Cisco 200-355 :Wireless Network Fundamentals

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This Cisco 200-355 training IT course will enable students to set up and troubleshoot Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks.

15  Training Hours
55 Videos
20  Topics
245 Practice Questions

Course Description

Note: Although the associated examination for this course has been retired, it is a good resource for training.

This Cisco 200-355 training course will provide students with knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF) and 802.11 technology essentials along with installing, configuring, monitoring, and basic troubleshooting tasks needed to support Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks. The Cisco 200-355 is the base level certification for those who would like to prove their wireless networking knowledge using Cisco Systems® or related equipment.

Are you interested in obtaining your CCNA Wireless certification? If so, the Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals (WIFUND) exam is for you. This 90-minute test consists of around 60 to 70 questions that measure a candidate’s understanding of essential Radio Frequency (RF), 802.11 technologies and inspecting, adjusting, supervising as well as basic troubleshooting abilities necessary to offer assistance for Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks. All those eager to take this assessment should first complete the Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals course which provides helpful tips.

Your Training Instructor

David Biggers

David Biggers

IT Instructor

David has been a professional IT instructor for the past four years for the US Army. He teaches a broad range of certification courses ranging from CompTIA, Microsoft to Cisco and EC-Council. Prior to working with the US Army, David worked as a Jr. Network Admin and Web Services Manager with KCTCS in Kentucky. He performed multiple jobs being on the IT team. Additionally, David taught part-time during the evening at the college, where he instructed on Active Directory, Introduction to Computers, and Networking. David has 18 years of IT experience, 17 professional IT certifications, and 8 years of teaching experience.

Course Outline

Cisco 200-355: Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals Course Outline

Module 1: Wireless Basics
  •    Course And Instructor Introduction
  •    Wireless Basics Part 1
  •    Wireless Basics Part 2
  •    Wireless Basics Part 3
  •    Wireless Basics Part 4
  •    Wireless Basics Part 5
  •    Wireless Basics Part 6
Module 2: Wireless Standards
  •    Wireless Standards Part 1
  •    Wireless Standards Part 2
  •    Wireless Standards Part 3
  •    Wireless Standards Part 4
  •    Wireless Standards Part 5
Module 3: Wireless Signals
  •    Wireless Signals Part 1
  •    Wireless Signals Part 2
Module 4: Antennas
  •    Antennas Part 1
  •    Antennas Part 2
  •    Antennas Part 3
Module 5: Topologies
  •    Topologies Part 1
  •    Topologies Part 2
Module 6: Frame Types
  •    Frame Types Part 1
  •    Frame Types Part 2
  •    Frame Types Part 3
Module 7: Planning Coverage
  •    Planning Coverage Part 1
  •    Planning Coverage Part 2
  •    Planning Coverage Part 3
Module 8: Architectures
  •    Architectures Part 1
  •    Architectures Part 2
  •    Architectures Part 3
Module 9: Stand Alone And Cloud Deployments
  •    Stand Alone And Cloud Deployments Part 1
  •    Stand Alone And Cloud Deployments Part 2
Module 10: Controller Based Deployment
  •    Controller Based Deployment Part 1
  •    Controller Based Deployment Part 2
  •    Controller Based Deployment Part 3
Module 11: Controller Discovery
  •    Controller Discovery Part 1
  •    Controller Discovery Part 2
  •    Controller Discovery Part 3
Module 12: Roaming
  •    Roaming Part 1
  •    Roaming Part 2
Module 13: Radio Resource Management
  •    Radio Resource Management Part 1
  •    Radio Resource Management Part 2
  •    Radio Resource Management Part 3
Module 14: Wireless Security
  •    Wireless Security Part 1
  •    Wireless Security Part 2
  •    Wireless Security Part 3
Module 15: WLAN Configuration
  •    WLAN Configuration
Module 16: Guest Networks
  •    Guest Networks
Module 17: Client Connectivity
  •    Client Connectivity Part 1
  •    Client Connectivity Part 2
Module 18: Managing Wireless
  •    Managing Wireless Part 1
  •    Managing Wireless Part 2
Module 19: Interference
  •    Interference Part 1
  •    Interference Part 2
Module 20: Troubleshooting
  •    Troubleshooting Part 1
  •    Troubleshooting Part 2
  •    Course Conclusion
cisco 200-355
Cisco 200-355 :Wireless Network Fundamentals


This Cisco 200-355 training IT course will enable students to set up and troubleshoot Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks.

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