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CCSK Training


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Course overview


As organizations migrate to the cloud, they need information security professionals who are cloud-savvy. The CCSK certificate is widely recognized as the standard of expertise for cloud security and provides students with the foundations needed to secure data in the cloud.

This course provides students thorough coverage of cloud security fundamentals and prepares them to take the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam. The course begins with a detailed description of cloud computing and expands into all major domains such as Governance and Risk Management, the Cloud Architectural Framework, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery.

Upon course completion, students will be prepared for the CCSK Exam, and become experts in the following topics: understanding cloud computing, security challenges, cloud computing security, controls recommendation, elasticity, resiliency, and measured usage, and understand cloud computing architecture framework.

Cloud Computing Security Knowledge (CCSK) Course Outline

Module 1: Architecture
  •    Cloud Security Overview-Part1
  •    Cloud Security Overview-Part2
  •    Cloud Diagrams
  •    Cloud Services
Module 2: Governance and Enterprise Risk
  •    Risk Management
  •    Corporate Governance
  •    Enterprise Risk Management
  •    Risk Management Balance Process Supply Chain Security
  •    ERM Incidents Recommendations-Part1
  •    ERM Incidents Recommendations-Part2
  •    ERM Incidents Recommendations-Part3
Module 3: Legal Issues- Contracts and Electronic
  •    Cloud Legal Issues-Part1
  •    Cloud Legal Issues-Part2
  •    Cloud Legal Issues-Part3
Module 4: Compliance and Audit Management
  •    Audits
  •    Compliance And Audit
  •    Audit Recommendations
  •    Audit Requirements
Module 5: Information Management and Data Security
  •    Information And Security
  •    Storage
  •    Information Governance Classification
  •    Data Security
  •    Protecting Data Moving
  •    Client Database Encryption
  •    PaaS Encryption
Module 6: Interoperability and Portability
  •    Interoperability And Portability
  •    Interoperability Recommendations
  •    Portability Recommendations
  •    Recommendations SAAS
Module 7: Traditional Security, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
  •    Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery
  •    Assessing CSP Security
  •    Equipment Maintenance
  •    Recommendations
Module 8: Data Center Operations
  •    Data Center Operations
Module 9: Incident Response
  •    Incident Response
  •    Testing
  •    IaaS
  •    C.E.R.- Containment, Eradication, And Recovery
Module 10: Application Security
  •    Application Security
  •    Security Testing
  •    Audit Compliance
  •    Security Assurance Recommendations
Module 11: Encryption and Key Management
  •    Encryption And Key Management
  •    Content Aware Encryption
  •    Storage Of Keys
Module 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
  •    Building Access Control
  •    Intro To Identity
  •    Entitlement Process
  •    Trust With Identity
  •    Recommendations For Identity Management
Module 13: Virtualization
  •    Virtualization
  •    Hypervisor And Virtual Machine
  •    Inter-Virtual Machine Attacks
  •    Virtual Machine Encryption
  •    Virtual Machine Recommendations And Requirements
Module 14: Security as a Service
  •    Security As A Service
  •    Security Offerings
  •    Intrusion Detection Prevention
  •    Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery
  •    European CCSK
  •    Top Security Benefits
  •    European Legal Based Issues
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