and Seasoned Developers

Whether you’re starting your journey in SharePoint development or looking to update your skills, this course is tailored for you. With no prerequisite for prior experience in SharePoint Server 2013, the course welcomes a diverse range of learners, from beginners to experienced developers seeking to refresh their knowledge.

A Stepping Stone for Professional Developers

For professionals developing solutions for SharePoint products, this course acts as a catalyst, enhancing your understanding and practical skills in SharePoint Server 2013. It’s an opportunity to expand your expertise and apply it in real-world scenarios.

A Comprehensive Learning Path for IT Enthusiasts

Anyone passionate about IT and keen to delve into SharePoint development will find this course immensely beneficial. It’s a comprehensive package that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, setting a solid foundation for a career in SharePoint development.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions

What will I learn in this course?

This online course covers everything from planning and designing SharePoint sites, implementing authorization and authentication, managing data, implementing SharePoint solutions, enhancing the user experience, and creating business processes. You’ll also get to create office applications. It’s all about giving you the skills you need to work effectively with SharePoint Server 2013.

What resources are included in the course?

The course offers 17 hours of training with 68 on-demand videos and covers 9 topics. You also get 189 prep questions to help you test your understanding. Plus, once you’ve completed the course, you’ll get a certificate to show off your achievement​.

Do I need any prior experience to take this course?

While it’s helpful to have some familiarity with SharePoint development, you don’t need to have prior experience with the new features in SharePoint Server 2013. The course is intended for professional developers who develop solutions for SharePoint products and technologies, but beginners are also welcome.

Can you give me a rundown of the course structure?

Absolutely! The course consists of 9 modules, each focusing on a specific area of SharePoint development. These include working with objects, lists, and libraries; features and solutions; server-side code; authentication and authorization; client-side SharePoint development; app development and management; workflow automation; and customizing SharePoint interfaces.

Who’s going to be teaching this course?

The course is taught by Patrick Loner. He’s a skilled IT instructor with a strong background in IT training and certification. He specializes in areas such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Network Infrastructure, and Security. Patrick’s strong customer service background and engaging presentation style make him an effective and enjoyable instructor.

What if I want to take the associated exam for this course?

While the exam (Exam 70-488) associated with this course has been retired, the course itself remains a valuable resource for online training. It’s designed to enhance your skills required for SharePoint development activities, which can be handy in your professional development regardless of the exam.

Proudly Display
Your Achievement

Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion to help validate to others your new skills.
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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-488: Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions Course Content

Module 1: Overview of SharePoint Development

  •    Course Introduction

  •    Introduction To SharePoint Development Part1

  •    Introduction To SharePoint Development Part2

  •    Introduction To SharePoint Development Part3

  •    Choosing A Development Approach Part1

  •    Choosing A Development Approach Part2

  •    SharePoint 2013 Deployment And Execution Models Part1

  •    SharePoint 2013 Deployment And Execution Models Part2

  •    SharePoint 2013 Deployment And Execution Models Part3

Module 2: Working With Objects, List, And Libraries

  •    Introduction To The SharePoint Object Hierarchy Part1

  •    Introduction To The SharePoint Object Hierarchy Part2

  •    Working With Sites And Webs Part1

  •    Working With Sites And Webs Part2

  •    Working With Sites And Webs Part3

  •    Working With Sites And Webs Part4

  •    Managing Execution Contexts Part1

  •    Managing Execution Contexts Part2

  •    Using Lists And Library Objects Part1

  •    Using Lists And Library Objects Part2

  •    Querying And Retrieving Data From Lists Part1

  •    Querying And Retrieving Data From Lists Part2

  •    Querying And Retrieving Data From Lists Part3

  •    Working With Large Lists Part1

  •    Working With Large Lists Part2

Module 3: Working With Features and Solutions

  •    Introduction To Features

  •    Introduction To Solutions

  •    Creating And Configuring Features And Solutions Part1

  •    Creating And Configuring Features And Solutions Part2

  •    Creating And Configuring Features And Solutions Part3

  •    Creating And Configuring Features And Solutions Part4

  •    Using Sandboxed Solutions

Module 4: Developing Server Side Code

  •    Web Parts

  •    Event Receivers Part1

  •    Event Receivers Part2

  •    Timer Jobs

  •    Storing Configuration Data Part1

  •    Storing Configuration Data Part2

Module 5: Managing Authentication And Authorization

  •    Introduction To Identity Management

  •    Managing Permissions

  •    Configuring Forms Based Authentication

  •    Working With Custom Authentication Part1

  •    Working With Custom Authentication Part2

  •    Working With Custom Authentication Part3

Module 6: Client Side SharePoint Development

  •    Using The CSOM For Managed Code Part1

  •    Using The CSOM For Managed Code Part2

  •    Using The CSOM For Managed Code Part3

  •    Using The CSOM For JavaScript

  •    Using The Rest API With JavaScript Part1

  •    Using The Rest API With JavaScript Part2

Module 7: Developing And Managing Apps

  •    Overview Of Apps For SharePoint Part1

  •    Overview Of Apps For SharePoint Part2

  •    Developing Apps For SharePoint

  •    Overview Of Remote Hosted Apps

  •    Configuring Remote Hosted Apps

  •    Developing Remote Hosted Apps Part1

  •    Developing Remote Hosted Apps Part2

  •    Publishing And Distributing Apps Part1

  •    Publishing And Distributing Apps Part2

  •    Publishing And Distributing Apps Part3

Module 8: Using Workflows To Automate Business Processes

  •    Overview Of Workflows In SharePoint 2013

  •    Building Workflows Part1

  •    Building Workflows Part2

  •    Developing Workflows Part1

  •    Developing Workflows Part2

Module 9: Customizing SharePoint Interfaces

  •    Working With Custom Actions

  •    Using Client-Side Interface Components

  •    Customizing The SharePoint List User Interface

  •    Course Conclusion

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Your Training Instructor

Patrick Loner

Patrick Loner

IT Instructor

Patrick is a skilled presenter with a strong background in IT training and certification covering general information technology, network administration, and consulting. His strong customer service background and skills both in support and presentation situations allow him to effectively communicate course information in an engaging manner. He specializes in areas such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Network Infrastructure, and Security.

Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions



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Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions

Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions
Microsoft 70-488: Developing SharePoint Server Core Solutions
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