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Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server

In this Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server course you will learn how to configure, manage, and migrate Unified Messaging. This course will also teach you how to design, configure, and manage site resiliency and advanced security. Additional topics covered include configuring and managing compliance, archiving, discovery solutions, implementing and managing coexistence, hybrid scenarios and migration.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
6  Training Hours
Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server
49 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
10  Topics
Prep Questions
99 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Note: Although the associated examination for this course has been retired, it is a good resource for online training.

Course Description

Harness the Power of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013: Dive into the world of advanced email solutions with our in-depth course on Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server 2013. This course, a gem in the realm of IT networking software, is tailored for those eager to master the intricacies of Exchange Server 2013. Although the official exam has been retired, our course remains a crucial resource for up-to-date online training, ensuring you stay ahead in the IT field.

Comprehensive Learning Experience: We cover a breadth of essential topics to prepare you for real-world challenges. From configuring and managing unified messaging to mastering advanced security, the course is a deep dive into critical aspects of Exchange Server 2013. You’ll gain expertise in managing compliance, archiving, and discovery solutions, and learn the ropes of implementing coexistence, hybrid scenarios, migration, and federation. These skills are indispensable for any IT professional dealing with Microsoft Exchange Server.

A Step Ahead in IT Training: By the end of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of Exchange Server 2013’s advanced solutions, placing you a step ahead in the competitive IT landscape. Our curriculum is designed not just to impart knowledge but to ensure you’re equipped to apply these skills practically, making you an invaluable asset to any organization using Microsoft Exchange Server.

Course Benefits

Real-World Skills for IT Excellence: Our course is more than just theory; it’s about applying knowledge in real-world scenarios. You’ll learn the essential skills needed to manage and troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, making you a sought-after professional in the IT industry. This course is your ticket to advancing your career in networking software, offering practical skills that are highly valued in the job market.

In-Depth Knowledge and Practical Application: Each module is designed to delve deep into key functionalities of Exchange Server 2013, ensuring you not only understand the theory but can also apply it in practical settings. Whether it’s designing robust security systems or managing complex migrations, the course equips you with the knowledge and confidence to handle advanced tasks effortlessly.

Continuous Learning and Support: Enrolling in this course means access to a wealth of resources and ongoing support. Our dynamic learning environment, enriched with on-demand videos and interactive materials, keeps you engaged and ensures a fulfilling learning journey. We’re committed to your success, offering continuous support and guidance throughout your learning experience.

Who Is The Course For

Targeted for IT Professionals: This course is ideal for system administrators, IT professionals, and anyone aspiring to specialize in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current skills or pivot to a new area in IT, this course offers the specialized knowledge you need.

Prerequisites and Skill Level: A basic understanding of networking principles and prior experience with Microsoft Exchange Server is recommended. This course is designed to elevate your skills from fundamental to advanced, making it perfect for those who have a foundational knowledge and are eager to specialize further.

A Stepping Stone to IT Career Advancement: If you’re passionate about upgrading your IT skills and taking your career to new heights, this course is for you. It’s not just a learning experience; it’s an investment in your future, opening doors to new opportunities and equipping you with the skills in high demand in today’s tech-driven world. Join us, and be part of a community of forward-thinking IT professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server

What can I expect to learn from this course?

This course is all about getting you to grips with some of the advanced solutions of Microsoft’s Exchange Server. You’ll learn how to configure, manage, and migrate Unified Messaging. It’s also gonna teach you how to design, configure, and manage site resiliency and advanced security. Plus, you’ll cover how to configure and manage compliance, archiving, and discovery solutions, and how to implement and manage coexistence, hybrid scenarios, migration, and federation. It’s like a crash course in being an Exchange Server wizard!​

What’s included in the course?

This course comes packed with 6 hours of training, 49 on-demand videos, and 10 topics. You’ll also get 99 prep questions to get you exam-ready. And once you’re done, you’ll have a shiny new certificate of completion to show off your newfound knowledge.

Is there an exam associated with this course?

That’s a great question. So, the thing is, the exam that was originally associated with this course has actually been retired. But don’t let that put you off! The course itself is still a fantastic resource for online training and mastering Exchange Server 2013.​

How is the course structured?

It’s divided into 10 modules, each focusing on a different topic. The topics range from an overview of advanced solutions, through to Powershell, Unified Messaging, Security, Site Resiliency, Advanced Security, and Compliance. The course is designed to take you step by step through all you need to know, in a way that’s easy to digest.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

This course is more advanced, so it’s better suited to those who already have a basic understanding of Microsoft Exchange Server. It’s perfect if you’re looking to upskill and expand your knowledge!

Proudly Display
Your Achievement

Upon completion of your training, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of completion to help validate to others your new skills.
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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server 2013 Course Content

Module 1: Overview

  •    Intro

  •    Overview Of Advanced Solutions - Part 1

  •    Overview Of Advanced Solutions - Part 2

  •    Test Connectivity Demo

  •    Web Based Outlook Demo - Part 1

  •    Web Based Outlook Demo - Part 2

Module 2: Beginning Powershell

  •    Beginning Powershell

  •    New Mail Contact Demo

  •    New Mail Contacts Powershell Demo

Module 3: Exhange Control Panel

  •    Exchange Control Panel

Module 4: Create A New Mailbox with Powershell

  •    Create A New Mailbox With Powershell

  •    New Mailbox With Powershell Demo - Part 1

  •    New Mailbox With Powershell Demo - Part 2

Module 5: Mailbox Statistics With Powershell

  •    Mailbox Statistics With Powershell

  •    Get Mailbox Statistics Demo

Module 6: Intermediate Powershell

  •    Intermediate Powershell

  •    Wrap Up Of Intermediate Powershell

  •    Creating A New Accepted Domain Demo - Part 1

  •    Creating A New Accepted Domain Demo - Part 2

Module 7: Unified Messaging

  •    Unified Messaging - Part 1

  •    Unified Messaging - Part 2

  •    UM Dial Plan Demo

  •    UM Dial Plan Powershell Demo

Module 8: Installation and Configuration

  •    Installation And Configuration - Part 1

  •    Installation And Configuration - Part 2

  •    Build Exchange From Scratch Demo - Part 1

  •    Build Exchange From Scratch Demo - Part 2

  •    Build Exchange From Scratch Demo - Part 3

  •    Build Exchange From Scratch Demo - Part 4

  •    Build Exchange From Scratch Demo - Part 5

  •    Build Exchange From Scratch Demo - Part 6

  •    Confirming Installation Demo

  •    Scheme Changes - Part 1

  •    Scheme Changes - Part 2

  •    Required Software For Exchange

  •    Powershell Add Features - Part 1

  •    Powershell Add Features - Part 2

  •    Installation - Part 1

  •    Installation - Part 2

  •    Installation - Part 3

Module 9: Exchange Online

  •    Exchange Online - Part 1

  •    Exchange Online - Part 2

  •    Exchange Online Demo

Module 10: Advanced Design

  •    Advanced Design - Part 1

  •    Advanced Design - Part 2

  •    Advanced Design - Part 3

  •    Deployment Assistant Demo

  •    Ports And Protocols For Exchange Demo

  •    Outro

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Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server



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Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server

Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server
Microsoft 70-342: Advanced Solutions of Exchange Server
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