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Amazon Web Services Beginners Course

You will learn about the different features of AWS Storage Gateway and how to use them effectively in this Amazon Web Services Beginners online training Course. You’ll learn how to create and manage gateways in each of the three modes as well as how to apply security features to protect data both in the gateway and in the cloud.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
11 Training Hours
Amazon Web Services Beginners Course
49 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
6  Topics
Prep Questions
50 Prep Questions
Amazon Web Services Beginners Course

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Course Description

Amazon Web Services Training and Certification for Beginners

Dive into the world of cloud computing with our comprehensive Amazon Web Services Beginners Course. This online training is a gateway to mastering AWS Cloud Storage Gateway, with a focus on its pivotal modes: File, Volume, and Tape. Gain hands-on experience in creating and managing gateways through the intuitive AWS Management Console. Our course is meticulously crafted to enhance your skills in implementing robust AWS security measures, ensuring the utmost protection of your data both in the gateway and in the cloud. Additionally, you’ll learn vital techniques for monitoring gateway performance and effectively troubleshooting common operational issues.

AWS Technical Essentials: Architecting High-Availability Solutions

This course is an essential journey for aspiring enterprise Cloud Storage engineers. It is designed to impart in-depth knowledge on architecting highly available solutions, with a particular emphasis on the diverse storage services offered by AWS. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in cloud storage architecture, enabling you to build resilient and efficient storage solutions on AWS.

Course Benefits

Bridging the Gap: From Newbies to IT Professionals

Our AWS Cloud Services overview caters to a broad audience – from Sales and Marketing personnel to Project Managers keen on grasping the basics of AWS services. IT Professionals with prior AWS experience will find this course enriching, enhancing their understanding of cloud computing and cloud architecture fundamentals. This training is your stepping stone into the vast world of AWS, offering a blend of basic concepts and practical skills.

IaaS and AWS Storage: Crafting Tailored Solutions

Maximize Efficiency with AWS Storage Services

At the heart of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are the versatile storage solutions offered by AWS. This course delves into the array of AWS storage services, helping you design and implement tailored storage solutions. Learn to optimize data transfer, storage, and backup processes, ensuring security, efficiency, and scalability. Each service is explained in detail, highlighting its purpose, key features, and practical applications in your system.

Who Is The Course For

From Novices to Seasoned Cloud Administrators

Our entry-level AWS training is tailored for cloud administrators and IT professionals with at least a year of experience. It provides a thorough introduction to fundamental cloud services and terminologies. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced administrator, this course is an invaluable resource for enhancing and validating your AWS knowledge.

  1. New Cloud Administrators: Starting your cloud administration journey? This training is perfect for grasping the basics of AWS, laying the groundwork for a successful career in cloud infrastructure management.
  2. Experienced Cloud Administrators: If you’re an administrator in an enterprise utilizing AWS, this course is crucial. It starts with essential terms and concepts, equipping you to efficiently manage and troubleshoot AWS resources in your production environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Web Services Beginners Course

What will I learn from the Amazon Web Services Beginners Online Course?

This IT Training Course provides an in-depth understanding of AWS Cloud Storage Gateway features and functions, including its three modes: File, Volume, and Tape. You’ll learn how to create and manage each type of gateway using the AWS Management Console, apply AWS security features to protect access to data, and monitor gateways for performance. Additionally, you’ll gain skills to troubleshoot common problems in daily Storage Gateway operation.

Who should take this AWS Beginners course?

This self-paced training is designed for a range of professionals. Sales, Marketing, Project Managers, and new business professionals learning AWS could benefit from the course. It’s also suitable for IT Professionals with some working knowledge of AWS. Moreover, the course is ideal for cloud administrators and IT professionals with at least a year of experience in the field.

What’s included in this AWS Beginners Course?

The course package includes 11 hours of training, 49 on-demand videos, closed captions, six topics, 50 prep questions, and a certificate of completion once you’ve finished the course.

I’m an experienced administrator, would this course still be beneficial for me?

Absolutely! Even if you have extensive experience, this course serves as a comprehensive overview of fundamental cloud services and terminology. It can also help validate your existing AWS knowledge and keep you updated with the latest developments.

Is there a focus on AWS storage services in this course?

Yes, indeed. This AWS Technical Essentials course is designed to help enterprise Cloud Storage engineers learn how to architect and manage highly available solutions with a specific focus on AWS storage services.

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Course Outline

AWS - Introduction and Deep Dive Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to AWS Basics

  •    1.1 Instructor Intro

  •    1.2 AWS Basic Intro

  •    1.3 What Is AWS

  •    1.4 Advantages of cloud computing

  •    1.5 Types of cloud computing

Module 2: AWS Web Services and Cloud Platform Services

  •    2.1 Console

  •    2.2 CLI

  •    2.3 Compute/EC2

  •    2.4 Database-RDS

  •    2.5 Networking and content delivery

  •    2.6 Analytics

  •    2.7 SQS-SNS

  •    2.8 Workmail

  •    2.9 SES

  •    2.10 Systems manager

  •    2.11 CloudTrail

  •    2.12 Route53

  •    2.13 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

  •    2.14 Certificate manager

  •    2.15 Directory service

  •    2.16 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  •    2.17 Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Module 3: AWS Basic Summary

  •    3.1 AWS Basic Summary

Module 4: Introduction to AWS Deep Dive

  •    4.1 AWS Deep Dive Intro

Module 5: AWS Management of Services and Features Deep Dive

  •    5.1 VPC and Endpoint services pt 1

  •    5.1 VPC and Endpoint services pt 2

  •    5.2 DNS (Route 53)

  •    5.3 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) & Certificate manager pt 1

  •    5.3 Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) & Certificate manager pt 2

  •    5.4 Compute-EC2 Stand alone and SA with AR pt 1

  •    5.4 Compute-EC2 Stand alone and SA with AR pt 2

  •    5.5 ASG and Suspended ASG processes pt 1

  •    5.5 ASG and Suspended ASG processes pt 2

  •    5.6 Code deploy pt 1

  •    5.6 Code deploy pt 2

  •    5.7 Backups-Recovery of EC2 pt 1

  •    5.7 Backups-Recovery of EC2 pt 2

  •    5.7 Backups-Recovery of EC2 pt 3

  •    5.8 RDS pt 1

  •    5.8 RDS pt 2

  •    5.8 RDS pt 3

  •    5.9 Directory service

  •    5.10 Identity and Access Management (IAM) pt 1

  •    5.10 Identity and Access Management (IAM) pt 2

  •    5.11 Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  •    5.12 SES

  •    5.13 Cloudwatch

  •    5.14 Cloudtrail

Module 6: AWS Deep Dive Summary

  •    6.1 AWS Deep Dive Summary

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  1. Smooth delivery and easy access to LMS. Good to see that the LMS offers progress tracking. Would be great if badges were offered on completion of courses to share via Credly to future employers.

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Danny Pugh

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Danny Pugh is a highly experienced IT professional with a comprehensive background in Cloud Engineering. He has demonstrated an impressive career trajectory, marked by a series of significant achievements and responsibilities.

Amazon Web Services Beginners Course



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Amazon Web Services Beginners Course

Amazon Web Services Beginners Course
Amazon Web Services Beginners Course
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